Be gone, foul disco lights

Remember 2006 and the Rassie Erasmus colour cards and “Disco lights” he used during Cheetahs’ matches? Well the modern day equivalent may well be the gum guard!

“It’s just a quicker way to communicate with players,” said Erasmus about the cards and lights on the eve of the 2006 Currie Cup final, saying they were used in the same way as two-way radios to convey information to players on the field.

“They (the cards) are simply to let the players know, for example, when to kick more or to tell them what should happen next. Previously we had to wait until halftime or for an injury for our technical team to relay messages,” said Erasmus.

Things have obviously evolved since those days, but in essence, coaches still rely on the medical staff to communicate with the players during interruptions to the game.

That is about to change, though …

MindTalk Technology say their technology will redefine the way athletes and coaches communicate on the field. This through integrating their bone conduction technology into a sports gum guard.

The gum guard vibrates the athlete’s jawbone allowing them to hear. All electronics are housed in a pod in the roof of the gum. The device allows for one-way communication with a coach, while also allowing the player to listen to music.

The coach will have a configurable app where they can control who they talk to. So a rugby coach will have multiple configurable buttons that will allow him to talk to all the forwards, only the front row, all the outside backs, or the entire team.

Future product iterations will contain additional sensors to monitor G-forces, internal temperature, hydration levels, and track activities. All data will be viewed real-time on the coach’s app.

- All Out Rugby Staff Writer

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  • Gary Laight

    That is insane! What will they think of next…?

  • stormramp

    Y dont they use the technology on arm bands. Much safer .

  • Chris Mouton

    Woah! That’s insane!

  • Peter

    Its now sci-fi come to life….and u can bet that Rassie Erasmus will be the first coach/director of rugby anywhere in rhe world to use this with ALL 23 of his players….Kamp Zero Over and Out!!!

  • Carl Eriksen

    I really appreciate the idea and am extremely impressed by the technology although the diagram looks extremely uncomfortable. I can’t imagine performing at a high level with that much mouth space taken up by electronics/housing. Will this not interrupt airflow as well?

    More importantly, has World Rugby changed their stance on whether this is allowed? Last I remember the whole point of the coloured lights was because earpieces were illegal (there were also rumours that Giteau played with an earpiece in his srcumcap). I understand this is not technically an earpiece, but wouldn’t the rules be adapted to include these?

  • Graham

    Great article, this is why I come to all out rugby

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