Madiba wouldn’t support quotas – Kolisi

Springbok captain Siya Kolisi believes the quota system does more harm than good and he’s confident that iconic former president Nelson Mandela would have been in his corner on the matter.

“I wouldn’t want to be picked because of my skin colour,” South Africa’s first black captain said in an interview with Kyodo News in December. “You shouldn’t put a number on something like that.”

SA Rugby satisfied government demands that teams must mirror the country’s demographics by drawing up the Strategic Transformation Plan in 2015. The plan includes escalating, non-negotiable targets to ensure the Bok squad chosen for the 2019 Rugby World Cup is 50-percent black.

“I don’t think (Mandela) would have supported that,” added Kolisi. “All he cared about was a better South Africa.”

— Staff Writer


- All Out Rugby Staff Writer

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  • Wynand

    Maar nogsteeds word spelers gekies asgevolg van hulle kleur nie die beste speler nie

  • AJ

    Race baiting ANC government is destroying SA, supplying ammunition to U.S President Trump calling Africa a sh7t hole. Embarrassing!!!!!!

    • albert Hoffmann

      africa is a sh!t hole, u dont need the anc to tell the world, they know it.

  • Visser

    I think what ouer captain is saying is correct.well done

  • reagan

    dis reg wat ons kaptein se los die kleur uit kies die regte man ni sy kleur nie want nou kies jy kleur nou hou jy die beste man uit die span uit

  • Barry

    Mystifies how a Nation can struggle racial oppression and then support an administration who apply the same oppressive racial policies, just with different colors!

    Have we learnt nothing?

  • John Comyn

    No international side should ever have to select a side based on anything other than merit. As Siya correctly says development should start at junior levels. We are already seeing some excellent talent coming through from all racial groups and it is gaining moment quickly. Using sport as a way to gaining political points is disgusting!

  • Dean Bright

    Huge respect for Siya! A few captains in recent years would have gone the politically correct route. He was honest.

  • Wesley

    I have resisted to comment on this piece, pretty much farting in the wind no matter what your opinion, but just read something that made me rethink as I am looking for an outlet to fume a bit…

    Chairperson of the Portfolio Committee on Sport and Recreation, Beauty Dlulane, has now raised my ire, saying Siya’s comments are unfortunate and sport personalities such as himself are to be cautioned not to comment on these issues…

    BLOODY HELL!!! You mean the guy literally the embodiment of black excellence in a white dominated sport which came from a very disadvantaged background but took the better opportunities given to him and turned them into pure gold through hard work, and now not allowed to comment on something that has very much affected his career and his livelihood? The main person, the CAPTAIN (and FIRST black one as well) of the national squad of our best performing and most inspirational sporting code, at the damned coalface working for sporting triumphs to inspire and unite this country, not allowed to speak about these things? While you, Mrs Dlulane, sitting in your little office chambers, lording yourself over the portfolio you keep as a politician (we all know performance doesn’t necessarily keep you your position), not actually bringing any sense of value or unification to this country. In 1995, on a sunny Saturday afternoon, 1 president, 22 young boys and a old toppie of a coach did more to unify this country than you can ever hope for. Same for that night in Paris 12 years ago. I would lend more credence to the words these people say than to what some idiot from some committee has to say.

    • albert Hoffmann

      Whats black excellence then? standing on the wing all game and doing F all the whole game and still being picked as the national captain?

      • Wesley

        Hey Albert, some games players don’t play well, and some games they do. And considering Siya has come from bad times as a youngster to rise above it all, I’m sure we can call it excelling in life with confidence. Bit rich coming from an internet troll. What excellence have you achieved today?

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