Jones – ‘Warrenball won’t work’

England coach Eddie Jones expects the British and Irish Lions to struggle in the upcoming three-match series against the All Blacks.

Jones believes that if coach Warren Gatland adopts his usual "Warrenball" approach of powerful, direct running and if the Lions don't win their first game, they will face an uphill battle.

“It is going to be very tough for them mate,” Jones told the Telegraph.

“They have picked a certain style of team based on the influence of the Welsh coaches. So I think they are looking to attack like Wales with big, gainline runners with not much ball movement.

“I think you struggle to beat the All Blacks like that.”

Jones feels that while Gatland's Wales play to a "system", his England "play much more with our eyes open" and always look for a way to turn pressure into points.

And Jones feels the latter is a more realistic approach of beating the All Blacks.

“The All Blacks are not only a physical contest, it is a big mental contest,” warned Jones, who orchestrated five wins over New Zealand when he was coach of Australia.

“You have to be very disciplined in the way you play, you’ve got to chip away at them.

“You’ve got to keep the pressure on, you’ve got to exert pressure in areas that they don’t like, which is traditionally the close set-piece play but then have the ability when you create opportunities, to turn that into points.

“Ireland did it really well and I think the Lions are going to struggle. If they win the first Test, they win the series. If they don’t, I think it might be a tough old series for them.”

- Team Talk Media
- Team Talk Media