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In this week’s AOR podcast, Tank and Zelím touch on stats, ratings and columns before discussing South Africa’s talent-drain with leading player agent, Anthony Johnson.

“The only way a Super Rugby merge, like the one proposed by Alan Solomons, can work is if we downgrade the Bulls, Lions, Cheetahs and Kings into provinces, and two new franchises come out of that. Another point I do want to make is that the primary reason for losing two franchises is that SA can’t staff six. If we lose two, and they bugger off to play in the northern hemisphere, we’re still trying to staff six franchises,” said Tank Lanning.

“On the stats front, perhaps we should look at a dominant scrums category instead of just scrum success. And the Raters agree with me that Lionel Cronje should be included in the Bok squad – they made him the All Out Rugby MVP in Round 12.”

“Everyone else in SA is caught up trying to play an attractive brand of rugby, and you’ve got Deon Davids whose been around the block longer than the rest of the Super Rugby coaches, and he’s looked at the picture and opted to stick to tactics that some might say are conservative, but he’s beaten the Waratahs in Sydney and the Sharks at home,” said Zelím Nel.

“There’s no denying that we’re in the business for money,” said leading player agent, Anthony Johnson. “But SARU hasn’t really properly engaged with the agents in terms of working with Springbok players, which makes it difficult for us to work with them in keeping players here.

“You don’t always get consulted on what happens with your clients, we’ve been left out of Springbok negotiations most of the time, so obviously that makes it difficult to insist on players staying here… when we don’t know what the plan is for our clients.”

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- All Out Rugby Staff Writer

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  • bees

    You can staff 6 SA teams if you have decent coaches. I think every scribe/coach is missing the point in SA rugby. The reason for failure is that SA have the worst coaches in the world. The Lions reintroduction into Super rugby was made up of players that no other franchise wanted, they were the C team players eg Whitely, Tecklenberg, Mostardt, Combrink etc etc Yet they produced Boks and are the best team in the country. How many Kings players are new to the franchise this year and how many caps have they got ? most are new with very few caps – yet they beat the Sharks (full of Boks who have been “rebuilding” for the last 10 years). If there was a merger when the Lions rejoined with eg the Bulls, not one Lion player would get into the Bulls team. If there was a merger between Kings and eg Sharks – not one Kings player would have got into the Sharks squad, yet they can beat the Sharks. SA player are not fit enough, not skilled etc enough because of bad coaching. The way to judge is to compare – if the NZ coaches were coaching the SA teams and the SA coaches were coaching the NZ teams who would win ???? Get coaches with a brain and you will do well. Well done Ackers, Davids. Shame on the other “coaches” for the last 10 years. Shame on the experts thinking that less teams will get better results.

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