Stat Attack: Toothless Sharks over turned

A wobbly scrum set the tone for a toothless display that saw the Sharks concede 20 turnovers while an aggressive Reds side harvested six of their own via a dominant defence.

A look at the match stats from Kings Park:

Match information:

  • Points: SHA 14-21 RED
  • Tries: SHA 2-3 RED
  • Penalty goals: SHA 0-0 RED
  • Goal kicking %: SHA 100% – 100% RED
  • Possession: SHA 57% – 43% RED
  • Territory: SHA 53% – 47% RED
  • Ball in play: 34 minutes

Attacking stats:

  • Ball Carries: SHA 113-92 RED
  • Metres run: SHA 738-641 RED
  • Line breaks: SHA 4-5 RED
  • Tackle breaks: SHA 3-6 RED
  • Passes: SHA 158-134 RED
  • Good Passes: SHA 154-124 RED
  • Offloads: SHA 3-10 RED
  • Rucks won: SHA 89-70 RED
  • Mauls won: SHA 6-4 RED
  • Turnovers conceded: SHA 20-14 RED

Defensive stats:

  • Tackles made: SHA 107-161 RED
  • Tackles missed: SHA 11-24 RED
  • Tackle success: SHA 91% – 88% RED
  • Dominant tackles: SHA 3-5 RED
  • Tackle turnover: SHA 6-4 RED
  • Turnovers won: SHA 1-6 RED

Kicking stats:

  • Kicks from hand: SHA 18-20 RED
  • Metres kicked: SHA 607-653 RED

Error stats:

  • Handling errors: SHA 14-9 RED
  • Penalties conceded: SHA 7-8 RED

- Tank Lanning

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  • Wesley

    Like i said before, its worrying our teams cant put a full 80 or complete performance this entire competition so far. The Sharks and Bulls have somehow achieved this but only in derbies. Why? Will be copying this comment across the stat attack articles coz its truely worrying.

    Wow the Sharks, worst of the bunch this week. Their own enemy. Reds did nothing special unlike the Brumbies whose defence was brilliant against the Stormers at least. Again a handling error fiasco not unlike last week. Dont give me that slippery ball in Durban excuse, they train every day in those conditions, and no opposition touring there had the same problem, its a joke. So dissapointed, they look very dangerous in running but then just give it away or cant offload in the last toward the line. 2 weeks in a row now. Back to basics with this bunch.

  • Herman Schroder?

    Thank you Lions for saving SA rugby some serious blushes this morning. Robert du Preez Snr cannot continue coaching this ‘Bok’ laden team. The skill levels in the backs are woeful and the game plan is even dumber than dom krag. Bok front row barely holding it’s own against an Aussie side nogal and leadership non existent. Truly a woeful performance. RDP must do the honourable thing and pack his bags and leave with at least some dignity still intact. He owes it to his long suffering fans. A not so cheerful Cheers.

  • Barry

    I agree Wesley but my main gripe sits with Teichmann and his Management, rather than Du Preez, because quite simply Coaches don’t hire or manage themselves, that’s what the administration are there for, so time for some tough decisions Mr Teichmann!

    The annoying thing is that the Sharks have the ability to fix this problem in a few days. The main missing component is Dick Muir! He provided the strategy and attack plan in 2018 and created 7 Springboks in the process, but of course Du Preez couldn’t get on with him, so he was forced to move on.

    They replace him with a guy who has no credible record other than having coached at the “Kings” – yes the team that was relegated the same year. Imagine for a moment the shift or loss in IP – Muir an assistant Springbok coach, head coach of two SR franchises, has taken teams to the SR final twice, has two Currie Cup as a Coach and two as a player compared to a young guy who has nothing on his CV worth talking about! Again, that sits with you Mr Teichmann!

    The second issue is that of scrum coach or should I say would be scrum coach. This has not worked since Strudwick was unceremoniously unseated in favor of one of Du Preez buddies! The scrum process is a mess and the turn overs will tell you that none of the forwards drills have anything to do with looking after the ball!

    But again the administration need to take responsibility, because they made the appointments initially and have sat back season after season watching the same problems unfold!

    • SweetAz

      but but but but,—-what about those stats?

      • Barry

        Firstly Happy Easter! What about the stats, pretty clear to me. Twenty turnover conceded – the ball was in play for 34 minutes!!! That’s almost one ever minute!

        Sharks simply not looking after the pill – nothing new!

        • Herman Schroder?

          No comment, you’ve suffered enough. Cheers.

  • frans van der Westhuizen

    OMG I’d rather keep quite.

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