Introducing: Robo-Tackle!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a Mobile Virtual Player (MVP), the first ever self-righting mobile training device that could revolutionise the way rugby is coached.

Defensive structures are key, but they still depend on a player making that tackle. And making that tackle comes from confidence built through hours of drills. Drills that coaches can’t bear to watch, given the risk of injury.

But that may well have changed.

The MVP is controlled remotely and powered by a motor, it’s an innovative training partner that can move at the speed of your opponent. With its size, which has been specifically engineered to replicate the weight and height of a player, the MVP can take a hit. By simulating human motion, the MVP allows players to practice tackling, blocking, pursuing, evading and throwing at a mobile target, without the impact and fatigue associated with athlete on athlete training.

The MVP takes player-to-player contact out of the equation for dynamic practice drills. Additional MVP models are under development to be used for football, rugby, on grass and on field turf, and for all ages and abilities. The MVP lets you practice dynamic game situations that were previously unsafe – or even impossible – to practice effectively.

“The MVP has really helped me with my rugby team. We have a strict four-step tackling technique where we teach safe tackling. Last year the players had to tackle each other and one of our players ended up with soft tissue damage, so I let them tackle me, which made for a long day. I saw the tackling dummy and we were one of the first rugby teams to get one… It has reduced a lot of our injuries this season, said Santos Trujillo, ex US Navy SEAL, and Colorado Rugby Head Coach.

Soft guide rollers, non-spoked wheels, and a fully foam encased drivetrain for the protection of players. Automatic tackle shutoff kills power to the drivetrain at the moment of impact with a player. And it is safe for use on grass or artificial turf fields.

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- All Out Rugby Staff Writer

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  • Chris Mouton

    That’s quite innovative! Loving the idea! Especially when it comes to tracking players and running lines. In the end players still need to face contact, but this is a good tool for training the eyes and feet.

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