Bok rout would be a disaster – Venter

If the plan to ambush the All Blacks in Wellington on Saturday fails, it’s imperative that the Springboks are within striking distance in the final quarter, according to Brendan Venter.

“Even if the Boks don’t beat the All Blacks, the non-negotiable is that it is another fighting, competitive performance,” the former Bok assistant coach wrote in a column for “The critical aspect is that, with 10 minutes to go, the visitors must be within a score of winning the Test.”

The 2018 Boks came within one penalty goal of successive wins against New Zealand, following up a 36-34 win at the Cake Tin with a 32-30 reverse at Loftus Versfeld. Those results represented a marked improvement on a 57-15 defeat at Kings Park in 2016, and then 57-0 in Albany, the biggest defeat in Bok history.

Venter believes a heavy defeat would devastate Bok morale: “A runaway victory for the All Blacks… would be an absolute disaster for the Springboks because they have so many things in their favour at the moment.  Besides their 35-17 win over the Wallabies, Rassie Erasmus was proactive by sending 13 Springbok players in advance to New Zealand to prepare for this all-important Test match.”

Herschel Jantjies scored two tries at Ellis Park on Test debut as the Boks registered their biggest win against the Wallabies in five years.

“South Africa had a bit of luck against Australia, with two of the visitors’ tries disallowed and the yellow-carding of Taniela Tupou, which came at a crucial time,” Venter wrote.

The former Bok centre also shot down All Blacks coach Steve Hansen’s stated belief that the clash against South Africa has no bearing on the September 21 showdown between the teams at the 2019 Rugby World Cup.

“It has everything to do with the showpiece event because building belief is immense.”

- Zelim Nel

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  • Chris Mouton

    Shame, Venter is still suffering from PTSD after those record losses. LOL

  • Barry

    Would prefer to see us in the lead with ten to go quite honestly. Chasing down a lead in Bew Zealand is not so easy!

    Otherwise agree with his thoughts! Tough ask but do-able.

  • Herman

    Barry, History has shown that us being in the lead against the AB’s in the closing stages inevitably means they will close us out. Last years return game at home a case in point. In the lead and dominating the stats and we choked once more.

    We also don’t do well chasing the game either and not only against NZ. Imo it’s because we are not smart enough and when expansive rugby is required the flaws in our attacking game are exposed. So the dice is loaded well in favour of the Black’s I’m afraid. But then again who knows, maybe BB will have another brain explosion in Wellington. Cheers.

    • Dean Bright

      We also were down by 12 points in the Wellington match last year, came back and won.

    • Dean Bright

      Herman, we chased the game in two matches vs England last year and won. More bollocks from the peanut gallery here, parading it as facts. Let’s not forget how rubbish your predictions were for last weekends game. Good luck for this weekend.

      • Herman

        Dean not so bright, Thanks for opening that one up for me. I was however talking about matches against the AB’s. Click on the brain before keyboard not the other way around old chap.

        By the way the plan for those two games you mention ( or exceptions as I call them ) by Rassie’s own admission was the usual dom krag template but it took two ‘uitlanders’ Faf and Willie to switch to an attacking game with a bit of skill ( so lacking by our backs ) to swing the ox wagon around.

        Another ‘by the way’. If you read all my posts before the game you will see that I said that the only game we should win would be against the equally useless Aussie outfit So that’s three strikes Sir and you are out. Cheers.

        • Chris Mouton

          “We also don’t do well chasing the game either and not only against NZ” Bwahaha! Want some mayo or tomato sauce with that? Guess Kolbe and Herschelle Jantjies didn’t get your memo.

    • Batty

      It is the eve of the match, so time now Hermie to top up glass to a point were it is “half full” and give support to our guys.

    • Albert

      Do you even understand the nuances of the game? Clearly not, you are but a keyboard warrior, looking only to entice with your putrid ramblings. You keep questioning what Rassie was doing last year, yet you completely fail to appreciate that he inherited a complete shambles of a team, with zero confidence. Under Toetie the Boks regressed so much that even the top players, feared the world over, looked mediocre. The fact the Boks beat England immediately proves that Rassie had some vision and ability.

      Sure, his overall record was bad, and you mention all the brain farts. Don’t you realise the pressure the Boks put those teams under are what caused the brain farts? You just need to come out the closet and admit you don’t like Rassie, you are a cynic, you are merely bringing the Boks down at every turn to advance your own agenda. That, “old chap” is proper “dom krag”.

      You hid for while after the Lions bombed, not a peep. But now you are back after the focus shifted to the Boks. the only good thing, you are no longer talking about the Lions and how they should be the Bok team. Climb back in your hole or at speak objectively with intelligence about all facets and not just your cynical ramblings. Debate issues and how you suggest they be repaired, instead of just a monologue rambling of you always being right about the Boks losing. Give more substance to those long winded essays you write, or save the rest of us those 10 minutes of our lives before we become old cynical fools liek yourself. And yes, I expect you to attempt to disarm me by pointing out name calling being a fools response, Yawn!!!

      • Herman

        See below my good man. Cheers.

  • Nick

    New Zealand are the best team in the world. We are playing them in their own back yard. Wins in Wellington are like hens teeth.
    Venter is right that a drubbing would be a setback. All of this we know. Nz should win. But if nz lose, it would be worse for them than it would be for us. We may play them twice in the wc, so the game will be invaluable.

    Good luck boks. No fear.

  • Herman

    Poor Albert, If you read all my posts you will see I back everything I say with facts and give plenty of solutions. That’s not being cynical but placing perspective on the subject matter. Call it the flip side of the coin. Why must we all sing the same song here. The problem is I get proved right most of the time ( since 2014 in fact ) and it irks keyboard snipers like you. Respect my right to voice my opinions even if you don’t agree with them.

    Next time take my comments apart one at a time with contradictory facts instead of these sweeping generalizations you’re so fond of. Cheers.

  • piet

    Herman – please bugger-off . NO-ONE likes you!

    • Herman

      Geez and there was I thinking I was one in a million. This is not a popularity contest old chap but a forum where one can voice their opinions without fear or favour, get used to it. It’s better than being a ‘ja broer’ my friend, ‘ja broers’ never make a difference they simply agree with everything thrown at them. I choose a different course. But I still respect your right to tell me to bugger-off, it’s called tolerance. Cheers.

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