Faf: How we beat the All Blacks

Faf de Klerk has opened up on a key reason why the Boks beat the All Blacks this year, and how they plan on doing it again at the World Cup in Japan at the World Cup.

The Springbok’s 36-34 victory over New Zealand in Wellington in September was the All Blacks’ first loss at home since 2009, with De Klerk being a major factor in the season-defining win.

The 27-year-old put rival scrumhalf Aaron Smith under pressure throughout the game, disrupting the All Blacks attack – something he said was crucial to the victory.

“People know how good Smith is and what he brings to the team, but as a nine playing in that team, you are so comfortable. You’re never under pressure and you’re always getting front-foot ball,” De Klerk told the Daily Mail.

“I started doing it at Sale, where I’d see other nines who seemed to have a lot of time and I realised that I really needed to put them under pressure. We started that here. We put teams under a lot of pressure and won a lot of turnovers from it.

“In the Bok camp we picked up that Smith was a bit too comfortable behind the rucks, so we got in their faces and I tried to get in his face. I knew they just expected him to be at every ruck, to deliver quick ball, so I had to hit him and keep him on the ground a second longer.”

The tactic worked well, with the famous victory signalling a return to form after truly horrific period under Allister Coetzee. And now de Klerk is eyeing up the World Cup, where the Springboks now have full belief that they can topple the defending champions once again when they meet in the opening pool game.

“That first game is going to be amazing,” said De Klerk.

“We can turn everything on its head and surprise a lot of people. One of Rassie’s main points was that if we can beat New Zealand away, our chances of winning the World Cup will go up so much more.

“We’ve done that, so we know we can beat them in that pool game on neutral ground.”

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  • Oswald

    Oh Please, please up with a better reason. The All Blacks missed 6 goal kicksbon the day, anything between 12 and 8 points. That was key and not Far. The last movement of an offside was also not picked up by the referee but that is part of the game. The All Blacks game back strongly by missed those vital penalty and goal kicks. That’s the reason why they lost.!!

  • Barry

    I am sure there were many other personal battles that led to the final result, but surely uncompromising defense must be the top of the list?

    • SweetAz

      Naaaahhh,—-they just out dom-kragged the AB’s.

      • Barry

        So that’s what is was! Well, well stranger things….

  • Gavin M C Gowan

    Dear Faf OK you’ve the match in NZ but let talk about the second test on boks own soul,how is it possible for a team to score 2 tries in 6 min to win? How did that happen.30/18 behind with 6 min left, was it pure pressure or are the All Blacks that good.they never panicked but changed their game plan and won.thats brilliant hey.

    • SweetAz

      Are you retarded? Did you even watch that game? The only reason the AB’s won that second game is because the coach made a whole bunch of substitutions to give the “quota” players game time. The AB’s just got lucky against an inexperienced coach,—remember that this is the first year Rassie is coaching an International team vs Hansen who has been coaching International teams for more than 10 years.

      • Herman Schroder?

        Oh dear SweetAz I was hoping you would have made a New Years resolution not to insult other posters but to no avail, still sniping away. Lol just like SA rugby nothing seems to change. I actually enjoyed your political comments in another post so maybe it suits you better, you can then get as personal as you like. Maybe leave rugby postings for those who respect other peoples points of view.

        As for your take on Rassie, I thought he was the ‘meticulous planner’ ?. Also he is not exactly a rookie coach if you look at his CV. Apart from the obvious additional pressure of coaching an international team the game essentially stays the same imo. In fact if you have the choice of the best players in the country as well as from overseas your job should actually be easier. However if you have an unimaginative confused game plan with a host of semi unskilled players that you continued picking you will always be outsmarted by the overseas coaches as was shown this year.

        An objective look at the Wellington test which seems to be the yardstick by which some posters seem to measure Rassie, confirms the win was indeed a pure aberration. If you played the AB’s ten times and give them 75% of ball and territory then they will beat you nine times out of ten as they have proved many times in the past. In the last fourteen tests we have beaten them twice, one a ‘tv producer’ inspired burgled victory and the ‘miracle of Wellington’ which indeed it was. The saying ‘clutching at straws’ is indeed applicable to those who refuse to accept just how poor the Boks actually were in 2018.

        Rassie now has 5 tests to reinvent his 50/50 Bok squad for the WC, playing Argentina twice ( ranked 10th ) Australia ( ranked 6th ) Japan ( ranked 11th ) with only the No 1 team NZ to provide any real opposition to prepare the ‘new look’ Bok team for the WC. Yeah right.

        What’s even worse is that quite a few players used this year were clearly not good enough to go to the WC yet Rassie persevered with them and now has got very little game time to bring in new stock. I said it months ago that Rassie will paint himself into a corner and it has come to pass, AGAIN. Meticulous planner, yeah right. Cheers.

        • SweetAz

          Are YOU retarded? You don’t have anything original to add, you just bitch and moan with your passive-aggressive sniping like a hormonal emo tranny. If you are unable to see what every other pundit can see,- that this team is on an upwards curve and miles better than the year before, then you have absolutely nothing to add to the discussion other than your tedious repetitive bilious excrement.

          What do you think your continuous insults aimed at players and the coach is,—constructive criticism?? Get a life mate, so its OK for YOU to insult all and sundry but anybody else doing it is disrespectful??

          Actually, I take that back, You’re not retarded. Just an incredibly thick verbose, opinionated, one-eyed provincial yokel. The Lions version of the morons who drive around with blue testicles tied to the towbars of their bakkies.

  • Francois malowitz

    Hey faf its funny when the boks beat the nz you guys didnt crit the ref hey.

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