Bulls v Stormers LA clash cancelled

The Super Rugby pre-season game between South African duo the Bulls and Stormers, set to be played in Los Angeles, has been cancelled.

According to a statement released by the Bulls, the game was called off "due to issues regarding the agreed upon transfers and logistics".

"Player welfare and the management thereof are extremely important to the Vodacom Bulls as well as the DHL Stormers, and will not be compromised on in this regard," they said.

"However, both teams are extremely excited to announce that the fixture will still be played locally at the Boland Stadium on 3 February 2018, with kick-off scheduled for 16:00."

- Team Talk Media
- Team Talk Media

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  • Lions Fan '82

    Ja nee, I said it’s a bad idea a few weeks ago when this fixture was announced. It will just cost way too much. This game in LA would have been a curtain raiser for the USA vs ??? (Cant remember), but the stands would only fill up late in the 2nd half, and funds would have to be split with the main game. And why fly back and forth over a gazillion time zones just for a warm up game??
    the game was called off “due to issues regarding the agreed upon transfers and logistics”.
    Ja, those issues will definitely revolve around $$$$$. What will it cost to fly 2 teams plus staff (about 70 people) over to the USA??

    Just didn’t make much sense from the beginning. Good call to move the game to SA. Well done to the brains trust for making the write move.
    Lekker Boland, enjoy it!! Hope you get to fill the stadium.

  • Peter

    I dont know if its only me….but i cant make head or tails of why this game was cancelled?
    Logistics….transport….player welfare and the management thereof….all sounds like a cop-out to me…..
    Or alternatively some administrative fool made a major stuff up!!!!

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