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  • Peter

    In all honesty he’d get a rating of 3.1/10 on my scorecard

  • Gerhard Els Gerhard Els

    From me 0/10. Reason, his no coach maybe a manager but no coach.

  • Gordon Upton

    Toetie gets a minus 10. He has wasted two years of team building to 2019. As coach, he has overseen records losses left right and centre, and first time losses. He talks absolute kak when saying the Boks are on the right path.

    New Zealand, Australia, and England do not lose to Wales and France continually, nor to Italy and Argentina.

    After two years we are still in the starting blocks.

  • francois williams

    WP rugby is kak…en dit staan uit in hul afrigters, rerig jammer hoor…

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