Mallett and De Villiers cane Boks

Former Springbok captain Jean de Villiers believes South African Rugby has reached a lower point than last year after the humiliating 57-0 drubbing at the hands of the All Blacks in Albany on Saturday.

Much was made of a Springbok resurgence after five wins in a row and a draw against the Wallabies last weekend. This, after their 2016 annus horribilis.

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But all of that came crashing down to earth as they lost to the All Blacks by the biggest margin in their history. Just when people thought it couldn’t get any worse than 2016, it did.

“We all thought last year losing to New Zealand by 42 points was a low point and we didn’t think it could get worse. It did today. It is very difficult to find something positive to say about this game,” De Villiers told SuperSport.

“We need to be honest with ourselves, we got outplayed in every single department of this game and were beaten by a much better team.”

Meanwhile, former coach Nick Mallett almost felt sorry for the Boks, who were completely out of their depth against the World Champions.

Boks schooled by the best

“Criticising this Bok team is like clubbing a baby seal. The poor guys are defenceless,” Mallett said. “The scrums were a shambles in the second half, the lineouts didn’t go well in the first half. The replacements didn’t make an impact. The scramble defence was nowhere. The first-up defence got worse and worse as the game progressed.

“There isn’t enough leadership in this team at the moment and certainly not enough skills. Not one Springbok would make the All Blacks side.”

The Boks will need to regroup for their next fixture, a home clash in Bloemfontein against Australia on September 30.

- All Out Rugby Staff Writer

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  • Johan Goosen

    Jean you were captain when we lost against Japan…

    The lows since are starting to hurt less and less, and that is actually scary.

    We have no pride in this team anymore. There was no passion, no commitment. Rhule missed 9 tackles, 9! Check how. Many tries were made because of him. We ALL know that he shouldn’t be there, Combrink is better in every single department.


    Uz is the 5th best nr 8 in SA.
    When Jaco Kriel was injured Cloete should have replaced him. We had no one slowing down NZ ball and competing at the breakdown as Kriel does whole game every game and he never gets any credit.

    Jan and Jessy is also not good enough. Am and Rohan is a lot better and I am sure they will at least have more commitment.

    Finally, where was our “fearless” captain? He showed 0 leadership when it really counted and I even missed his aggression! Get in their faces, stand up to them.

    Stop showing them so much respect, they play dirty and the refs allow it, we allow it.

    I am a small built guy who played for the kaas and wyn team, and my team showed more commitment than this so called “Bok” team!

    To Eben and everyone of his charges and coaches: You don’t deserve the Springbok on your jerseys, you showed no commitment, no pride, you don’t represent me, and you don’t represent my country.

    Take it off.

  • jaco

    they lost the game during the haka…big eyed,you could see the fear in their eyes..imho it’s a mind thing…

  • Pieter Beukes

    What a reality check this game has been!

    Where to from here? Perhaps we should stop using the game of rugby as a springboard to ease consciences and a battlefield for politicians. Don’t we miss the meaning of Sport? The outcomes of this is obvious. The rest of the world out there don’t give a damn, they just get a lot of kick’s out of us to slipping to deeper depths every week. It is only a matter of time before the rest of the rugby world is going to see not glamour in competing with the Springbok’s, maybe that is the objective?

    We as public want to see a Springbok team selected on purely merit and make us proud again, the only color that matter should be green. Maybe we could then retain our cream of players again, make everybody proud and get all of us united behind our Bok’s.

    I have spend money to get to Durban last year and in that aftermath I promised myself to never do that again until I believe, Guess where I am at the moment….

  • humblepie

    The players performance are regularly scrutinised – rightly so. It is high time that we have a look at the coach. He has a bigger impact on the game than any player.
    It is now clear that AC was untested this year until Saturday. A tired French team, Poor Argentines that ended close to the bottom of Super rugby and ditto for the Aussies. Conclusion: Very little has changed since last year with the exception of using the bulk of the Lions team, their captain and playing style at the start of the season. This strategy temporarily saved AC his job. The sad thing is that he doesn’t realise this as he continue to migrate back to his natural old style kicking game etc.
    He is somehow also under the impression that his efforts resulted in improving the players fitness level this year. The reality is that his players are fit this year because he selected different players that were fit as opposed to the selection of unfit players last year.
    AC seem to learn slow, very, very slow… Do we have the patience to work with him? Our nation can really do with a bit of inspiration form an inspirational Bok team. I don not see this happening whilst Toetie is around.

  • Phil Metter


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