Japan jol bites Bulls

RG Snyman’s decision to spend the off-season stocking his safe has cost the Bulls dearly after the Springbok lock returned from Japan with a serious ankle injury.

“Scans revealed the injury was much worse than anticipated and he will have to undergo surgery,” Bulls team doctor Herman Rossouw told Supersport. “He will be on the sidelines for an eight-week period.”

With Super Rugby set to kick-off in a fortnight, the lock’s two-month layoff means the Bulls will have to make do without  Snyman when they take on the Stormers, Jaguares, Lions, Sharks and Chiefs in the opening six rounds of the competition.

Losing the only forward short-listed for SA’s 2018 Young Player of the Year award will severely impact the Bulls’ plans to complement the experience of new additions Duane Vermeulen and Schalk Brits with young kamikazes.

Politics and a weak currency have driven South Africans abroad and, in a bid to retain talent, SA franchises have been willing to release players from Currie Cup duty for a lucrative stint in Japan.

“We all know how difficult it is to keep our top players in the country, especially with the Rand weakening in the last few weeks,” Bulls HP manager Xander Janse van Rensburg said in 2017 when Snyman first agreed to moonlight with Honda Heat.

“While the situation is not ideal, the deal allows RG to experience the Japanese culture and play abroad, but still return to play for the Bulls next season. It also keeps RG eligible for the Springboks. Players of this calibre are always targets for top teams, especially in Europe, and we are happy that we have RG available for the Bulls for the foreseeable future.”

Snyman’s immediate future is in a moonboot and his situation is the latest in a case study of what is “not ideal” about players skipping their offseason, and having one season blend into the next.

Damian de Allende and the Stormers paid a similar penalty in 2016 when the Bok centre returned from Kintetsu Liners with an ankle injury and spent much of that season struggling to regain his form.

“I had four days off before going to Japan,” De Allende told Netwerk24. “I arrived on the weekend and had to be on the training field on Monday. To get no rest, took its toll on my body.”

De Allende opted not to return to Japan at the end of 2016. It’s a decision that certainly benefited the Boks and Stormers, but it’s unlikely that those two parties will often win the tug-of-war when players have to choose between realising their maximum earning potential and staying fresh for less money.

— Staff Writer

- All Out Rugby Staff Writer

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  • Barry

    Many will have read this morning’s article on Paul Willemse, also a Bulls lock (now ex) who is scheduled to play for France in the up coming Sux Nations.

    The eye opener is that he talks more about women being able to wonder around alone at 10’o clock at night in France unhindered and kids catching buses by themselves. The statement he makes is that these overseas moves are not just about money!

    • SweetAz

      Well, there are about a million of us living “ovasies” and to be honest, I’m the only one in my family still interested in SA and that’s only because of rugby. The best and brightest will eventually all leave, for crying out loud,—what kind of masochist stays in a place where the government tells you every day that you ain’t wanted? Just look at how well that turned out for a bunch of Jews in Germany…..
      My wife thanks me very often for having had the foresight to come to NZ because she wouldn’t have qualified on her own and a LOT of the most vulnerable in SA society are in that same boat. Because of me, my daughter and her family is here which caused my son in laws brother and his family to come over. This triggered some of his friends to follow.

      At our Christmas gathering, we had around 50 people including the kids,—–all triggered by me leaving 14 years ago. Think about how much potential and Tax Revenue that is. Every single one of the adults is a high performer and doing exceptionally well. These days when you look at the prefect lists and honour rolls of NZ schools its quite obvious that SA kids are adding great value to NZ.

      • John Comyn

        I have a few friends who are expats living in NZ who I keep in touch with. It’s way easier to manage players when the entire population is about the same as the greater Western Cape. It also helps that the government subsidise The NZRU. There is no reason a talented rugby player needs to leave NZ other than to escape the “nanny state” to learn a few life skills and, of course, cabin fever which leads to suicide. 14 years SweetAz! Just as a side, why do Kiwis call pronounce pen “pin” and been “bin” etc. ?

        • SweetAz

          The government does not subsidise the NZRU, the NZRU has hinted they would be thankful for a subsidy but it is not likely. I like the “nanny state”, my electricity stays on, I leave my stuff on the beach while I go for a swim, I almost never lock my car, I have forgotten what a car guard or burglar bar looks like, I can actually use public transport, my car registration takes 1 minute online and comes in the post, there are zero black taxi’s, none of my politicians has stolen millions—–I can go on like this until I run out of space. The vowel thing is just kiwi efficiency, why use 5 vowels when 3 will suffice,lol.

          Dunno about the cabin fever thing, personally I feel much freer over here. In SA its like you go home to a cage you lock yourself into every night while the animals have the freedom of the city, now THAT’S cabin fever. I buy nice stuff where in SA I stopped doing that around the 3rd time I got burgled. I drive nice cars cheaply while in SA my head was on a swivel approaching every traffic light and stop sign,—-I also don’t drive around the block 3 times before entering my driveway anymore,—–the driveway my cars are parked in right now, -UNLOCKED. I don’t get kept awake every night by the neighbourhood dogs barking at everything skulking around.

          Nahhh, I choose nanny state over Zuma, Ramapoesa and company any day.

  • Chris Mouton

    This was to be expected. It’s a pity, really. How many players get injured after these stints overseas? We lost JL du Preez and RG Snyman already. How many other players will get injured because of playing too much rugby. SA Rugby needs to pull some finger and step in. We can’t afford this during the World Cup year.

    • John Comyn

      The situation will only get worse. There is not much SA Rugby can do to change the situation. It is not only the money but politics plays a huge role. Right now as we talk the brotherhood that run WP rugby have set in motion a plan to oust Gert Smal and replace him with Paul Treu as director and PDivvy as coach! Need I say more???

      • Barry

        John I sympathize with you on the WP issue, though to be fair, would Pdivi do any worse than Fleck?
        Was getting worked up for this weekends spectacle at CT stadium only to read this morning that Fleck has withdrawn his Springboks! WTF!

        • albert Hoffmann

          with the exception of PSDT and Steven Kitsoff, the rest of the stormers boks are all rubbish and over rated. Hence the reason the boks are where they are in the rankings and the stormers are bottom feeders in SR. They are only boks cause they play for saru’s favourite wp. None of them have shown any form whatsoever to deserve to be called boks.

        • John Comyn

          I was not aware fleck has withdrawn the Boks for Saturday. I can only surmise that he is concerned about pre-season injuries given the injuries he has had to contend with since starting as head coach. As for PDivy, people forget he inherited one of the best Bok teams in history also holders of the WC. Since departing his results as a coach have been abysmal.

          • Barry

            John all of the sides had Springboks involved in the year end tour not just WP, but they’ve managed to get there sh.t together.
            This threatens to cause other franchises to have a re-think. It’s going to deeply dissapointing thousands of kids who are turning out on Sunday to see their heroes.

            He really needs to grow a pair!

        • Chris Mouton

          Fleck withdrew his Springboks? Is he aware that these games are there for marketing? People wanna see the best play…

          • albert Hoffmann

            maybe he wants to win for a change

          • SweetAz

            All the NZ franchises have done this with their AB’s with an eye on the RWC so Fleckie is actually doing the right thing for Bok rugby. As a lifelong Stormers supporter, I am so sick of the coloured mafia involved in WP rugby. Its like they have the anti-Midas touch, everything they touch turns to sh*t. That fat slob Wakefield and his cronies have farked up that union totally.
            If they REALLY had any sense they would get a guy like Warren Gatland down there,—-just ask yourself, how many job offers from big clubs or countries have Treu and P-Divvy received.

            I’m no Fleck fanboy but the day they make P-Divvy or Paul Treu Stormers coach is the day I start supporting the Auckland Blues.

          • John Comyn

            He did mention a while back that players who played a lot in the end of year tour may need another 2 weeks conditioning before playing. Maybe this is what Barry is talking about.

  • Albert

    The simple fact is that for the cream of the crop, lucrative offers abroad simply outweigh the falling Rand. Now, I recently spent 3 weeks visiting SA on holiday over the Christmas period, and it was great being back, however all my my family and friends were talking about leaving to either England, Australia or New Zealand. This was an eye opener for me after such an amazing holiday. Clearly there are major issues in SA, and if given a good chance to emigrate to greener pastures, then why not take that?

    And therein lies the catch 22 for SA Rugby. Let the players move and try to incorporate the very best in the Boks, or let them go and ignore their abilities? So much has been discussed already on this topic. Until South Africa becomes a strong stable country, I don’t think we will ever see the Boks have the full backing of the public and win a world cup.

    It really is sad.

    • SweetAz

      Yep, and that’s the truth of it. I believe this is the last RWC we may have a chance to win,—not likely, but possibly. It’s all downhill from here.

  • Barry

    To continue the earlier thread – Fleck has already been reported as saying team first when it comes to the issue of Springboks (read Flecks says we’ll play Willemse where we need him) so no his decision is not in the interests of the National side!

    Sweet, we don’t really care what the New Zealand franchises are doing. Teams need game time to settle and that doesn’t happen with half the team sitting in the stands!

    • SweetAz

      Barry, in world cup year there is only one team that matters. Nobody is going to care who won Super Rugby this year. The only team I care about being “settled” is the Bok team, hopefully without all the best players played into the ground and broken down injured.
      Look, Fleck has never struck me as brain donor material but from what I read about the crap going on with a player revolt if Treu is kept in the system they have MUCH BIGGER problems. In fact, I have heard from people close to the team that they will lose most of their players after the RWC as even the black Captain is sick of the shit coming from the coloured mafia running the show.
      So personally I suspect the Stormers will come nowhere in Super Rugby this year,–I don’t believe the players are motivated.

      • Barry

        Sweet Fleck’s ass is in the wringer, for good reason, so I can assure you he will do everything possible to improved SR results, regardless of World Cup.

        Don’t believe certain sectors of the Cape Press either, they are closely aligned with the Smal/ Fleck faction and openly deceive! Reports that The sponsors would withdraw was a good example. The sponsors have confirmed this to be none sense.

        Whilst there may be a faction of mafiosa at work, the reality is that the SR coach has not performed for three years now and the administration is perceived to have done nothing about it. That is why there is problems in the camp!

        I am not a huge Paul True man, but the reality is that he has a viable track record and a World Cup to his name – what does Fleck have? So being left in the corner to count the marbles must be a bit disheartening!

        • SweetAz

          The problem is once this kind of shit has hit the fan the ballgame is over. If Treu really was a team man he would have enough sense to realize he’s not wanted by the players,- an untenable position for any coach. It’s a “he says, she says scenario” and we may never know the truth but one thing I do know, no team with this kind of ructions has ever won anything, so as far as I’m concerned its game over for the Stormers this season before the first ball has even been kicked.
          The Stormers are symptomatic of everything wrong in SA. Living proof of the concept “tyranny of the majority”. It started with the election of idiots like Wakefield and it continued with the appointment of Smal and Fleck, the only thing that would work over there would be a complete separation of the Stormers Franchise from the WPRU with their own management from top to bottom run on commercial principles. Get a recognized international coach like Robbie Deans, Eddie Jones, Warren Gatland involved and kick all the Cape Flats brigade to the kerb. Right now you have every gabba and his toothless papsak auntie with an agenda trying to get his chommie or cuzzie involved and on the payroll or in the team. It’s like a bunch of headless chickens running around. I seriously don’t see any direction or plan coming out of there,-its really sad for a boytjie that got splinters in my arse at Newlands watching Northern Transvaal play Province in 1970 to see this shitshow.

  • Barry

    All “true” my point is don’t be too sure that Treu is hated. The Cape spin doctors told that story, at the same time that they told us that the sponsors were withdrawing, but as we know that was bull!

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