Ackermanns in nightclub brawl?

Police are investigating allegations that Gloucester coach Johan Ackermann and his son, Ruan were involved in a physical altercation with a man at a nightclub on Sunday.

According to the Daily Mail, “relatives of the injured man have claimed that he was ‘beaten up’ and released pictures showing several cuts and grazes on his face and head”.

The incident allegedly took place in the early hours of Sunday morning following Gloucester’s 69-12 win against Zebre. Allegations of the incident followed on social media.

According to the report: “Gloucestershire Constabulary is investigating a report of an incident which happened at the 21 Club in Regent Street, Cheltenham, in the early hours of Sunday morning. No-one has been arrested.”

Johan Ackermann took over as head coach of Gloucester in August after guiding the Lions to successive Super Rugby finals. Ruan, who followed his father to the West Country club, was named English Premiership player of the November.

- All Out Rugby Staff Writer

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  • Graham

    Ok so the guy was at a nightclub while he has autism and he didnt do anything to provoke an altercation?

  • Sharky

    I find it hard to believe that father and son would beat up an autistic guy who was just sitting in the corner and minding his own business. I look forward to hearing the whole story.

  • Peter

    Isnt it amazing how a story gets twisted by the teller to suite their agenda…..firstly the alledged victim and friend/s left home @ around midnight to visit their local for something to drink….secondly…he was trying to get to the bar to order drinks….all of a sudden autism has out of the blue become his crutch….did he possibly bump one or either of the Ackermans?….was he abusive?….how come he was also kicked out of the pub?
    Seems there might be faults on both sides in this story…..and miss bleeding heart wasnt even an eye witness

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