New Bok coach in 2018

The Springboks will have a new coach in 2018 as Allister Coetzee’s term is reportedly close to an end.

According to, the coach had a “heated exchange” with SA Rugby president Mark Alexander after South Africa slumped to a 38-3 reverse in Dublin, the biggest loss against Ireland in team history.

“SA Rugby’s executive committee is set to meet in early December where Coetzee’s contract will be terminated following two seasons of disastrous results,” the report claims.

Since Coetzee’s appointment at the beginning of 2016, the Springboks have won 9 of 22 Tests, suffering historic losses along the way.

South Africa are set to tackle France in Paris on Saturday. The Boks’ biggest loss against Les Bleus was a 30-10 defeat under Rudolf Streauli in 2002.

- All Out Rugby Staff Writer

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  • Mike

    And who will be the next coach? Rassie?

    • nick


    • boyo

      I have been wondering the same thing. Rassie prefers a more stand off role like Director of Rugby so don’t know if he will run the side. If he wont it will be tough to get an established coach to work under him so we will be looking at a local guy to implement Rassies plans at training.

      The only one who may be willing is Dobson from province. Mitchell and Du Preez are not really second in charge type of guys. Swys is still new to head coaching

      • nick

        u forgetting AKKERMAN

  • Wesley

    Bring back Ackers! I was all for giving Allister a shot, even his second one after 2016. But now he has had his time, and still not delivered. Time to start anew, we have the talent, Allister just doesn’t have it as a coach.

  • BB

    S.A. Rugby let the best coach slip when they let Ackerman go. End of story

  • Tiaan Janse van Renburg

    Agree BB.

    just throwing it out there what about Dave Renny as previously suggested just before Allister was selected as springbok coach and Renny left the Chiefs????

  • Grant

    I really don’t understand the Springbok selections for the EOYT. We have the likes of Frans Steyn, Willie Le Roux and JP Pietersen playing their trade in the north. These are experienced guys who you could at very least get in the squad to impart their knowledge to the youngsters. AC is a good coach, but he is clearly not good at selecting a team or coaching at international level. Sadly South Africa doesn’t have anybody to take over as they are either too green or not interested. We are stuck between a rock and a hard place and sadly things won’t really improve in time for the next world cup.

    As for team selections, why not a backline of the following: Paige, Pollard, Willie Le Roux, Frans Steyn, Lucky Am, Lleyds, Gellant. On the bench have Cronje, Jantjes and Bosch. As for the forwards, why not the following: Beast, Marx, Wilco, Etzebeth, PSDT, Siya, Flouw, Dan Du Preez. Bench: Mbonambi, Kitshoff, Treyeza, Mostert, THOR (he has so much experience and knowledge, let him help Dan and Casiem!)

    But I guess this is why I am not the coach of SA. My selections would probably be scoffed at by all and sundry…but then isn’t AC’s?

    As a side note, Mapimpi should be travelling with the boks, he has the right attitude to make it.

    • William

      I’d rather drop the likes of Paige, Leyds, Cronje, Beast & Mbonambi, and give players like Rohan JvR, Harold Vorster, Werner Kok, Ruan Pienaar, Akker vd Merwe, etc.
      They show much more promise, passion and ability.

    • Sharky

      Agree! I have been saying it for ages and Jake White said the same a few months back – we need to “pass the torch”! We need the older hands to school the youngsters and to bring an air of calm confidence when things aren’t going well.

      It’s this mix of promising youth, experienced old hands and on-form players that AC has never gotten right.

  • hopeful

    Bring in a coach that will adapt our capable power play and bring simple skills back…..the coach should also be allowed to employ specialists as and when needed…

    Tackle Specialist, Conditioning specialist, Breakdown specialist….etc…

    Someone with vision and zero ego….

    • Max

      Too many cooks spoil the broth. Maybe thats why there isnt time for a gameplan. I hope they fire the players too. Im out

  • humblepie

    The job of a coach is not to psyche his players up before a game, ask them to put their bodies on the line and then hope for the best. He needs a consistent style that is repeated and reinforced every time they play until every player fully understand what he wants to achieve. He must then select players that support that playing style. Don’t just pick a player because he is good and then try to convert him into something else. Horses for courses.
    The All Blacks do this successfully – it is not rocket science. They have a player pool and budget that is a fraction of what we have at our disposal. They don’t change their style of play just because it is wet on the day or because they play in the northern hemisphere.
    It blows my mind that our supposedly best coach in RSA do not understand this concept. He should coach high school teams until he fully grasps the strategic and leadership nature that is required of a national coach.

  • Barry Smith

    They need to go about the appointment of a new Coach in a more professional fashion. Candidates need to undergo physiological evaluation to ensure that they can meet the necessary strategic demands of international rugby. We are big on passion and on field coaching, but we are way off the mark when it comes to strategy – intellectually a little wanting, quite honestly!

  • Mark

    They must appoint a coach AND get rid of the Quota system!!! No decent NZ coach will take the job!!! Only SAFFAS that want to make a quick Buck!!! look at the admin people at SARU, they are only collecting pay checks and listening to ANC. Get real selectors as well

  • Wesley

    Sorry to say to Jake and his agreeing crowd, but old hands will not make a difference with Allister. He had them on tour last year, and we still fell to Italy. This means he is coaching them into the ground, even the older players were not responding. And it still goes on, with good players, senior enough to hold onto good advice and form, has not performed under him. When Elton plays for Lions is a good example. He’s got it, but under Toetie he sucks. Why?

    • Grant

      100% agree with your comment. Case in point, Elton went to Stormers and had his worst ever performance in Super Rugby. He couldn’t fit into the little box AC wanted him in.

      Talking of boxes, AC can’t seem to think outside of it. We are clearly lacking size in the back three, which has been spoken about so many times already. Personally, with Nkosi injured, I would try Rohan JVR on the wing. He is explosive, fast and massive. If he gets it right he could be huge on the wing. But the bottom line for me is that AC is clearly not capable and neither are his assistants.

  • Peter

    AC was never and will never be an International coach… was oh so obvious at Stormers….he’s a good CC coach….end of story!!!
    The best coaches in football…AF and JM started by having wills…recognising talent who committed 100% to the ethos of the team and were fit and motivated.
    Sad to say…the two that fit that description in Bok team cant carry the other 21 game in and game out.
    Enforcing quotas….playing players because of loyalty…having no back up plan….no horses for courses is a sure way of getting your butt whipped by the cheeky upstarts

  • Nick.

    If Coetzee actually wants to stay coach that says it all about him.

    Anybody with any dignity would have stepped down long ago. Let’s see who rushes to sign him on once he’s gone.

    The fact that he is actually still in charge defies any common sense. After last year he should have gone. And if the actual discussion about this in the corridors of Power revolves around getting someone of the correct complexion in place, then we might as well turn the lights off and shut the whole thing down.

    I’m not paying for SKY TV anymore to watch this. Cancelled it this morning.

    • hopeful

      That first line says it all…..

  • Max

    Why are you guys not blaming your chosen assistent coaches that came from haeven to coach the coach. Van graan has no remorse for dropping the Boks and nothing is about his backstabbing act. Rassie has enough pounds en no wil his plaas toe kom. I think the coach wants to leave because he is gatvol v management and sponsors telling him what to do. Etzebeth isnt the the sorcerer he once was after our own kind cut out his you know what. Dis wat ons hier doen. Die binne gevegte. Ons kan nie en sal nooit kan bou nie want die een dink hy is beter as die ander. En dis n feit.

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