Elton playing for Bok survival

Mike Greenaway

Super Rugby resumes this week and the Lions roar into Durban for a match that has regional as well as national implications. Aside from the log points the Sharks desperately need to keep their playoff-hopes alive, there is the showdown between two beleaguered flyhalves playing for Rugby Championship places.

Elton Jantjies versus Robert du Preez may in fact grow into the main attraction given the former’s horror showing at Newlands after being given a second opportunity by Rassie Erasmus to cement his claim as the back-up to Handre Pollard. Jantjies did the opposite, and speculation is once more rife as to who will be principal cover for Pollard going forward.

Although it will take something special from the Lions flyhalf to exorcise the demons of self-doubt, and convince the Springbok coach that he should remain in contention, Jantjies will be motivated to quickly get back on the bike after the ignominy of being jeered as his errors mounted against England.

The reality is that Jantjies has had more than enough opportunity to establish himself on the international stage. At 27, he has played 25 Tests and 103 Super Rugby games, and the bottom line is that he is often less than ordinary for the Boks.

Du Preez, like Jantjies, blotted his copy book in his last outing on the rugby field. In Du Preez’s debut off the bench in Washington D.C., he was charged down twice in as many minutes, at great cost to his team.  Du Preez will be eager to prove that he is far better than those dismal couple of minutes in the Bok jersey and he’ll want to rebuild his case with solid performances for the Sharks in their remaining fixtures –  all high-pressure, must-wins if the Durban outfit are to advance to the knockout rounds.

One possible spectator at Kings Park is an overseas-based flyhalf that Erasmus considered recalling for the England series. Patrick Lambie is indeed in Durbs where he is recovering from a reconstruction of his knee after tearing ACL ligaments playing for Racing 92 in Paris. Lambie has written off the balance of this year to recovery and will only next year become an option for Erasmus.

The Springbok coach has shed light on a possible backup to Pollard in the Rugby Championship. During the post-match press conference on Saturday night, Erasmus went from tactfully denying that Jantjies is not finished to, in the next breath, mentioning Damian Willemse, the precociously talented Stormers playmaker who was reserved from the England tour because Erasmus preferred for him to get game time for the SA Under 20 team in France.

In fact, after dropping Willemse’s name a few times, Erasmus eventually came out and said it: “Damian will be in the mix for the Rugby Championship.”

The 20-year-old currently has a knee injury, suffered during the World Rugby U20 Championship, and while he will not play in the Stormers’ remaining games, his recovery prognosis of six weeks will render him available for the Boks’ next fixture – against Argentina in Durban on August 18.

Willemse, like Du Preez, plays to the gain-line and both make more sense as cover for Pollard. Jantjies prefers a deeper game and some would argue that this tendency is the reason rookie Bok midfielder Andre Esterhuizen was unable to apply his strength of  smashing over the advantage line and offloading in the tackle at Newlands .

If Pollard goes off in a Test, it would be sensible to have a substitute who plays a similar game to him. Willemse and Du Preez certainly fit that bill. Both will be in the Rugby Championship squad and at this stage it would seem Willemse is ahead of Du Preez in the flyhalf pecking order.

Erasmus will know that he can blood Willemse in the same way that the All Blacks brought through Beauden Barrett — with increasingly long spells off the bench. Du Preez, though, has the opportunity with the Sharks to build his case, starting this Saturday against the Lions, who will be guided by a flyhalf who has no intention of surrendering his place in the Bok squad.

- Mike Greenaway

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  • Rean Swart

    JP really?? Are we that desperate??

    • Johan

      @Herman, you sound just as angry as I am.

      I have often wondered why all the Elton hate:
      Is it that the Lions is undefeated in 21 games against SA teams (3 years)?
      Is it that he lead them to two SR finals? One lost in very bad weather and one playing with 14 men for 60 mins..
      Is it that they beat 5 NZ teams in play-offs, only losing in the finals as mentioned above?
      Is it racism?

      We conceded 14 penalties in that game, winning only 6, but it is Elton’s fault?
      We had 23 handling errors, to Enland’s 7. Jantjies had 2 of those…
      We missed 15 tackles, Elton missed 0…
      We lost 2 lineouts, 1 scrum, and 19 turnovers, still Elton’s fault?
      *Stats are from the “Rugby Stats”-app

      Elton left the field on the 57th minute, with the score at 10-15…
      IF the probelm was with the flyhalf, wouldn’t that have made the difference?
      No, we lost 10-25… Still Elton’s fault?

      • Brucy

        Is it that the Lions is undefeated in 21 games against SA teams (3 years)? Is it because of Elton or a good coach? And is it really such a big achievement because the last time I checked all SA sides are pretty damn poor
        Is it that he lead them to two SR finals? One lost in very bad weather and one playing with 14 men for 60 mins..- did you win the SR final? And dont come with your “very bad weather” He sucks in wet weather, end of story. As a flyhalf you need to adapt
        Is it that they beat 5 NZ teams in play-offs, only losing in the finals as mentioned above? (palm to face)
        Is it racism? – REALLY?!

        Take off your Lions sunglasses. Your flyhalf has had multiple chances in the green and gold. It’s nothing to do with the colour of his skin, it’s because he’s not good enough for international rugby. So please, move on and build that bridge!

        “Elton left the field on the 57th minute, with the score at 10-15…
        IF the probelm was with the flyhalf, wouldn’t that have made the difference?
        No, we lost 10-25… Still Elton’s fault?” – This is the worst excuse I’ve seen lately from Lions supporters.

        We’re looking at the individual and what he’s actually doing on the field. You’re becoming arrogant and it’s funny because you’ve actually won absolutely NOTHING.

        • Herman Schroder?

          Brucy, not sure what your point is here but I suggest you revisit the posts on this site to have your multitude of questions answered with facts to back it up. No one says that he hasn’t had the odd poor game but the mitigating circumstances explained on this site tells you why this was the case. The problem is that his ‘sins’ are magnified out of all proportion while others who also contributed to the implosion of Bok rugby are left unscathed and not vilified by all and sundry including some scribes who still believe dom krag rugby is the way forward.

          I’ll say it again if you are going to play conservative rugby and be satisfied with not winning trophies like the Boks these past 9 years then by all means pick the plodders. If you embrace expansive rugby ( and remember NZ teams play it even in wet weather ) then there is only one flyhalf who can fit the bill and has been proving it for the last three to four years.

          AS for your NO Trophies comment read this site all the way through to get the reasons for that. The problem here is the other Franchises were and still are pathetic to poor. Two out of the SR race and one hoping to qualify in the eighth spot in a 15 team competition, laughable really, while the other has got to the final twice and even in a poorish season still overshadows their poor cousins. Guess who is the common denominator ?

          If Ackerman was Springbok coach with Swys and the Lions players dominated the Bok team since 2016 we wouldn’t be having this discussion. Dom krag Meyer, Toetie and now Rassie ( who has still to reveal his mysterious game plan ), certainly are products of the conservative school of failure and couldn’t do it. So we have nothing to lose by shaking off the shackles of ‘stampkar’ Plan A and embracing the talents of players who can actually play the modern game that the domkraggers seem unable to play effectively. A good example the Bulls under Mitchell.

          The thrust of my argument has always been the disproportionate flak that Elton has had to endure which has obviously now got to him. He has become the scapegoat for coaches ( even Rassie threw him under the bus ), scribes and misguided uninformed critics mainly from the other Franchises who should rather be looking at themselves and their under performing flyhalves even in a second tier SR competition. It’s pure jealousy in fact and the man with the funny hairstyle ( fashionable these days by the way ) comes out every time to rub the poor cousin’s noses in it. No wonder you guys are pissed off. Cheers.

      • Wesley

        Its obvious from the stats the forwards were the problem. But how can we criticize a forward pack with PSDT, Beast, Siya, Franco and fan favorite Duane? How can we call out the glaring problem of support and cleanout at the breakdown with those “major ballers” in the mix? Yet a team with no clear fetcher. Ahh yes blame it on the guy with the funny hair and tattoos. These guys are seriously out to get him, I’m sorry. I am angry, so angry to the point of being nauseous, about the shortsightedness of SA rugby fans and pundits. Please excuse me while I go barf for a moment.

  • John Comyn

    His field kicking is poor, his goal kicking is inconsistent, he can’t get over the advantage line and he can’t tackle. All of the basics required of a test flyhalf. It does not matter how well Jantjies plays in a Lions jersey on Saturday he is not an option for the WC squad where the pressure will be far more intense than Jantjies has ever experienced at test level. Greenaway should not even be having this conversation.

    • Wesley

      John – Inconsistent goal kicking? 75 percent overall i think. Pollard not the same? No one calling him out though. Field kicking? Not seen him kick much as the Boks love the 9 box kick under Toetie as well as under Rassie it seems. One semi-charge down doesn’t make you a bad kicker. He seems to kick damn well to touch most if not all the time when given the chance. Getting over advantage line with a weak pack performance makes it virtually impossible. Not everyone is Gaffie. Especially playing from deep. He does well for the Lions, seems the Boks just can’t boss in the wet. And can’t tackle? Like how he missed 0 of the 15 we missed this week? Who’s head needs to roll then, if these are your reasons? Not Elton’s.

    • Maxwell

      WTF. The gameplan was that Faf needs to kick from the base. Because? Or from Duane to Faf.Because? Or Faf to a forward.Because?.Because of Elton? Elton got the ball when Faf and Duane got into trouble or when he needs to offload to a forward. This was a bull gameplan. Rassie, are you losing it already or do have plans with Du Preez? Elton had to play from scratch. Read the last sentence. Our Flyhalf were staffed by our team from possesion. Can you believe this. Elton was setup to fail.Just say it like it is. You dont like the guy. Yes he drop the ball but he never ran into trouble or bulldozer like boring Pollard or gave away a try. Our FLYHALF!! looked worst than the forwards. Duane where were you my man.You watching rugby all the time.

  • Harry Monks

    A great view of whats going on at present in S.A. Rugby.

  • Wesley

    For the sake of truth, can we please handle what is major reasons for inconsistent displays at flyhalf for the Boks. Wet weather, unable to dominate the breakdown from the forwards, poor service from your scrummie and poor basic formations on defense and attack. All these were on display in Washington, and now in CT. Yes you can’t rely all these things to fall into place when playing flyhalf and responsibility is to be taken by both Elton and the short showing of Rob in Washington. Rassie said it perfectly, Pollard had a armchair performance in JHB and Bloem. He is truly first choice, but doubt he could be playing THAT well with a struggling pack. Our forwards needs much more consistency at breakdown and handling in the wet, with a proper fetcher – Marx seems the answer when returning because no flanker is causing problems like he is. They can drop Elton to much fanfare of commentators on social media etc, play Willemse, sub Rob, whoever whatever. But if those things don’t get right, we will struggle regardless whos playing.

    • Herman Schroder?

      Well said Wesley. See my response to Mike Greenway below. Cheers.

  • John Comyn

    Dropping the ball when there is no pressure around you and poor touch kicking can’t be blamed on the factors you mention. I won’t mention missed tackles because even the best miss tackles. We spent to much time in our own half and a large percentage of the blame lies with the Jantjies poor option taking. When was the last time you saw Jantjies break the line? Yes Faf’s kicking at the base of the scrum was not to flash on the day and all round we were poor. If you don’t have a flyhalf that can deal with pressure when things are not going well you are not going to win a world cup.

    • Herman Schroder?

      John name me a flyhalf who excels in very wet weather behind a pack outplayed in every department of the game. I’m not saying he played effectively on Saturday but there were plenty of mitigating circumstances. See also my post below re the much maligned fellow, mostly totally unwarranted. Cheers.

      • John Comyn

        Danny Cipriani to cope with the wet conditions!

        • Herman Schroder?

          John, Behind a dominant pack, duh. I trust you have read the support Elton is getting on this site with facts to back up the argument. Problem has always been that we lost so many tests in the past two and a half years that Elton is automatically associated with these losses and being crucified for it. Blinkers off pal. Cheers.

  • Herman Schroder?

    Mike Greenway. First let’s look at Rassie’s journey so far. Sending a fish and chips side to USA – WRONG. Pulling off two narrow wins against an obviously jaded England team while playing at home and admitting himself that he got his tactics – WRONG ( he was saved by two overseas players who don’t play SR ). Losing the third test where for obvious reasons he again got it – WRONG. Played 4 tests – 2 wins, 2 losses for 50% win ratio. The Boks back to 6th ranked team in world rugby and but for Scotland’s one point loss to the USA could actually have dropped to 7th. Some start.

    Rassie generally comes over as very calm ( so did Coetzee for that matter who also won his first series 2-1, lol ) and is very quick to shoulder all the blame and not make excuses ie until you read the fine print. One example is Jantjies where, in collaboration with Gavin Rich in various interviews, he spent an inordinate amount of time ‘discussing’ Jantjies’ game and his future, yet in the debacle that was the test loss, not one single other player was mentioned by name. If truth be told the margin of defeat should have been even greater yet all the rest get a pass mark ?

    In my opinion Jantjies is the most unfairly treated player in SA rugby. Take last year. The Boks beat the French 3-0, drew twice with the Aussies and got thumped by the AB’s in NZ. Elton played in most of those games, 3 wins, 2 draws and a loss. However in the return match at Newlands the Boks were 10-8 AHEAD when Jantjies was replaced by Pollard in the 56th minute. Final score AB’s 25 SA 24. Yeah well, no fine. Even on Saturday Pollard made no impact whatsoever in his half hour stint and that’s when the scores were still close. Is Pollard a wet weather player of note ? I don’t think so.

    In 2016 Jantjies was chosen to play in a Bok team that was abysmal on all fronts and one can honestly say that except maybe for Pieter Steph, they were all way below par overall. The reason ? A coach who had no idea who to select or what game plan to adopt. He simply had no idea how to coach expansive rugby which was of course the stock in trade for most of the Lions players who were riding the crest of the SR competition wave while the other Franchises, with their respective flyhalves and poor game plans were nowhere to be seen. Can one honestly say that a flyhalf whose team got to two SR finals and whose team outscored even the NZ teams in tries does not know what he is doing and has not got the skills to play top rugby ?

    The Lions played 5 NZ teams in the SR playoffs in 2016 and 2017 winning all of them with Jantjies at flyhalf. No BMT ?? No local Franchise has beaten Jantjies team for three years, coincidence ? You see what has contributed to Jantjies loss of confidence is the unwarranted negativity of people who generalize when looking back on the odd missed kick or dropped ball when just about any player in the game has been guilty of that and worse, but still get excused. At flyhalf you have nowhere to hide as we all know but with Jantjies it’s unfairly magnified. Maybe it’s the hairdo, I don’t know.

    Rassie’s will find that this ‘honest Sam’ facade will catch up with him especially if things go pear shaped. Then like Coetzee we may just see another side of him. Throwing Jantjies under the bus first and then pulling him back before he is run over does Rassie no favours in my books and appears very much a reaction to the loss on Saturday. Jantjies still has no peer in SA when real expansive rugby is played but by all means if you want to play ‘dom krag’ rugby then don’t pick him but you won’t be winning many trophies either.

    OK Jantjies haters fire away. Cheers.

    • Dean

      It’s got nothing to do with the performances of the Lions or the Springboks, who coaches, or the circumstances surrounding those teams. It’s all to do with HIS performances in a Springbok jersey. He has been found wanting. Even under Allister, there were players who were consistently good. You cannot say one player will make a team win or lose. However, his performances at International level are not good enough. Players have been dropped for less. Some played a couple of Test matches for the Boks and never again. It’s a harsh environment, International rugby is sink or swim and he’s on borrowed time. 25 Tests into his career and still no signs of improvement. NZ, England and any other top nation would have dropped him long ago. There are many examples of players who didn’t have the right temperament or cracked under pressure and were never seen again. ie. Gaffie du Toit, Quade Cooper, Delon Armitage etc.

      • Herman Schroder?

        Dean, If you read my article properly you would understand why I say he is being treated harshly compared to the other flyhalves who have yet to prove themselves in SR never mind test rugby. Willemse, Du Preez and even Pollard with a supposed ‘great’ coach and still their teams are an embarrassment. Pollard was lucky to be injured for most of the tests under Coetzee because he most certainly would not have turned the Boks fortunes by himself under that clown.

        Strangely enough the fall of Bok rugby coincided with Pollards entrance on the stage in 2014 under the brittle Meyer. His first game against the AB’s in which he scored two tries in the first half and then under his watch the Boks imploded in the second half to trail by 2 points in the final minutes. It took an infamous tv producer intervention to gift the Boks the match with a Lambie penalty which unfortunately saved Meyer’s bacon and the rest is of course history.

        Bok rugby went into free fall from that point onwards and even mighty Japan with both Pollard and Lambie on the park gave the Boks a solid klap. Can’t blame the flyhalf you say ? Then why is Elton targeted by all and sundry for Saturday’s debacle. Pollards record with the Boks is just as dismal as Eltons’ if truth be told. Also the Bok wins against England were not due in the main to Pollard anyway. Willie and Faf saved the day make no mistake and remember that was never the game plan Rassie wanted to employ in the match. A puff pastry tackle by Pollard let in England for their first try in the first test, anyone nail him for it ??? My what selective memories we seem to have.

        Please let me know if you have any standout performances by Pollard in the green and gold to prove that he is the real deal. You see once his ‘honeymoon’ first test was over way back in 2014 the opposition soon worked him out and the dom krag game plan he was known for and like Meyer and Coetzee after him he did not really have a Plan B that he could bring to the table.

        I look forward to your response. I assume you’ve read the comments from some of the more enlightened and fair minded posters on this site. Seems I’m not the only one who is pissed off. Cheers.

        • Dean

          I agree with your point that he is at times treated harshly. There are some players that escape criticism more than others. Bongi Mbonambi is another player, who never did anything wrong, yet there were always calls for him to be dropped. However, I stand by my opinion that Elton on CURRENT form does not deserve to be there. I also agree that there should be a few more Lions players in the setup. IMO Whiteley, Marx, Jaco Kriel, Ruan Ackerman, Dyantyi, Orie, Mostert, Combrinck and Skosan (if he improves his defence under the high ball) should all be there as part of the 32 or larger squad. I’m a big fan of RJVR and Tambwe too. I also think that Mapoe is a better and more rounded player than Jesse Kriel.

        • Dean

          The point is that Elton’s performances show that he doesn’t deserve to be in the 23 at International rugby right now. He has not shown improvement at International level. You’ve simply pointed out all the old, tired excuses made by his supporters for the past 3 years. Super Rugby form does not mean you will be a success at International level. Quade Cooper, Gaffie du Toit, Aaron Cruden, Zac Guildford, the Armitage brothers, Johan Goosen and James O’ Connor are all examples. Brilliant at provincial level, failed at international level. Talent is nothing without temperament. Do I really need to clarify these points with you again?

          “Strangely enough the fall of Bok rugby coincided with Pollards entrance on the stage in 2014 under the brittle Meyer.” – This is false and again you are attributing a team’s success or failure due to one player. Very short sighted when you consider that it is a team game. We are not saying Elton is responsible for the loss, but his performance was terrible for an international flyhalf and doesn’t warrant selection again until he improves on his shortcomings. That is the point.

          In 2014, the Springboks won 10 out of 14 matches they played in, with a win ratio of 70%.

          Elton was poor against Wales and again poor in the last test. He was also poor to average in almost every single match he played in last year, apart from 3 Tests against France. Pollard played really well against England in those first 2 matches and the experts recognize that. They also recognize that he is the best flyhalf we have at the moment. Only you and your red eyed Lions supporters disagree. If the All Blacks can deduce that Savea no longer warrants selection, then the Boks can do the same with Elton. It’s that simple. If Chris Ashton, who is one of the top try scorers in French Top 14 is believed to be not good enough by England, because of his shortcomings at INTERNATIONAL LEVEL, then the same can apply here. Elton needs to up his game by a whole lot.

          • Herman Schroder?

            Dean, allow me to clarify my point. You say that SR form does not indicate a test level player. Well if that’s the case then how do you pick your Bok side based on SR Form ? The three Franchises who don’t perform at SR level claimed 30 members of the 43 man Bok squad where collectively they have won only 15 of their 40 matches in the tournament so far, that is a 37% win ratio, pathetic to say the least.

            I know you are going to say yeah but for tests it’s the individuals form that is taken into consideration. Well in that case Jantjies is still the best flyhalf in the country and playing trophy winning expansive rugby I might add. In any case how do you quantify form. No a perception is created and certain players are singled out unfairly for what befalls the national team.

            In Pollards case and the figures you supplied you may have a point to a certain degree although I was talking of post the RC in 2014. That period announced the beginning of the end of Meyer when he found he was incapable of taking the Boks to a new level based on expansive rugby. Since the Ireland debacle in 2014 ( Pollard at flyhalf by the way ) everything went pear shaped and Pollard and Lambie played a big part in it. I trust you remember the Japan WC ‘Pearl Harbour’ debacle where both were on the field. Oh but all is forgiven for them but old Jantjies is thrown under the bus even by his own coach. If you wish kindly plot his course from Ireland 2014 onwards in the same way you did pre Ireland and let’s talk again.

            Your final paragraph where you again single out Jantjies means you don’t look at your side of the debate objectively. I and many others on this site have on numerous occasions explained the reasons Jantjies is being unfairly treated, on this forum and others, but you seem incapable of acknowledging it. The reason there is so much pressure on him (and it clearly has got to him ) is that he is singled out for every single slip up but others get away scot free. That sort of vindictive ‘assault’, including by some of the leading scribes in this country, does put immense pressure on him outside of the normal pressure of playing in a test match. Surely this is a classic case of ”give a dog a bad name and hang him” and totally uncalled for. Time to take off the blinkers my good man. Cheers.

    • Johan

      Well said.

      No SA team has beaten the LIONS in 3 years

      I wrote a fresh take article congratulating them. Guess it wasn’t good enough. @tank
      Do you see any articles anywhere congratulating them?

      Maybe, it isn’t Elton that people like Rob and Rich and Tank and Zelim doesn’t like, maybe it is the Lions?

      The run started in 2015, just a year and a half after the Lions was kicked out of super rugby.

      Now they haven’t lost in 3 years, yet only 3 Lions were good enough, 2 if you don’t count Elton, and only 1 when Eben and Lood is back, and Mostert will lose his place…

      Clearly form is rewarded by our new coach

      • Herman Schroder?

        Johan, I have also tried to have articles posted but no luck so far. The inconvenient truth is not welcome it seems. Thanks for the support by the way. Cheers.

        • The VIKING

          Herman u r my new hero… all your statenents based on facts… elton pound 4 pound best FH in the country… Pollards 102kg frame cant even make a telling tackle… but because he is the blue eyed boi jus like Lambie was and Frans steyn… they will never get shunned… u have a brilliant rugby brain and thanks 4 ur honesty!!! We nee more like you to properly analyse rugby… and nt single out hairstyles

          • Herman Schroder?

            Thanks very much for that Viking. As I said before the inconvenient truth is hard to swallow by some critics who rely on generalizations and misguided perceptions to make their case. I ( and many others ) have been battling with coaches and well known scribes via these forums since 2014 to help them realize the damage that has been done to SA rugby by those who refused to change their mindset for the better of SA rugby. Our current world ranking at 6th a testament to that regrettably.

            All Out Rugby now remains as the only local forum where one can express one’s opinions and it is appreciated and may it ( hopefully ) long continue. The battle for the soul of the Springbok continues. Thanks again for your support. Cheers.

      • Barry Smith

        Article is about the Springboks, not the Lions, but just for clarity, in fact only two Lions good enough, the third was not!

        • Herman Schroder?

          Yes and with a lucky 50% Bok win ratio so far it seems that there are far too few Lions in the team. By the way to all intents and purposes Acker and Faf ( remember the guy who saved us in the first test ) are Lions, lol. Cheers.

      • Wesley

        Rassie should keep backing Elton, no matter what these pundits say. Week after week these past 3 years they came out firing to have the Lions (and Elton) falter to showcase the “superior” players like Rob and Willemse. These guys are great with great future, but they were talking like its a done deal. Same with Elton in this week as if he will or should finally be dropped for either. And every time they fell, without a word of “sorry i was wrong”, congrats or praise to the Lions players dominating their opposition, with Elton at the forefront of it. I’m looking forward to the same outcome this weekend…

    • Wesley

      Just a side comment you had mentioned there Herman, about the hair. Think you got is spot on. He gets treated like a woman on the red carpet by these upright “real men” of rugby commentary. Unfairly, based on his looks, and no matter what he does showing off his intelligence and skill, reverting back to the most minor infractions, no matter how prevalent they are among his own peers. They like this tall clean cut “man’s man” look in the flyhalf seat. Honiball look if you will. Pollard looks like the mould. They love Robert for this too. Can’t talk enough of the man’s “strong build” in every article. This build seems not to help when playing as I am yet to see a SA flyhalf dominate the collision (not their job perhaps?) And much talk of Elton’s hair and tattoos in many other articles too. Willemse not yet tattooed or anything, still young boy with him mum still doing his laundry, but what will they say if he goes this route. His minor infractions may not be so minor anymore.

      • Herman Schroder?

        Wesley, thanks, yes and their favourite song is ‘Macho, Macho Man’ by the Village People, lol. Cheers.

      • John Comyn

        Wesley – I’m guessing you have a lopsided Mohican hair style?? He has 27 Bok caps without a single performance that stands-out – do you really think anybody gives a …. about his hairstyle. Keep it real!

        • Herman Schroder?

          John. Right, now name me some standout performances by Pollard apart from his two tries against the AB’s in his very first test which nobody can seem to forget. As previously mentioned the Boks blew the same lead England had in the first test in that match with the ‘wunderkind’ at flyhalf. Looking forward to your unbiased input. Cheers.

        • Wesley Coetzee

          What if i did John? Does that make my opinion or what i do for a living less valid? And if they didnt, why does it deserve a mention in articles? They just dont like him period. I am just wondering WHY they dont…. And the hairstyle must be it. Why else? You say nothing memorable. I see many. Like how he kept things well at bay last year in Cape Town against NZ coming off a 50 point drubbing the week before. He had a good test series against France and Ireland the year before with Pat knocked in the first game. And kicking Lions into two SR finals with i think a 80 90 percent kicking record. He has consistently been performing with only the glaring mistakes being pounded on him. Last week Pollard missed a certain tackle for England to score. I dont see any articles being written about him being dropped. Perhaps he made it up well. So has Elton. So come on now you get real.

          • Herman Schroder?

            Spot on. Some guys on these sites are serial haters but don’t seem to be able to back up their arguments with facts, they merely generalize which proves nothing. Cheers.

    • Maxwell

      Spot on Herman. See my comments to John Comyn

      • Wesley

        Well put Herman. I have seen from lamppost signs to online blogs focusing only how poorly Jantjies did, and for what? Are these “pundits” so desperate to get rid of him? I have been up and down in my head with bad performances of the past in the Bok jersey seeing if there has ever been so much vitriol cast to a player in such a long spell of doubt and unworthiness hinged to the man. No one comes to mind. Why? We have seen players come and go relative to the cause and form, and somehow no-one can warm up to him, no matter what he does. Even the doubt is cast when he plays SR for the Lions. “Massive clash with Pollard / Willemse / du Preez where he might be exposed, all to play for Bok honors” rings true every time a local derby fronts up. Again this week playing the Sharks – seen many previews highlighting the Jantjies vs du Preez battle. Nothing wrong with hype, but c’mon man… Truth is, he bossed them all. Even his direct opponent for that Bok 10 – Pollard. But then everyone moves the goalposts again. “its his forwards giving him the momentum, he hasn’t earned it himself” they say. Yes hey, as apposed to Pollard that created all his own momentum against England on a dry and quick surface. Pollard is no. 1 at the moment, give him that. Jantjies is still a good no. 2 at the moment. Also be glad of that we have two good flyhalves with almost 30 tests each heading with 16 tests? to go before 2019. Lots of work to be put in and wrongs to correct, many more which we love to gloss over that is lacking in the forward pack. But wheres the fairness to it all?

        • Herman Schroder?

          Again spot on. For me it’s not so much about Pollard or Jantjies but the Bok game plan. If it’s dom krag forget Jantjies but be prepared to win nothing. If its balanced expansive rugby then Jantjies is your man. Most of the haters come from the dom krag brigade so one can’t expect them to support a tattoed, funny hair style player who knows how to play expansively. It’s a foreign concept to them. Just look at the Bulls under Mitchell and how difficult those players find it to adapt to his expansive game plan. Same with Pollard. None so blind as those who will not see. Cheers.

        • WWW

          Did you read the news24 article?
          “Elton Jantjies… missed a penalty on 5 minutes from a relatively easy position that would have given the Boks the lead. ”

          “Relatively easy”, when the field is soaking wet, right next to the touchline, wind swirling so much that Dyantyi had to hold the ball up?

          Clearly no biased reporting there.

          Then he goes on “With Handre Pollard on, the Boks set about staging another comeback.”

          “Comeback”, from 10-15, when EJ left to 10-25?

          @LloydBurnard is clearly on something…

          • Wesley

            Point proven. They love Pollard. They want Willemse. They pine for du Preez. Every paper and media outlet. I say let them have it, and spend the rest of the year making excuses. Something they never afforded Elton. They threw him under the bus on his first cap. Against NZ. Trailing by a mile.

          • Barry Smith

            Same difficult weather for the Poms, but they managed!

  • Rant

    Once again Jantjies proves that his confidence is his biggest asset (or downfall in Saturday’s match). I like Jantjies for the Lions but keep him away from the Boks. There are players throughout history who have been phenomenal one level down from international rugby but just can’t take the step up for whatever reason. Sure the pack wasn’t dominating but England didn’t really dominate the game, they won due to our errors and lack of composure in those big moments. Jantjies dropping 2 routine catches is simply not good enough for international rugby. The fact is, Jantjies made the mistakes that led to England points. You can’t make mistakes in your own 22.

    He isn’t the only one though. I don’t think Ralapelle covered himself in any glory either. He gave away too many penalties and didn’t really offer much. Mbonambi should have continued in my opinion as he is the back-up to Marx. Gelant wasn’t great under the high ball later in the game either. A very talented chap who started the match quite well, and of course his clever grubber to get Jesse in, but sadly he lost his shape when he got moved to the wing.

    But let’s look at this game for what it really was, an experiment. I think some guys have dropped down the pecking order after this game, and possibly others have gone up. Certainly, Jesse Kriel looked solid at 13, and should start ahead of Am. My concern is 12, we still lack a good one and nobody is stepping up. I’m looking forward to Rohan Janse Van Rensburg getting some form, and hope he cracks the nod for the Champs.

    • Barry Smith

      Kriel was OK on attack, but as ever poor on defence. The incident where he let England off the hook in their in-goal area, through lack of tackling, was plain embarrassing! Am by a country mile! I hope Esterhuizen gets another shot at 12, with a more settled 10.on his inside.

      • Rant

        Fair comment. Kriel has flaws, so does Am. I do like Am alot and have been calling for his inclusion, but he needs a settled 12 inside him to help him settle. I must admit though, I forgot about the terrible draw and pass from Kriel. A better player would have got a try in that scenario. No cover threat, 2 on 1, and Kriel bottled it.

        In my opinion, our backline should be: Faf, Pollard, Dyantyi, Rohan/Serfontein, Am, Nkosi, Le Roux with Papier, Mapimpi and Gelant on the bench. I think there could be a place for Jantjies (despite my previous comment) on the bench to inject some creativity if the game opens up and the weather is dry.

        • Herman Schroder?

          Rant, may I suggest you revisit all the posts by Jantjies supporters on this particular site and address each of the points raised individually with a counter argument. Your generalizations and perceptions do not suffice as a reasonable debating tool. Cheers.

  • Barry Smith

    Erasmus has already stated that he is looking for versatile players that can cover 10, 12 & 15. He said at the time that between the half backs and the front row, 12 World Cup spots are already taken, hence the need for flexibility where ever possible. With that statement in mind I would think that ; Pollard, Lambie, Steyn and Le Roux will be the front runners, because they are up there and have the ability to cover multiple positions! Jantjies, Bosch, Du Preez and Willemse, are merely insurance against injury!

    • Rant

      Interesting. I missed that comment from Erasmus. Don’t forget though that Boshc, despite his defensive frailties, is both a 10 and 15. Willemse played 12 in the Junior champs last year when Bosch was 10. I think both of them will be in the squad as they are talented young lads and tick a certain box. We can’t ignore the elephant in the room.

      • Herman Schroder?

        Rant, so far you have a poor to average tackler at 10, if D’Allende and Kriel play together it will be a shambles because neither can tackle and then you wan’t to play ‘waltzing matilda’ Bosch at 15. Gee the Aussies and AB’s are going to love that channel to attack through. The poor loose forwards will be spending so much time covering for them they won’t be doing their primary function ie winning the breakdowns etc. Methinks that’s the elephant in the room.

        Forget Frans Steyn and Lambie. The one is a plodder of note well past his sell by date and the other one is made of candy floss. He can’t play three games in a row without getting injured and Pollard is not far behind. At least the much maligned Jantjies is as tough as nails and gives you your monies worth. Cheers.

  • Nick

    Barry, Jesse butchered TWO very possible tries. He can run like the wind but somebody has to tell him where and how. Sorry, his attacking ability is much worse than OK. He has all the physical attributes, like most SA players he is not rugby smart.

    We can only hope he is a slow learner, but to be honest he does and has done the same old stupidity for ever….

  • Nick

    Is it just me, or do we have a tendency at the breakdown to hesitate for a second to long when we are supporting our players at the tackle? Count how many times we allow the ball to be turned over due to not linking properly with the carrier. You read loads about our apparent lack of a ‘fetcher’, but where we can hope for a few turned over
    or ‘fetched’ balls per game, which are great, we forget that keeping our own ball safe is actually the priority. It seems that because of our poor support we are unable to keep hold of the ball for long enough to build pressure on the opposition.

    • Barry Smith

      Agreed, particularly when wet weather conditions dictate a forward based game, you would think the emphasis would have been on ball retention!

  • Dean

    And out comes the Lions and Elton supporters like a bad rash on a summer’s day. Lol. The point is HIS performances in the Springbok jersey, forget about his form for the Lions and their results. His performances for the Springboks are not of an international quality, to be retained. Quade Cooper and Cruden are similar to him, lots of talent, very little temperament and they are no longer considered good enough for international rugby. I always ask myself, would the All Blacks stick with somebody like Elton, who after 8 years of professional rugby and 25 Tests is still struggling to make the step up? The answer is a clear NO. Cruden was also part of successful All Black teams, but that doesn’t mean he was the best or even 2nd best for the job. The other flyhalves surpassed him. Elton has been measured over 25 Tests for the Springboks and has never properly stamped his authority on any game, except for 3 Tests against a 2nd string French team. Based on his performances over the past year for the Boks, he doesn’t deserve to be there.

    • Wesley

      You say we not allowed to talk Lions to prove a point then jump to talking NZ to make a point? We play France and Elton does well but then you move goal posts again saying they weak. Please. Test is a test. He deserves to be there based as no. 2 i will concead. But please no Willemse not du Preez. You are yearning for something you will come to regret.

      • Dean

        International rugby is a big step up from Super Rugby. Deserves to be there based on what? Not his performances in a Springbok jersey. No improvement from him over 2 years in INTERNATIONAL RUGBY. One step forward, two steps back. Willemse will become a great Test match flyhalf, he is the future. Along with Jean-Luc du Plessis. Elton’s days are numbered, trust me. Rassie has already spoken about Damian coming into the squad.

        • Wesley

          Jean-Luc? As Springbok contention? Not even looking at Elton, but above Rob du Preez as well? Ok fine, the day Rassie does that, I will back him too. Because the day he has a torrid time behind a torrid pack, we will see what happens and if the media and the commentators on here blasts true reasons instead of looking for a scapegoat.

        • Dean

          Elton needs to go back and work on the things that have been hampering his international career. Cipriani is a prime example of somebody who went and worked at the tactical side of his game. Mentally he also looks a lot more mature and level headed. Now he’s back and he was pivotal in the win against us. That try he set up, when the game was in the balance at 15-10, relieved the pressure on England and set up the win. We’ve been here before with Elton, many times, finding reasons why he didn’t have the desired impact on the game. Circumstances, coaching, game plans, limited opportunities, weather conditions – all the excuses have been exhausted after 25 Tests and 8 years at the highest levels of rugby. It’s time he go and work on his tactical kicking in tough conditions and improve on his defense. It’s definitely a mental thing he needs to work on too. This game was like a replay of the Lions vs Hurricanes final in a wet Wellington, 2016. Elton was abysmal that day too. So he has not improved in those conditions at all. Here is a report from UK media on it – http://www.espn.co.uk/rugby/report?gameId=276667&league=242041
          Read it Elton supporters

          • Dean

            The point is that it was in the same conditions and he made the same mistakes 2 years ago. Which means he has not improved his game in those conditions. We all know how important the territory gain and handling is in wet weather. He threw a wild pass in his own 22 and it gave away 7 points and he missed 2 penalties. That brings the score to 13 – 9, one score difference. You say it was a weak Lions pack, then why are you punting for more Lions players to be in the Springbok squad. It’s their pack that got them to the previous 2 finals. Since Ruan Ackermann, Tecklenburg and Kriel are no longer available they have looked a lot weaker. Even with Marx and Whiteley injured they weren’t the same team. Nobody is blasting him, we are pointing out that he needs to improve to be able to keep the 10 jersey for the Springboks, or even being a backup for that matter. You should read my comment better, I said Jean-Luc is one for the FUTURE. Which means that once he and Damian develop, it will be very hard for Elton to still be in the squad BASED on his previous performances in a Bok jersey.

          • Wesley

            Does that mean we can now blast every flyhalf against NZ opposition behind a weak pack in the wet? You sure of that Dean? Open season then?

  • SweetAz

    A good flyhalf lifts his whole team with his body language, demeanor and BMT. That is why Quade Cooper, Elton Jantjies and a few others will NEVER really hack it at international level,—Brad Thorn totally understands this and that’s why Quade doesn’t even make the Reds team. You see it over and over again in team sports, the best team is often a combination of “average” players with incredible loyalty and team-spirit and the ability to play for each other. Its why the Lions did well DESPITE having a flake like Elton Jantjies,-he somehow has a place in THAT team dynamic. It however, does not translate to other teams as we have seen with him at the Stormers and Boks. Ultimately an international quality flyhalf has the kind of persona the entire team looks to for guidance to drive them around the field, ELTON JANTJIES DOES NOT HAVE THAT.

    And yes,–the hair most certainly does not help in a TEAM sport like rugby where its not about your INDIVIDUALITY and desire to express whatever farked up weirdness you want the world to know about.

    • Maxwell

      SR needs to be base where you should measure quality, BMT, defense and attack. Elton is all that.The Lion’s game-plan is managed around Elton play making style and the Lions are now 1 of the top SR teams. Rassie surely is doing the opposite and everybody is okay with that. Elton outplayed every local fly-half and took some gruesome tackles with timed offloads which usely lead to tries and had to pick himself up to do successful conversions , So why isn’t he the first choice?. How did Pollard became the first choice? Is it still because the 2 line breaks against the All Blacks? Robert du Preez is a better fly-half and is more skillful than Pollard. We discussing fly halves but we playing from 9 and 8 and the game-plan changes as soon as Willie , Pollard or Du Preez replace Elton. The long awaiting comeback came with Kriel’s try, but then the changes came and all momentum was back to square 1. This bad decision making on Rassie’s side. and 10 points were scored in 5minutes. How can this be Elton’s fault. The guy wasn’t given a fair chance to fail just like Toetie. Rassie and his supporters need to stop this arrogance that he can build Rome in 3days or less. No one proven this wrong so what chance does he has.

      • Herman Schroder?

        Great response Maxwell, for sure ‘none so blind as they who will not see’. for these guys. Cheers.

  • Barry Smith

    I think most will acknowledge the firm support that Jantjies gets from the Lions supporters and to be fair, it is largely deserved for the great servant he has been to their Union at SR level. Similarly those same supporters should also stand back a little and consider the points put forward by those that believe that he has not made the same contribution at National level! It is probably a difficult pill to swallow, but perhaps consider, for example, Pieter Steph Du Toit, who has 9 more caps, but also had to endure the difficulties of the past two years in the squad, with indifferent coaching, politics and being played out of position! Despite these difficulties, he has managed to shine!

    • Wesley

      Points set forward by many here and in media that desperately want Elton to fail. We could fill a library of the comparisons with other flyhalves in SA that Elton copped flak in even before a game is played. For whatever reason. On every level. Hence i cant accept those points. If they were always fair we wouldnt be having this argument.

      • Rant

        I can’t comment on other people but certainly can clarify my stance. I do not want anyone to fail, in fact, I am one of those people who for years said “give Jantjies a chance” because I thought if he is so good for the Lions I hope he can ignite the Bok attack. All I want and wish for is the team to do well. But I am yet to see him play a full match well. He is still making elementary errors such as dropping a ball with zero pressure. You never saw the likes of Dan Carter or Johnny Wilkenson do that. Even when they were in poor form. The English commentary even noted that Jantjies is prone to dropping the ball and making elementary errors.

        I happily give Jantjies a chance, but the more he dissapoints the harder it gets. Same with Pollard, Bosch, Lambie, Willemse et al. The fact is these guys are paid to play rugby, and like any professional in any business, they have KPI’s and if they don’t meet them, they should never be fired, they need to be trained to improve. The various coaches need to take responsibility for helping the employee improve. Unless, of course, the employee is unwilling or unable to, then a harder line needs to be taken.

  • Wesley

    Last couple of points on a dying comment thread, but I just have to put this out here for posterity:

    Level headed, fair based commentary. Without emotion, just facts.

  • SweetAz

    I’m old enough to remember Gerald Bosch and Naas Botha being hated by the entire country because they WON games for their teams. Naas won games for Northern Transvaal single handedly by dropkicking the opposition to pieces. I hated him because I’m a WP supporter, everybody knew it was coming yet they were helpless and unable to stop it. The day Elton Jantjies can take charge of a game like that I will change my mind about him,-NOTHING he has showed in numerous test matches gives the indication that he has that capability.

    • Herman Schroder?

      Sweetaz, Jantjies has been unlucky to have as his coaches past and present who do not appreciate what he brings to the game. Dom krag rugby was challenged in this country by the Lions and they even mastered their expansive game plan against the best NZ teams. The other Franchises and certain scribes in this country who supported the dinosaur style of playing had egg on their faces week in and week out over the past three years while they continued to criticize their game plan. Jantjies as the ‘brains’ in the team was singled out even then because he was instrumental in their success.

      Meyer, Coetzee and now Rassie ( despite what he says ) tried to turn him into a ‘dom krag’ style pf player which he palpably is not. The Boks were poor since Nov 2014 and yet they persisted with their conservative rubbish. The three ‘other’ Franchises in SA have been piss poor these past three years in SR and earlier for that matter and refused to embrace expansive rugby. Mitchell’s belated attempts to introduce ‘expansive’ rugby at the Bulls has flopped so far because the players can’t seem to adapt to high intensity rugby.

      Here’s an example as recently as last Saturday. Kriel had two opportunities to offload for seemingly certain scores but in that pressure situation his skills let him down. Test rugby is totally instinctive and unless you play the expansive game with your Franchises you will not perform at the critical moments. After years of being coached ‘dinosaur style’ it’s difficult to adapt, just ask the dinosaurs. lol.

      To support my argument allow me to use your example. Bosch and Naas played ‘dinosaur rugby’ to the extreme because the laws allowed it. They even won plenty trophies but times have changed. Expansive rugby is the order of the day these days and you will never beat the top teams if you can’t outscore them with tries. Who is best equipped to do that in this country, assuming the coach embraces it, yes the much maligned EJ. Looking at the performances by the other three rather pathetic Franchise’s their No 10’s don’t seem to be able to master it, yet everyone is raving about them, go figure.

      We have not won a single test trophy since 2009, fact. Because ‘expansive rugby’ is a dirty word and off loads are considered an abomination we will never climb the ladder from our lowly 6th ranked status in world rugby to the top. . Once more imo we are failing to adapt. Watch out here comes that damned meteor again. Cheers.

      • SweetAz

        Lets just agree to disagree mate,–the Lions success has been because they were so shit as a team initially that nobody wanted any of their players. THEREFORE they were able to keep the same group of players together for 4 years building cohesion, COHESION is the holy grail in any team sports, you will see now that they are successful and those guys are being snapped up the Lions have been getting worse and this year I don’t think they will even qualify for the semi’s ( I’m happy to be proven wrong).
        If you look at the guys that are leaving you will see they are all the standout players being snapped up by overseas franchises,—–I dont see anybody running after EJ with a chequebook so that tells you all you need to know. The Lions were successful DESPITE the flakiness of EJ, my bet is a Johan Goosen or Robert Du Preez spending 4 years with the same COHESIVE franchise would have had exactly the same amount of success as EJ,—-and at least their hairstyles don’t irritate the shit out of me and almost every other “normal” man.

        • Herman Schroder?

          You are basing your response on pure conjecture which is no way to back up your argument. The Lions under Mitchell back in 2012 were piss poor despite Mitchell being at the helm and finished rock bottom in SR. They then had to make way for The Kings in 2013. Ackerman and his team then spent a year formulating a new game plan and went shopping for players who had the mindset and skills to play expansive rugby. They picked up all the stragglers from the other Franchise’s who did not need them because they did not fit into the preferred ‘dom krag’ mould. What a cock up those guys made in retrospect, lol. The rest is of course history.

          I agree with your cohesion argument and that’s why I don’t support bringing these overseas players into the mix for the Boks. A team culture can only be created in a stable consistent team environment and ‘guest’ appearances just before a test match is not the way to go.

          The Lions story this year is still to be told but what I do know is that the other Franchises, despite the pre season hype, have been abysmal. So if the Lions are ( according to you ) poor, what does it say about the other Franchises ?

          Your Elton and getting snapped up by overseas clubs theory is groundless. Maybe he has turned down offers ? Also I don’t see clubs standing in line to sign up Pollard, Bosch, Willemse, du Preez do you ?. But your weakest argument is the Lions winning despite Elton. Take a look at the SR stats for these past three years for confirmation to debunk your claims. Would a top class coach like Ackerman have ‘carried’ him for years and years ?. No sir but your cheap shot about his hairstyle says more about you and your own prejudices than anything else my friend.

          Remove the blinkers and you will see a world of wonder around you and it is mainly red and white. Cheers.

  • Ferdinand Botha

    Time and again, we see Lions supporters cover up for their glory boy Elton. He’s performed well behind a Lions pack that dominated the game, however when they were under pressure, he normally couldn’t adapt.

    2016 Super rugby final: Wet weather, Hurricanes dominated the break-down and applied a huge amount of pressure on Elton. He folded as most expected and the Lions lost.
    2017 Super rugby final: He had a decent game, Kwagga mad a bad decision ending in a red card. Lions lost. Still no silverwear
    2018: Johan Ackerman moves to the UK, Elton has way more below standard performances for his beloved Ellis park team (thinking back to the Crusaders game). Gets a chance to play against Wales, wet conditions…

    Decision making was pathetic
    Kicking from hand was atrocious
    Game to forget

    2018 Boks vs England in Capetown:

    Goal kicking is poor
    Ball control is poor
    Decision making is even worse
    Taken off before the 60min mark due to poor performance

    Now please enlighten me, how many more chances do you want to give this man? Lets wait for a day when the weather is dry, no wind, we play against Zimbabwe… Will that be perfect conditions for Elton to at last show us what he can do?

    • Herman Schroder?

      Mr Botha, I accuse a lot of people on these sites for selective memories but you sir win first prize. You bring in three examples which don’t even enhance your case. Let me tell you why/

      Firstly 2016 SR final. The Lions were playing away and we all know how difficult it is to win a match in NZ. It was not wet weather that day it was raining cat’s and dog’s and a gale force wind was blowing which was bending the poles. Barrett at flyhalf ( No. 1 flyhalf in the world ) played out of his skin and there were still moments in the game where the Lions were unlucky with suspect ref calls. At the end of the day the Hurricanes won 19 – 3 hardly a train smash considering the conditions. Why blame Elton ??

      Secondly, in the 2017 final you correctly mention the Kwagga red ( the Lions would have won without it ) and you say Elton played well. So what’s your point ??

      Thirdly, Saturdays match. Goal kicking poor ? Conversion from the corner in those conditions was that poor ?. The first penalty miss shaved the posts with very wet underfoot conditions in the opening minutes ? I’ve seen Pollard miss quite a few of those. He has a better conversion rate than Pollard in test rugby by the way.

      Ball control poor ? Behind a pathetic losing pack with balls shovelled out to him by some cumbersome forward at first receiver under pressure in true dom krag style ?

      Decision making poor. Well if a player can take his team to two SR finals and even outscore the NZ teams in tries scored then his decision making must be pretty spot on most of the time. Put any flyhalf behind a losing pack on a drenched surface and only luck will save them. By the way Pollard came on with a half hour to go and did he turn the game around ? No safety first Pollard just plodded away in true dom krag style.

      So let me enlighten you. Go back to the beginning of this site and read all the posts again, both from the pro Jantjies club and the anti Jantjies club and tell us if Jantjies has been unfairly treated or not. Your three examples are pretty lame by the way and clearly you have not thought your argument through. I can write a book on Jantjies’s role both for the Lions and SA which will debunk any theory you may come up with and based on facts not perceptions.

      Alistair Coetzee’s role in destroying Bok rugby is well documented and due to that everyone associates the losses with the unfortunate flyhalf who had to endure his lack of rugby nous, pathetic selections and a non existent game plan that nobody could fathom. Who was the convenient scapegoat both then and on Saturday ? Yes, Elton Jantjies yet he is still the ONLY flyhalf in the country capable of playing expansive rugby effectively. The other pretenders can’t even inspire their own Franchises to excel in a second tier competition like SR, how can they then manage at test level to play expansive rugby effectively ? I rest my case. Cheers.

      • SweetAz

        So what just happened in Durban then?

      • Maxwell

        LOL. Ferdinand Botha is funnier than Ferdinand Rabi. Swies betrayed Elton or is it Rassie’s way or the highway?

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