SA Rugby set for RWC2023 payout?

SA Rugby is in line for a R325m payout from the 2023 Rugby World Cup.

Declared the preferred hosts of the 2023 Rugby World Cup by an independent review, South Africa’s bid for the 2023 Rugby World Cup was controversially beaten in November by the bounty included in France’s offer.

Among the bids from South Africa, Ireland and France, the eventual winners reportedly guaranteed a financial return of £350m to World Rugby.

According to The Telegraph, the return on France hosting the 2023 Rugby World Cup is a £19.25m payout from World Rugby to each of the 10 tier-one rugby nations.

If the details of the report are confirmed, SA Rugby would receive a cash injection of more than R325m at the current exchange rate.

- All Out Rugby Staff Writer

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  • hopeful

    Take it and use it to enhance schoolboy players, schoolboy coaches, varsity players, varsity coaches…have a constant flow of talent capable of playing at Super-rugby, Pro14 and European standards…..Americas senior high, college and varsity football programmes are so well structured there is an abundance of talent every year….coaches are groomed through each stage with specialists in each area of play….follow a similar structure and we will see an overall improvement in our teams….start young that’s when it counts….old habits die hard!!!

    I say we churn out as much talent as we can….send them abroad after varsity to earn and gain experience then bring them back to win games in the green and gold…if we can’t beat them by paying more then use them and their structures to develop talent…select the best of the best and let the rest play for other countries when possible…

    Retain as many players as we can afford for local representation to develop and build combinations….let the rest play abroad and develop their talent….

    Think big picture….not narrow minded short term….

  • Barry Smith

    Assuming we are still tier-one in 2023, of course???

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