Bok ‘screw-ups’ will reach RWC final…

Ami Kapilevich

Spare me the “look how much we’ve improved” nonsense. A single Bok loss in November and the memory of Wellington will be a flash in the skottel.

Keep your “back on the right track at last”. The reaction from the All Blacks – should’ve won in Wellington… consider Pretoria a loss… the Springboks are so very “capable” and we’re jolly glad they rekindled the rivalry – is some of the most condescending BS I’ve ever heard in my life. But it’s probably more accurate.

Stick your “Bok job is toughest in the world” so far up your exhaust pipe that the car backfires. Not jeopardising a historic double against the All Blacks by sending on the 142nd best scrumhalf in the world is not quantum superposition. It’s not even Aristarchean heliocentricity!

Oh, and then there’s this peach: “The subs will have learned a valuable lesson from this.” Repeat after me you bright pink stick insect: the only thing anyone will have learned from the most monumental screw up in Springbok rugby since Peter de Villiers is that we’ve just painted a flashing target on the back of every single substitution between now and the World Cup quarter-final against the Welsh in Japan.

Someone on Twitter even dared to dish this brain vomit in defence of the coach: “Bring on the subs and risk the game or play it safe and get criticised for not blooding players.” Just LISTEN TO YOURSELF, you brick-thick fart trumpet! Had we won the game, “Rassie should have brought on the subs” is something that you would have forced your very worst enemy to say in the pub on a reckless dare.

What’s that? Faf had bruised his stubble? Well he’d have had eight weeks to put his tiny feet up in Mauritius, comforted by memories of glorious, back-to-back wins against the All Blacks. Instead he’ll be top of the call list for Dancing With The Stars.

It’s excruciating. Nowadays every time I close my eyes I see Embrose Papier attempt a dart around a ruck, isolate himself beneath the entire All Blacks pack. I see Vincent Koch giving away penalties.

Yup. Nope. It’s fine. I’m fine, pal. The honeymoon is over for me. Because unlike you, I refuse to allow my emotional contract with the national rugby side to be used as toilet paper. What Rassie Erasmus did was inexcusable. Life was better under Toetie. At least then we knew where we stood. At least then the only way was up. At least he didn’t give us hope!

Because that’s what we are these days: a nation full of hope. And pride… and there’s a glimmer of the mongrel that’s being revived in our players. At the best time possible.

So that when we play the All Blacks in the 2019 Word Cup, in both the pool stage and the final, we will not only know that it can be done, but we will know exactly how to do it.

- Ami Kapilevich

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  • Rico

    This is quite a weird article, I will rather not comment other than say so lol

    • Stanley

      agree. I am totally lost

    • Ami

      A wise man once said: “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.”

      • nezo

        that was a wise man indeed. looooool.

      • Mudkip_joe

        Hunter S. Thompson would not wipe his arse with this article

        Absolute waste of time trying to read and make sense of it.

        • Ami

          You can’t wipe your arse with a computer screen, Joseph.

          • Mudkip_joe

            Haha, you’re obviously not trying hard enough

  • Wesley

    Haha Ami you card! Nightmares there will be lurking in the sea of dreams my friend! Its inevitable when you dive into the unknown….

  • Nicholas

    Learnt nothing from this article really. It holds as much information as a drunken post-Springbok loss Facebook comment (not much).

    And pretty unfair to have a go at P Divvy so unnecessarily.

    • Spartan

      Ami has nothing but hatred in his heart. Definitely the worst rugby article I’ve read in sometime. How the editors approved such garbage is baffling.

      • Ami

        Let’s hate those editors together, Spartan.

  • Roland

    The boks missed a golden opportunity to get a psychological blow against the all blacks. I team ranked 7th managed to get back to back wins against them.

    Forget building depth, no one is expecting us to win the WC. You can do a lot in 12 months and there has been a lot of younger players in the past for SA that has managed to win the WC.

    Just imagine if Rassie kept Marx, Faf on and even Louw and beating the all blacks he gambled like so many of our recent coaches. Meyer did the same by pre-planning how many minutes each players would get.

    We had them on the ropes and it was a sign of respect at the end of the first half when Smith kicked the ball out to head into half time. Normally the all blacks would look to strike on either side of the break to ensure they beat you mentally, but they weren’t taking any chances.

    The last 3 tries were all soft tries that we let in. Notshe, Papier and Koch were not up to the challenge and this game was not the right game to experiment.

    I believe in building momentum and the time was right to strike for the boks to build a serious campaign.

    • Barry

      Agreed, but you also forgot Willemse, the guy that was out of position and allowed the ball to find touch a few metres from our try line, which resulted in 7 points!

      • Spartan

        Actually, you should blame Pollard for that. He was in the fullback position and should’ve quickly moved to cover the wing.

        • Barry

          Maybe go watch the match again, Pollard did not play full back!

          • Stanley

            If i remember correctly (did not watch the game in full), Damian Willemse attacked was tackled and of course unable to be in position as he would have been on the ground or still trying to retrieve into position

          • Herman Schroder?

            He was the closest one covering and should have been haring it for the touchline which was where the penalty was always going to go. Drop in concentration due to fatigue ? Assuming the ball would go over the tryline ? Not good enough. Cheers.

          • Spartan

            But he was in the fullback position at the time. He was the furthest player back when Mounga kicked that ball.

  • Arch Rautenbach

    For the first time on AOR I can say this is a useless article that adds no value what so ever. I am disappointed.

    • Ami

      There’s a first time for everything, Archibald.

  • Wesley

    Seems the guys on here arent happy with your article Ami… In the words of the Spaniard; “ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?”

    • Ami

      Can’t keep everyone happy all the time, Wes. No matter how hard we try.

      • Wesley

        No worries Ami, I thought it was pretty funny, seems it flew over a couple of heads here. Perhaps so much, especially those who actually act this way about a loss (or even a win) and unable to grasp and reflect on their own behavior. Sport, especially government sanctioned, is a way to cultivate a national identity, and so strengthen their position in power. Have we not learned, or at least became aware, from the doings of Imperial Rome and the Colosseum?

        For me, rugby is entertainment, as should the analysis and banter thereafter, giving us the excuse to scream and shout to our heart content, take it seriously so much so that we love the game, but not too seriously as to cloud our judgement as to what is decent.

        Either way, loving it!

  • Chris Mouton

    Yeah, this article is proof that dagga is legal now in SA…

  • Teddy

    Stopped reading after Pdivvy. Reads like a drunken post on Facebook. Such a shame because us AOR readers are used to the detail and gravitas of Oom! Take this somewhere else.

    • Ami

      Detail and gravitas. That’s the ticket.

  • John Comyn

    Let the finger pointing begin. It’s Rassies fault because he should have left the two injured players on the park. Koch must also carry the blame because he is one of the very few props that ever got penalised. The fact is we lost because we choked as well as few things where we did not get the rub of the green. If blame is going to be apportioned why pick on the subs and not the leadership group on the park?? As a supporter I am pretty proud of what this team has done over the last few weeks.

    • Chris

      Didn’t even take 3 days for the moaning and second guessing to begin again.

      The fact that both NZ games came down to lucky margins is an absolute miracle from the Boks perspective.
      They were just as lucky to win as we were in beating them at home which is astonishing when you consider that this is arguably one of the best teams in the history of the game playing a bok side coming from their lowest point in a 120 years!

      As for the subs. NZ doesn’t hesitate to bloody their bench in big games. That’s one of the reasons they are so dangerous in the last 20mins. We’ll never be competitive if we don’t do the same at some point, so what game do you pick to start doing that ? Do we hope to not get injuries and wait until we are 30 points ahead against Scotland ?

      Rassie has to pick options from a bag full of bad choices(and snakes), so giving the guy some slack seems reasonable to me.
      I’m also tired of people picking their “dream teams” on these forums and ignoring the quota requirements for nxt year. Unless you somehow think the NP is coming back into power in the next elections, its a utterly pointless exercise, so try and pick a team we can build on AND realistically put on the field, like Rassie has to every week.
      No-one likes the quota system, but constantly bitching about it doesn’t seem to make it go away. If you have to fight with one hand tied behind your back, you can either quit or learn some kickboxing skills.

      • nezo

        perfectly put Chris. i wish everyone could just read and think carefully of what you just said. perfect!!!

      • Stanley

        Again, Chris seem to regard black (non-white) players as inferior to white players. Look at the talent out there and see that we can easily pick the best players and at the same time be representative of our beautiful country. Go have a look Province’s Currie Cup line ups week after week and they dominate the competition

        • Chris

          I actually fully agree with you.
          That’s why I’d like to see more people picking realistic teams consisting of localy based players instead of guys who played in 2007 WC earning their retirement in the EU

          Sovar this year a lot of so-called quota (and i really dont like that word) players proved themselves when coaches backed them.

    • Herman Schroder?

      Rassie did blow it. Marx was not injured and Faf, like many players have done, could have played through the cramp after medical attention. There was too much at stake but for Rassie it was a combination of two factors. He felt the lead was big enough ( he should’ve known better ) and he needed to get his transformation representation back on track. The latter self inflicted due to his ‘buy in’ for getting the job.

      I said in a post last week that it would come back to bite him and so it proved. Imagine the closer he gets to the WC how that issue is going to further complicate his selections. According to Saturday’s team 11 of the run on team were of the pale persuasion which most agreed was the strongest combination barring the injured players. But most of the leading injured players are also of the pale persuasion, so what is Rassie going to do come the WC ?

      Remember Cosatu and Co are watching his every move and they have their calculators primed. Only in sunny SA do we shoot ourselves in the foot as a national sport. Cheers.

      • Herman Schroder?

        John just to add to my post above. I agree with you that the ‘on field leadership’ should also shoulder a lot of the blame for this capitulation and WW’s leadership nous was sadly missed in those final 10 minutes. Cheers.

    • Redge

      Big difference beteeen choke and bad decision making. Anyway a shit article written by a clown

      • Ami

        Spot on, Reginald Bolton!

  • bobzim

    rubbish article.. wasted 20 seconds of my life

    • Ami

      That’s some speed reading there, Zimbo!

  • Marco

    Wow, why so pessimistic? Geez, I feel like taking some anti-depressants after wasting my time reading this nonsensical phrases of words masquerading as a sports article. Who approved this? Mxm

  • Mudkip_joe

    I felt like this article was meant to be taken in a tongue-in- cheek kinda fashion, it made so little sense, but then I remembered they just legalized the herb in SA.

    BoKKe 4 laaaaaaaif though !!

  • Herman Schroder?

    Where are the usual contributors on this platform ?. Where’s Gavin Rich in particular. The Boks implosion must have stopped him pressing the send button at the last minute when history repeated itself once more. Imagine his glowing report on the hour mark. lol.

    As for Ami. Well the only thing to possibly account for his very inarticulate contribution being published is a dearth of contributions from the usual suspects. But lowering standards isn’t the way to go Mr Editor. Cheers.

    • SweetAz

      Its a “quota” article,-like much of the Bok setup, some good, some bad and some truly atrocious.

  • Dean

    Tongue in cheek? The heading and the final two lines may be a clue.

    • Ami

      Ding! Ding! Ding! :)

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