WATCH: Balie red-cards Watson!

Oh how some modern day players would love to do this! Take a gander at a clip of former Bok prop Balie Swart issuing referee Andre Watson a red card.

It happened in the Currie Cup match between the Lions and Griquas in 1998. The ever-chirpy former Bok prop Balie Swart – sporting some seriously interesting headgear, it has to be said – intervened while Andre Watson was dishing out a card to a repeat offender. Swart had found Watson’s red card on the ground and in a moment of madness, flashed it at the referee as if to say he’s the one who should depart! In a swift motion, in perhaps the game’s biggest ever over reaction, Watson reclaimed the card, and promptly sent Swart packing! The ever diplomatic Lions skipper, Andre Vos, had to diffuse the situation and tell Balie to remove himself from the action!

- All Out Rugby Staff Writer

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  • Johan

    Andre Watson always was a terrible ref.

    A player sees that the referee’s card fell out of his pocket and helpfully shows it to the ref, then gets sent off!


  • Sharky

    I remember this. Balie, what a legend. Andre Watson has always been a bit of a d1ck.

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