STAT ATTACK: Wales vs Springboks

Having made the call to kick less, the Boks made more carries than Wales, and as such more metres with ball in hand, but a failure to execute saw the visitors go down by 9 in Cardiff.

A look at the match stats from Cardiff:

Match information:

Points: WAL 20-11 SA

Tries: WAL 2-1 SA

Penalty goals: WAL 2-2 SA

Goal kicking %: WAL 80% – 50% SA

Possession: WAL 51% – 49% SA

Territory: WAL 39% – 61% SA

Ball in play: 38 minutes


Attacking stats:

Ball Carries: WAL 98-117 SA

Metres run: WAL 541-781 SA

Metres per carry: WAL 5.5-6.7 SA

Line breaks: WAL 1-1 SA

Tackle breaks: WAL 4-16 SA

Passes: WAL 125-180 SA

Good Passes: WAL 108-170 SA

Offloads: WAL 9-5 SA

Rucks won: WAL 80-105 SA

Rucks lost: WAL 5-5 SA

Mauls won: WAL 6-3 SA

Mauls lost: WAL 0-1 SA

Turnovers conceded: WAL 19-15 SA


Defensive stats:

Tackles made: WAL 164-124 SA

Tackles missed: WAL 19-14 SA

Tackle success: WAL 90% – 91% SA

Tackle turnover: WAL 1-0 SA

Dominant tackles: WAL 0-15 SA


Kicking stats:

Kicks from hand: WAL 24-23 SA

Metres kicked: WAL 627-578 SA

Metres per kick: WAL 26-25 SA


Error stats:

Handling errors: WAL 12-16 SA

Penalties conceded: WAL 8-9 SA

Yellow cards: WAL 0-0 SA


First phase stats:

Lineouts won: WAL 8-4 SA

Lineouts stolen: WAL 1-0 SA

Scrums won: WAL 11-6 SA

Scrums lost: WAL 0-0 SA

Own kickoff won: WAL 0-0 SA

Own kickoff lost: WAL 4-5 SA

- All Out Rugby Staff Writer

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  • Barry

    An ardent supporter, but that was really dissapointing and leaves us at year end with pretty much the same questions that we started with at the beginning of the EOYT.
    Some poor selections – persistence with players that are simply not cutting it, exclusion of some key players, poor execution and an attack strategy that baffles most!
    There will be some that will defend this by reminding that Wales have won their last eight games. Well you need to look at those eight games for a reality check. amongst them; Tonga, Italy, two games against Argentina at the beginning of the year just before their coach was fired and the farsical game against SA C team. Their only real success was beating Scotland and of course a weakened Australia. We have nine times as many players to choose from surely we can do better than this!

  • Dean

    Why select Nel, Brits, Nyakane, Aplon, Schreuder, Notshe and that WP lock if he’s not comfortable playing them against the weakest opposition. Marx, Kitshoff and a few others needed a rest before the final game. Akker vd Merwe is good enough to be rotated with the 2 hookers. And Jean Luc du Preez could have added a lot more on this tour than Notshe or Whiteley. If Vermeulen is our first choice no 8 then there is no need for 3 no 8s. Replace Flo with Marcell Coetzee. The guy can play all 3 back row positions. He’s a Schalk Burger type player. De Allende and Kriel don’t have the brains. Serfontein should be there. So should Reinach in place of van Zyl. If kicking and center play is a problem then Frans Steyn can also add value. I hope Rassie tests these players before the WC.

    • Sharky

      You and I are singing off the same hymne sheet. Totally agree with everything you said.

  • D John

    Herman! Where are you? I’m feeling too positive, please fuel some negativity into my life.

    On another note, the boks looked tired and it felt as though they had 1 foot on the plane to come home. We did create opportunities but there seemed to be a lack of concentration which led to poor decision making.

    Now as rugby fans we just have to sit back and wait for what is to come next.

    • Herman Schroder?

      Thanks D John I am busy with my epistle to the unbelievers where my mantra that Rassie and Co quite simply suck. Five years now and I’ve never been proven wrong, lol. Cheers.

  • Barry

    The only opportunity remaining this year is the Baa Baas game which Erasmus will coach, but the onlySA inclusions thus far are Pollard, Ezebeth and Britz, yes Britz!
    Press reports indicate there will be more SA players invited. Let’s hope so. it would be a huge opportunity to test fringe players at international level!

  • SweetAz

    That ref was never going to let the Boks win, I’m going to call him Glen Flatfish from now on,—a creature with both eyes on the same side of his head seeing only transgressions on one side. That said, the Boks didn’t deserve to win but there really wasn’t much between the 2 sides.
    As a bunch of other people have already said,—this side is carrying a lot of passengers. I’m just wondering how much of that is due to reasons not made clear to us due to contracts etc… Well, for his first year Rassies 50% win ratio is still way better than AC’s 33% first year. Hopefully, he can get it up to 75% by the time RWC rolls around and then it’s up to the Rugby Gods. Let’s face it the AB’s went through a lot of world cups “choking” even though they were the number one ranked team so being the best team in the world often doesn’t translate to winning the RWC.

    • Herman Schroder?

      You can attempt to gloss over yet ANOTHER loss but the simple fact is this team and coach are simply not up to standard. A bit of smoke and mirrors as well. Why refer to AC’s first year those were genuine newbies and hardly a mercenary in sight and he only lost FOUR out of thirteen tests last year ? Rassie SEVEN losses with the cream of the overseas mercenaries to draw on. !!! Why didn’t he build on AC’s team who also held the AB’s to a 25 -24 loss ?

      But then again I’ve told you this so many times but you choose to ignore it. No sweat, to each his own and you are fully entitled to be delusional about SA rugby. By the way do some math. With only 3 or 4 tests to go before the WC the best Rassie can do is 60% by winning all four. The way the Boks played yesterday he’d be lucky to win one,especially with his win one, lose one, pox one record. He’s more likely to end up again on his ceiling win ratio of 50% at best.

      Time for a reality check old chap. Cheers.

      PS : When all else fails blame the ref, really ? They should include that refrain in our national anthem.

      • Albert

        Hahahahaha! Mister “The Lions would have won if it weren’t for the ref” saying we shouldn’t blame the ref. That is rich. Take a bow Hermit, you have really outdone yourself this time.

        My question to you is, why, if you have so little faith, do you even comment on this site? And don’t starting preaching that you are trying to educate us all. That is bull. You are commenting to incite argument because that is clearly what gets you off.

        • Herman Schroder?

          Albert, Still don’t get your point ?? Please spell it out for me old chap. Yes I wrote my response to SweetAz yesterday before your posting at 11,16 am today ( obviously ) .I then responded to your post at 2.04pm to what I perceived to be your accusing me of double standards when applied to the Lions and the ref. You then responded to my post at 2.18 pm accusing me of comprehension problems ?

          What’s going on here ? I know brevity is the way to go but maybe a little more elaboration on your part would make tying up who’s who in the zoo a bit easier. Kindly favour me with your superior intellect and clarify the situation. Cheers.

        • Herman Schroder?

          Albert, Which incident are you referring to by the way ? The red card and Jaco Peyper’s poor handling of it is the only noteworthy time I have taken a ref to task. Please advise me of any other incidents where I may have done so. In fact I tend to point out where our pundits have not looked objectively at some decisions where the Boks have been supposedly ‘robbed’/

          As for the reason why I write on these forums ? I don’t want to repeat what I’ve just said to SweetAz just below this post. It will help you to understand my point of view. Please respond once you have read those comments if you wish. Cheers.

          • Albert

            And yet again Hermit is unable to fully comprehend someone’s comment. Reading and understanding is certainly not your strong point is it? What you said to SweetAz just below was written AFTER I wrote my comment…another misunderstanding from the Hermit.

            Goodness me, but you are struggling today aren’t you? So eager to jump on the proverbial high horse that you forgot to feed it. Lol!

      • SweetAz

        Firstly, unlike you, I like to compare apples to aples,–not chickens to turkeys, hence first year with first year. Secondly, you conveniently forget the nature of the losses, 57-ZERO ring any bells? Thirdly, I quite clearly qualified my comment on the ref with the note that the Boks didn’t deserve to win, but what do you know, Herman the German has comprehension issues,—as per usual.
        Now lets get to the actual game,- 2 tries on any other day by PSDT and JK would have quite clearly ended up with the Boks winning, add the wrong way penalty from the Glen Flatfish when the Welshman quite clearly went off his feet onto Dyanti and you have a possible 17 point swing the other way. In fact looking at the game holistically this was a game the Boks were ascendant for long periods and ONCE AGAIN DEFENCE WON THE GAME.—-lol
        So considering this is the end of the season against the nr 3 ranked team in the world I see a lot to be positive about you, you, on the other hand, will find nothing good, —I’m pretty sure this must be a reflection of everything else in your life. You know what they say,—that what you verbalize the most is probably indicative of your actual approach to everything in life.

        • Herman Schroder?

          ‘IF’ my Auntie had balls she’d be my Uncle.mate. You miss my point AGAIN. Throughout the season. lack of skills, lack of vision, poor execution and the what iff’s you mentioned from Saturdays match were precisely those factors that led to our demise. Nothing has changed, nada progress since game one..

          If I must repeat myself AC left Rassie a team that matched the AB’s in the last RC game at the end of his second year, losing only four matches along the way. Rassie knows better and goes shopping overseas.and picks a clump of domkraggers week in and week out.. Result ? A hodge podge of players in a fragmented team playing dinosaur rugby and losing every alternate week. Sound familiar ?

          As I mentioned in another post the Boks were easily the worst team on display out of the twelve teams that competed last Saturday. No sublime skills from our lot. Willie again ducking and diving and he is the only one with a reasonable level of skill at the back. Earning the bucks but putting in minimal effort most of them.

          As for the ref. You clearly said Jackson was never going to let the Boks win so don’t change your tune You insulted his integrity which is worse than blaming his possible blunders. Typical sour grapes while looking for someone to blame. Old Saffer problem.

          By the way I.m not sure if you have seen the scorecard for our ‘stars’ on the various forums ? If not go have a look. Most lucky to get 4 out of 10, lol. How could they have possibly won with those scores which is what you intimated with your ‘if only’ comments.. Our boys were outsmarted on the field and our coach outsmarted by Gatland. Most scribes have been scathing about the performance but for you it’s just a little glitch. Man but your standards are low.

          I would be pleased if you didn’t get too personal in your comments it shows a lack of class. I’m a happily married man, been so for 52 years now, have three wonderful daughters with three wonderful husbands and seven beautiful grandchildren. So think before you sound off at me. I ask no favours of you except that you stick to rugby and leave your personal comments in the rubbish bin.

          I still believe after fighting the good fight for five years and never been proven wrong about my predictions over the years is not the efforts of a negative person but one who is passionate about rugby but totally frustrated with the never ending poor results including this year. The negative one’s are those who ignore the fault lines and just hope and pray things come right.

          You are fully entitled to handle the Bok demise as you see fit but please afford others the right to criticize and allow them to hold those in charge accountable in their own way. If everyone agreed on everything there will hardly be a need for forums such as this.

          Your problem is you have personalized it and have made this a battleground. Chill a bit old chap, it only a GAME. Cheers and a jolly Festive Season to you.

    • Barry

      Interesting to see that we have discovered a new species of Glen! lol
      Most of the players toted were either in the greater squad, or are working on their sun tans. Other were a few hundred miles down the road involved in the Sale/ Northampton game! Erasmus would not even have had to cough up for an international flight! The match report is a worthy read – it primarily tells of Rob du Preez kicking Sale to victory paired up with Faf, whilst the other noteworthy comment was about a guy from North’s called Cobus Reinach! Frustratingly, we have the players!

      • Wesley

        The players needed were all on the field, too bad they were all just passengers. One Robert or Cobus would not have helped this bunch. Lets not forget these same players were part of some bad games before, did nothing to help the cause. Some even tried and put in everything as they should have (looking at Kolbe). Its a collective buggery that keeps us from winning.

  • Wesley

    Im actually pretty tired of the Boks not performing as they should. Our pack is touted as one of the best in the world, but truely we have had many passengers on this tour. We all know who they are and i could even include some fan favorites. The usual bunch as well as Vermeulen and Etzebeth. They were not impactful in any games. Sadly no others REALLY putting their hands up other than RG. Our backs are woeful, DDA once again a one trick pony and finally put the nail in the coffin on that debate. Serforntein is looking a better option. Hell, i was against a starting berth for a Pollard and Jantjies combo a week ago, but have changed my mind now. The backline on attack was muuuch better after that happened. Dyantyi on defensive position was nowhere but wondering if that is all his fault with Nienaber’s defensive pattern. Kolbe has once again proven he is no weak link, showing this size obsession is unfounded. Papier showing his worth again and shutting all out mouths in 2 games. Wonder again why Rassie subs his most impactful players at 60min. Is Rassie truely the savior he is regarded as? Sadly the jury is still out for me on this one….

    • Herman Schroder?

      Rassie is actually clueless. Talks a big game but can’t deliver. Cheers.

  • Maxwell

    Did anyone noticed that Dyanti ripped the ball from Welsh player and scored the try just before the whistle. Why did nt the officals pick it up. Rassie need to coach the players to raise flags when they have valid points. Dyanti should have notified officals and Kolishi. We should have won by 31-17 if we have taken all our opportunities and aswell as the one eyed IRB officals. They should stay neutral in observation and dicisions during the game

    • Herman Schroder?

      Silly argument. Then you must also take into account the Welsh opportunities wasted. We haven’t been taking our opportunities the entire season which is a coaching, selection, lack of skills problem. Cheers.

      • Maxwell

        Herman I am starting to think that you like to cheer for the other team. Cheers.

        • Herman Schroder?

          Not really, just expect better, much much better from the Boks and unfortunately the overall poor results just add fuel to the flames. Remember I am only the messenger bringing the core problems to the fore and expecting those in charge to be accountable. Otherwise how can we try to stop this train wreck continuing ?

          An old Afrikaans saying. ” Alles sal regkom”. The problem is no one remembers the second part, ” As almal hul plig doen”. I’m trying to do my ‘plig’ Cheers.

      • Albert

        Certainly our attack coach should be in charge of that? Swys de Bruin perhaps not pulling his weight, or is it all Rassie’s fault?

        • Herman Schroder?

          Yes Rassie. He has the final say on game plan and selections. I’ve said before Swys is wasting his time in the Bok setup especially trying to coach the midfield domkragger, lol. Cheers,

          • Albert


  • SweetAz

    Did anyone else notice that Duane Vermeulen seemed to be talking to Rassie over the headphones and also talking to the ref a lot?—I wonder if we might be seeing a captaincy shift.

    • Herman Schroder?

      As long as it’s not Vermeulen. He’s just as doff. Cheers.

  • Herman Schroder?

    Well, Well, Well and the walls crumbled big time and we can’t even play dom krag rugby anymore. The Welsh simply out domkragged us. Hate to say this guys but I did warn you we were on a hiding to nothing all season. I predicted Einsteins theory will once more play itself out on Saturday and the boys didn’t disappoint.

    Ignore the affable nature of his interviews and lack of excuses ( which should be a good thing ) and what remains is Rassie has not succeeded these past six months, despite all the tools handed to him on a plate to get the required results. Here’s why.

    1. Given a blank cheque to bring back as many overseas mercenaries he may require. Hardly any of those who did make it were consistently worth the big bucks. Their inclusions in my opinion only complicated selections and stymied the building of a team culture.

    2. His transformation promises to his ‘masters’ are unfulfilled after 14 tests and with four tests to go something will have to give to have a 50% ‘black’ quota for the WC. Meticulous planning ?

    3. Rassie’s game plan sucks. The overall inconsistent performances by most of the players especially while attempting to play the most basic of game plans ie dom krag rugby, was totally unacceptable. Fault lines in the first few tests were still there in the 14th test which ended with a whimper.

    4. Selections were abysmal overall. In the quest for continuity he chose some of the most unskilled players of the dom krag variety and persevered with them despite their glaring shortcomings.

    5. Captaincy. Again pandering to his ‘masters’ and picking a player who was not up to scratch all season. Occasional flashes of form does not a great player or captain make. Great leaders are few and far between and the best one of the lot was overlooked for obvious reasons.

    6. Record. Well that sucks as well. You can blow up the Wellington match as much as you like but it did take a great player to fail on the day to make it possible. The implosion at Loftus was more like vintage AC stuff. The French game was poxed no doubt thanks to Nige and England at Twickers was a 50/50 call.

    Remember also the home series win was against a weakened England team and they still managed to beat us here. Even the Twickers test had quite a few absentees while we were supposedly at full strength and we still lost, collision aside.

    Still 7 wins from 14 matches is unacceptable in any Bok era and being satisfied with just being competitive and showing a bit of grit for a change is a far cry from dominating the other countries as one would expect the Boks to do.

    I have to express my disappointment in the way things have worked out this year. We’ve now had the HM failed years ( especially the last two ) the failed AC two years and now Rassie’s failed year, despite the supposed ‘meticulous planning’, Quite frankly I haven’t seen much of it and the way the Boks performed against Wales only emphasized the fact that we have not improved at all.

    In fact it safe to say that of the twelve top teams who played over the weekend we were without doubt the worst team on display. The skill levels on attack from most of those teams were unbelievable at times while we plodded along in our predictable dom krag boring pattern. Mediocrity still rules in sunny SA.

    So we will have to wait seven or eight months before the RC plays itself out and I don’t think Rassie is any the wiser right now. I believe he is the problem. Cheers.

    • SweetAz

      So if Rassie is the problem, name your solution or STFU.

      • Albert

        SweetAz, it is as clear as crystal that Herman despises everyone and everything in South Africa that isn’t Lions based. He keeps moaning about the attack yet his hero is the coach there.

        We should all just ignore his posts because clearly he has zero objectivity or respect for others. He clearly comments to cause arguments and prefers THINKING he is always right when in fact he is so flawed and wrong he can’t even begin to properly explain how we could fix it.

        • Herman Schroder?

          Albert, Your thinking is flawed and you clearly don’t read some of my responses, I’ve already addressed the Swys matter, he should just get the hell out of there. He has a reputation to protect after all, unlike some.

          The real problem is that you and poor old SweetAz seem to hate hearing the truth. History is on my side. The Lions have dominated SA rugby for three years and it must hurt. As predicted Rassie has not stepped up to the plate and you denigrate anyone who dares to challenge his credentials. By his own admission he has not succeeded and unless you sees the 5 out of 10 score he gave himself as an achievement then heaven help us.

          The problem here is that the truth hurts and it’s easier for you to shoot the messenger than acknowledge the sorry state our rugby really is in. Five years after HM started going belly up in 2014 we had a Bok team singing with gusto when the National Anthem was played last Saturday, only to shuffle off the field at the end of the game heads bowed in utter defeat after a lacklustre uninspiring 80 minutes of dom krag rubbish. These guys get paid mega bucks to perform and the fans must dig deep into their pockets to support them and this is what they dish up ?? No Sirs.

          Ignore me if you wish, absolutely no problem but just ask yourself who is more positive me or you guys ? You guys seem to accept mediocrity in silence I choose to voice my opinion on these forums without fear or favour. I’m not here to be contrary or seek arguments as you would like to infer I seek accountability from those charged with delivering on their promises, but please feel free to suffer in silence. Cheers.

          • SweetAz

            Well if you seek accountability “from those charged with delivering on their promises” perhaps you should write THEM interminable screeds of irritating BS. All you do is irritate supporters,-we can’t change a thing and neither can you,—if after 5 years you haven’t figured that out then you are even dommer than what I thought.

  • Herman Schroder?

    Losing it Again old chap. Relax. The solution ? The pathetic Stormers and Bulls dominated Bok team is simply not up to scratch, basically continuing their woeful SR form. Too ‘brain damaged’ imo with maybe a few exceptions.

    It’s time for the Lions and Sharks players to have a chance based on their far superior SR form.over the past three years. Bring back the recent Lions overseas players, buy back Ackerman no matter the cost, add Swys and Co and away we go. Back in 2016 I said that should have happened but AC was the anointed one and the rest is history. If SARU had only followed my advice back then we may not be having these nightmares today.

    For a realistic solution to the problem just ask yourself what you would do if Rassie for some reason decides to exit the stage today. Answer that if you will. Cheers.

    • SweetAz

      You just dont get it, Rassie is not the long-term coach, he is an INTERIM coach until they find someone like Gatland, Hansen, Schmidt or Cotter willing to take the job. Ackerman is not doing all that great overseas and as far as I can tell his team is not playing “expansive’ rugby either. And probably the worst players on the park against Wales were Dyanti and MArx who contributed almost the entire Welsh score just with their pathetic defensive attempts. So don’t give me this Lions BS,-they have won nothing, not one super title and didn’t even make the Currie Cup Finals. According to you only results matter, –well there you go,—zero results from the Lions

      • Dean

        Let’s not forget the amateur hour by another lion jantjies. For not catching the ball, then knocking it on, then not playing to the whistle, getting the ball ripped out his hands and that led to another 3 points conceded by the mighty lions.

    • SweetAz

      So after all that verbiage, you still can not answer the question. If Rassie is the Problem,—THEN WHO IS THE SOLUTION???????????????

      • Herman Schroder?

        It’s too late, SARU has cocked up again and no one else want’s the job. Which doesn’t mean Rassie must be given a free ride except maybe for deluded persons like yourself. He failed despite his blank cheque but is untouchable confirmed by his ‘smiling; demeanour when interviewed. I remember Jacob Zuma also smiling a lot when cornered and as the saying goes ‘I smile a lot because I don’t know what I’m doing’, lol. Seems to fit our poster boy to the T. You know he’s basically telling SARU fire me if you can I have a contract till 2023. Heaven help us in 2019.

        No Mr Sweetaz you’ve tried your best to deride me, insult me and question my loyalties but you have not succeeded. Our poor results simply confirm this. Over the five years I’ve faced down many a ‘hater’ who were far more challenging than you my friend and there the results again confirmed my stance. I take no consolation in this by the way the Bok jersey was trampled on in the process and I am as frustrated as the next man but will continue to take on the system until we get someone who has the rugby nous to lift the Boks out of the mire of predictability.

        So for the time being while Rassie again spends eight more months ‘meticulously planning’ ( lol ) for the RC these pointless exchanges on the subject should I believe come to an end. But I will predict what’s going to happen next year if old Smiley survives. We wont win the RC and we will fail to qualify for the semi’s at the WC, maybe not even the quarters. Negative attitude sure but please where must i get inspiration from ? Certainly not from this years roller coaster. Cheers and have a jolly festive season.

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