Bok squad – Twitter reacts

Rugby’s Twitterati were dumbfounded by the absence of Ruan Combrinck and Lukhanyo Am from the 34-man Springbok squad announced on Saturday night.

- All Out Rugby Staff Writer

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  • stormramp

    Its so sad that a coach has to be told who he can select. Most of those guys dont deserve to be there. Chilliboy Relepele seriuosly?. I hope Solidarity and Agriform win this case. There are very good black players but some just dont deserve to be their. Coetzee is just a pawn. Sorry mate but thats the reality. Like Mallet said take your selectors away and then I’ll coach the boks. Why would you even consider Pollard if he’s injury prone.

  • Tiaan Janse van Renburg

    Stem saam stormramp…die is een totale klug spel. Selfs Ox kon ook daar gewees het in Nyakane se plek. Ek wonder ook hoe die Pollard selection gekom het want die ou het niks eers gedoen om in die span te kom nie….hy is nog heel jaar beseer en die tyd toe hy 1 of 2 wedstryde gespeel het het hy maar swakkerig gelyk. Lyk my ons is alweer opad na n pakslae toe..

  • Lions Fan '82

    Ja, Ridiculous! Just as we, as Bok fans, were getting our hopes up we get yanked back down to earth. Some shockers in this squad. Especially after the successful France series which hi-lighted a week point. Combrink in for Ruhle was an obvious change/improvement. What would you do now if you were Ruan Combrink??
    So many positions in this squad where you see names and think of 2 or 3 other players, better players, who should rather be there. Wing, centre, flyhalf, lossies, hooker, just to quickly name a few. Now we have to hope the right 15 start every week, and every time one of those 50/50 players are picked to start the critics will come out to play, if not before the game, then after the game when the stats come out.

  • Brandon Ellse

    Sadly, this is the predicament that South African rugby finds itself in. It goes without saying that the country should be sourcing its players from a wider pool, but too often we confuse window dressing with ‘transformation’ in our public discourse. They are not the same. The former is the enemy of the latter and is counterproductive for ALL concerned. I could go into considerable detail on this point, but I shall refrain.

    You don’t have to know too much about the game to spot the glaring racially based compromises in selection.

    Rhule/Leyds instead of Combrink
    Mohoje/Cassiem instead of Ruan Ackermann
    Chiliboy/ instead of Akker vd Merwe
    Gqoboka instead of Thomas du toit
    Paige instead of, well, take your pick

    Aside from the obvious, the inclusion of Francois Steyn in the June series and subsequent exclusion from the Rugby Championship is bewildering. Rohan Janse van Rensburg??? If I had told a bok supporter at the beginning of this year that Rohan would not be included in the squad for the rugby championship, nobody would have believed me. I still think a fit Pollard is the most complete flyhalf we have (pending young Willemse’s development), but is he actually fit?? Delighted Gelant is there, this guy is special, I hope he has a long bok career at 15. Also pleased with the selection of Dan Du Preez, he was massive against the Lions in the QF and brings a physicality that was sorely lacking last year.

  • Fanie

    We love the rugby we pay to watch why do we let these egg heads dictate to us.Do not put your bum on a seat black out your TV monetary wise this will hurt and they will be forced to pick the best team.If you watch you support.

    • no name

      you are right don’t involve politics with sports

  • Al

    Its far too easy to blame it all on quota selections, however the problem is that we have always had, going back years and years, is that we have had rubbish selectors / coaches who put their own ego’s ahead of the team. This is now compounded by the quota requirements.

    In the current squad this is is highlighted by both Am and Mapoe not being there but De Allende being selected, unless they are both out injured, this is quite franckly bizarre, then there is also Oupa ahead of Ntsila and other examples.

    They could still select a much stronger squad and still meet the quota requirements, I just dont know why they don’t……it’s not rocket science

    • Stanley

      Agree. But everybody is just so quick to jump on transformation bandwagon

  • Nico

    Coetzee says that players missed out because who would he have left out……seriously!!
    What did De Allende, Mohoje, Pollard and Paige do right that make them deserve a spot?


  • Robert David Allam

    The name Springbok should be replaced by Protea. A quota team will never amount to a real force in world rugby. Coetzee is simply a puppet and the SARFU are simply another crowd viaing to get their noses in the trough. In my opinion any player who allows himself to be part of a quota side has no self respect.

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