Oh so simple for savvy Irish

Tank Lanning

Given Allister Coetzee’s tragic record with the Springboks, the state of the nation as depicted in Jacques Pauw’s The President’s Keepers, together with the fact that the country’s tourist epicentre is likely to run out of water during the holiday season because of a lack of planning, it’s pretty damn difficult not to get emotional about Saturday’s shambolic 38-3 loss to the Irish in Dublin.

In fact, pass the damn arsenic! That perhaps for a column during the week, though. Instead to the match stats for a vestige of objectivity…

The Boks enjoyed 61% of the territory, 54% of the possession, made 134 more metres in hand from 12 more carries, made more good passes than the Irish made total passes, and even made 1 more offload than the hosts.

Yet, they lost the try count 4-0 and the game by 35 points. That is how traumatically poor and ineffective the Boks were with ball in hand! In fact, last week’s Baa-Baas side that took on the All Blacks looked like they had spent more time together than the Boks!

Where did it go wrong, then?

Basically, Ireland, having noted the Bok ineffectiveness with ball in hand, which sadly, was actually better than the kicking game put together by a halfback pairing that looked way out of their depth, chose to kick the ball back to the Boks (via astute space finders or contestable up-and-unders), and watch them implode. From the 4 extra kicks the Irish made, they carved off 226 more metres than the Boks!

Four of the top five Bok carriers were forwards. Quite clearly, based on their success at Newlands against a side with one foot on the plane after having won the Rugby Champs, the Boks were hoping that another blunt force trauma approach would be enough to subdue the Irish. It wasn’t.

On the other side of the field, three of the host’s top five ball-carriers were backs. Via astute use of the boot, a scrum that took two heels against the head and forced 4 penalties, and 92% tackle-efficiency, the Irish put themselves into areas of the field from which to strike. And strike they did.

Ireland set the tone in minute one with a massive double tackle on Coenie Oosthuizen that sent the big Free Stater from the field. From then on in, they owned not only the collision (the Boks lost 5 rucks and conceded 6 turnovers), but the game as well.

CLICK HERE to Rate the Boks.

A look at all the match stats:

Match information:
Points: IRE 38-3 SA
Tries: IRE 4-0 SA
Goal kicking %: IRE 88% – 100% SA
Possession: IRE 46% – 54% SA
Territory: IRE 39% – 61% SA
Ball in play: 35 minutes

Attacking stats:
Ball Carries: IRE 93-105 SA
Metres run: IRE 568-602 SA
Line breaks: IRE 4-0 SA
Tackle breaks: IRE 3-3 SA
Passes: IRE 123-151 SA
Good Passes: IRE 115-139 SA
Offloads: IRE 1-2 SA
Rucks won: IRE 81-86 SA
Rucks lost: IRE 2-5 SA
Mauls won: IRE 3-5 SA
Turnovers conceded: IRE 15-18 SA

Defensive stats:
Turnovers won: IRE 6-2 SA
Tackles made: IRE 148-105 SA
Tackles missed: IRE 15-17 SA
Tackle success: IRE 92% – 88% SA
Tackle turnover: IRE 3-2 SA
Dominant tackles: IRE 11-22 SA

Kicking stats:
Kicks from hand: IRE 26-22 SA
Metres kicked: IRE 778-552 SA
Metres per kick: IRE 30-25 SA 

Error stats:
Handling errors: IRE 35-29 SA
Penalties conceded: IRE 5-7 SA
Scrum penalties: IRE 0-4 SA

First phase stats:
Lineouts won: IRE 11-11 SA
Lineouts stolen: IRE 0-1 SA
Scrums won: IRE 6-7 SA
Scrums lost: IRE 0-2 SA
Own kickoff won: IRE 0-1 SA
Own kickoff lost: IRE 2-7 SA

CLICK HERE for the full match and player stats from the game, or CLICK HERE for in-depth stats from the whole Bok EOYT.

- Tank Lanning

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  • Frankie Knuckles

    What game were you watching, Tank???

  • Ruckby

    The stats say France? Is that a prediction for next week too? ;)

  • Barry Smith

    The Boks dramatic deterioration from previous outing against the All Blacks is entirely explainable. The simple fact is that Brendan Venter is on secondment to Italy, and as such, the Boks have no strategist and no one to devise a meaningful game plan! It is that simple. Expect more of the same!

  • Allistair Snyders

    Lets be realistic. we are not gonna win the world cup in Japan. Its too late to change now. Coetzee was the wrong appointment. lets keep him till hes contracts up then get a foreign guy with experience.Dave Rennie or Scott Robertson maybe.

  • humblepie

    A fish rot from its head. AC has no vision or understanding of the game. He chose to play a kicking game with players that was chosen based on their ball in hand skills. Poor understaning of horses for courses.
    The De Allende experiment was doomed for failure and everyone except Toetie knew this.
    Stander was too small for RSA rugby but was man of match against us. The small Irish forwards bullied our big boys and yet AC and a bunch of journalists continue to reason that bulky players are better.
    AC has an inability to adapt and understand the modern game. He started the year with a more modern playing style and gradually migrated back to his old style. I have no hope for us under Toeties leadership. Eish

  • Al

    The whole of SARU is a mess, can someone please tell me how New Zealand can afford to centrally contract players and we can’t? Its can’t just be the weak Rand, most of the revenue generating agreements would be (or should be!) negotiated in US Dollars…..and for South Africa, given our viewing numbers these would be the on the same if not better terms as our New Zealand counterparts who are able to contract centrally….if the organisation was run properly sponsorship would also not be a problem!!

    The time for excuses is over, its not quotas, its not players leaving, its not lack of talent that is ruining our rugby its the weakness of SARU as an organisation and the excuses they continue to make. What are their short, medium and long term strategies? They are neither strong enough nor capable enough as a management team to change…If this management team performed like this in any other organisation they would be removed by their shareholders!

    Oh and they should start by taking power back from the Unions!

    I was at the Game on Saturday and a bit of my love for the Springboks died watching that display…..

  • Gerhard Coetzee

    Our game plan of kicking the ball away was not good enough and the back line play was also poor and very predictable with no game breakers.The other major difference between the Boks and the top international teams are skills and only coaches can put this right through the correct skills training during practice.To support this statement we can look at C J Stander and I refer to an interview of one of Ireland’s coaches last year during their tour so SA when asked what he though of SJ Stander his reply was to the effect that he is a very good rugby player,but they have worked on some skills with him.If you look at out Coaches we found that over the years some were send abroad to learn from other teams and coaches (e.g Ludicke and most recent Nollis Mariais.I have over a number of years noticed through my interaction and training material from abroad (UK and NZ ) that their skills training is priority at all their practice session in game like situations up to their national teams.
    This is also why their execution is so good because of continuous (not once off) skills training,practice makes perfect.They have a lot of variation in their game to cater for every situation attack plans from rucks,mauls,
    line outs with different attack moves and back line +- 50 moves depending on your teams strengths and weaknesses.The Northern and Southern Hemisphere has unfortunately passed us with this aspect and we can improve here by obtaining the services of top overseas coaches and Wayne Smith would be excellent choice.Look up on the Rugby Site and you would find many of his coaching/training videos and I believe he can then transfer some of hiss knowledge to our coaches and players.

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