Stormers go wide to stem the tide

In a game of extremely tight margins, it was the slightly more expansive Stormers who not only edged a few key stats, but also the scoreline against the Bulls at Newlands.

Bucking the current trend in rugby, it was the home side who kicked less and made more metres with ball in hand to also edge that stat that counts the most – points scored.

But in both instances, as with most stat comparisons from the day, it was via the traditional grasshopper’s hamstring!

The Stormers lost the possession and territory battles, won fewer rucks and mauls than the Bulls, conceded more turnovers, while winning fewer, conceded more penalties, and made fewer dominant hits. Yet won the game.

What they did do, though, was make more metres per carry, these mostly from the wider channels – Damien Willemse made 15 carries from the back, while centre Damien de Allende made 13. The Bulls were more direct, with Handre Pollard, RG Snyman and Duane Vermeulen topping the carry list for the visitors on 10. Fullback Warwick Gelant made only 6 carries.

Making one fewer kick, the Stormers again used the wider channels – Dillyn Leyds and Willemse kicked 4 times each, while Herschel Jantjies made only 2 kicks. And in making 5m less per kick, seemed to kick in order to retain the ball. The visitors, meanwhile, used halfbacks Ivan van Zyl (8) and Pollard (6) to kick mainly for territory.

So with ball in hand, the Stormers executed better than the visitors, thus edging both the line break and offload stats, and on such small margins are tight derby games won!

A look at the match stats from Newlands:

Match information:
Points: STO 24-23 BUL
Tries: STO 3-2 BUL
Penalty goals: STO 1-3 BUL
Goal kicking %: STO 100% – 83% BUL
Possession: STO 44% – 56% BUL
Territory: STO 46% – 54% BUL
Ball in play: 40 minutes

Attack stats:
Ball Carries: STO 115-124 BUL
Metres run: STO 879-798 BUL
Metres per carry: STO 7.6-6.4 BUL
Line breaks: STO 7-3 BUL
Tackle breaks: STO 7-7 BUL
Passes: STO 168-153 BUL
Good Passes: STO 141-139 BUL
Offloads: STO 15-11 BUL
Rucks won: STO 73-96 BUL
Rucks lost: STO 5-1 BUL
Mauls won: STO 3-6 BUL
Turnovers conceded: STO 19-11 BUL

Defence stats:
Tackles made: STO 170-143 BUL
Tackles missed: STO 15-16 BUL
Tackle success: STO 92% – 91% BUL
Tackle turnover: STO 5-1 BUL
Dominant tackles: STO 8-17 BUL
Turnovers won: STO 6-8 BUL

Kick stats:
Kicks from hand: STO 27-28 BUL
Metres kicked: STO 722-907 BUL
Metres per kick: STO 27-32 BUL

Error stats:
Handling errors: STO 24-14 BUL
Penalties conceded: STO 9-5 BUL
Yellow cards: STO 0-0 BUL

First phase stats:
Lineouts won: STO 6-10 BUL
Lineouts stolen: STO 0-0 BUL
Scrums won: STO 5-5 BUL
Scrums lost: STO 3-0 BUL
Own kickoff won: STO 0-2 BUL
Own kickoff lost: STO 5-3 BUL

- Tank Lanning

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  • SweetAz

    Well done boys, onwards and upwards to better things. Looking forward to seeing you take apart the Crusaders at Newlands.

    • Herman Schroder?

      SweetAz. The only time our Franchises appear to play well is when we play each other. Note I said appear. Aussie games don’t count either although they still seem to be doing better than we are. Don’t be fooled by last Saturday. Skill levels are still pretty low despite the open field running by one or two bunny hoppers thanks to poor tackling. The wings on both sides hardly saw the ball so it’s business as usual on the visionary aspect.

      And as for that Bok laden pack, especially the front row for the second week running, old Rassie must be having nightmares. Mind you they played like that last year so no changes there. Nothing seen from either side to give the Lions any problems going forward, LOL. Cheers.

      PS : Note no cursing, cussing, insulting or denigrating the other posters etc in my post. Not required in a civilzed society. Cheers again.

      • SweetAz

        You call SA a civilized society? It would appear you are not only delusional but retarded as well. You conveniently fail to mention that your team get whipped by 26 points, their skill levels were so low they only scored an intercept try by accident. Pretty soon I’m betting most of them will be joining their coach in therapy.

        PS: Note, I still don’t give a flying fornication.

        • Herman Schroder?

          SweetAz. No Surprise there. You show no respect to anyone and want to comment on being ‘civilized” ? You need help pal. Cheers.

  • Barry

    The game was very tight and thus so were the stats, so not much to draw from.

    However there is one statistic that continues to concern and that was the loss of three scrums by the Stormers. No disaster on the face of things!

    My concern here is more a question of where that leaves us nationally, because by and large the Springbok forward pack comes out of the Cape!

    At this fairly advanced stage of the competition, the Stormers are second from bottom in the scrumming department, only eclipsing the Sun Wolves.

    A worrying statistic – what to do about it?

    • SweetAz

      You worry too much about stats, rugby is not played on a spreadsheet. All the SA franchises are just one win or loss away from winning the conference. I don’t know where you get the idea the Bok pack comes from the Cape, I’m sure Duane Vermeulen, Brits, Marx, Lood, RG Snyman, Whitely, Nyakane, Akker Vd merwe, the Du plessis brothers, Beast, Coenie, Ralepele etc etc etc will be really unhappy to be called Stormers.

      • Barry

        Let me try and help a bit:

        The article is about stats- with us so far?

        Match stats give you a summary of what happened on the field – still there?

        There are lots of chaps like you that don’t like the stats because it curtails their opportunity to bull dust! The stats are factually and contain the blah!

        Half the players you mention are not currently in the Springbok mix – again, this is a statistic which unfortunately curtails your misinformation!

        The Springbok forward pack will be made up from 18 – 20, but of the starting 8, five to six are currently from the Stormers. Hope you’re able to follow thus far?

        Most will have managed to grasp the fact that my post was not a dig at the Stormers, but rather a concern at where this leaves us for the World Cup. It is too late to make massive changes!

        • Redge

          Barry what happened last year in Wellington? Who’s better than Kitshoff and Malherbe, Etsebeth and PSDT? Kolisi is the captain so deal with it. You’re like the politicians who criticise the guys in charge but don’t have a solution for the so-called problem. I’m almost sure Beast will start against the AB’s at the WC with Kitshoff replacing him after 50minutes. I cannot believe that you believe that the Stormers pack is second from the bottom at the moment, BS!

          • Barry

            Redge, you make a fool of yourself. Go to Super rugby stats teams and have a look at the scrum stats. Then maybe comment. Stormers are currently second worse scrumming team in the competition – fact, so you deal with it, as you say!!!

            The form of players a year ago is irrelevant, we need to look at what we have in front of us know!

        • John Comyn

          Fortunately coaches don’t pick sides purely based on stats. Yes stats are very important, mostly, because coaches use it as a guideline to making improvements in certain areas. If we look at the stats for this game the Bulls should have won and if we look at the Stormers / Brumbies stats then Stormers should have hammered The Brumbies. Across the board in this competition we have seen sides winning when the stats tell an entirely different story. BTW you are taking a dig at The Stormers and do so in almost every comment you make. You may “bull dust” the rest but I don’t buy it.

          • Redge

            Lol Barry you are clearly a stats man. Funny that on the NZ rugby program the Stormers is rated very highly. Stats is BS most of the time, so deal with it! Let’s take kicks at goal. One guy have say 90% success rate compared to another guy at 80%. It depends on how difficult the kicks were. Same with everything. Running meters, yeah right it depends on how many opportunities the player had. I’m still waiting for you to tell me with whom do you want to replace the useless Stormers forwards in the Bok scrum?

          • Barry

            John, you’ll need to get over this. There are a number of Stormers players in the Springbok mix and as we approach the WC the scrutiny of said players will increase – that simple nothing personal!

            I have raised a valid concern! The Stormers scrum, on paper, should be near the top of the log, not the other end.

            So rather than having a frothy, what do you think the problem is?

        • SweetAz

          Why the aggro, I thought my post was pretty civil, so please take your passive aggressive bullshit and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine. The only STAT that counts is the one on the scoreboard. I didn’t know you were a Springbok selector, please forgive my ignorance. So who are the starting five from the Stormers O Farkin facetious pruck, what does your famous crystal ball predict? On any given Saturday injuries will force Rassie to change his plans hence ANY of the players I mention are in contention and I’m betting the starting pack is going to be nothing like you expect.
          Even the pathetic Du Preez brothers who have also been capped in the last year. So flame me now for retaliating, I dont care, you rseholes are happy to dish it but can’t take it,—a bit like the way the Snaaks play rugby.

          • SweetAz

            I don’t take shit, you are welcome to swallow it, from the amount you spout I would say you are probably pretty full of it.

          • Herman Schroder?

            My SweetAz It didn’t take you long for you to go all uncivilzed on us once more. Anger Management needed old chap. Cheers.

  • John Comyn

    A win is a win so one can’t be too critical. I thought both sides missed clear scoring opportunities. To be fair to the Bulls they missed more and could quite easily have won had they converted those opportunities. The good thing to come out of this game is we will have a formidable pack come the WC. Pollard is still light years ahead of anyone else at flyhalf but if he goes down we have a problem. The FB position is still wide open. Gallant and Willemse did good things. I still think Willemse holds onto the ball too long. Their positional play is good and both defend well. Is Siya colour blind? Twice he passed the ball to a Bulls player in contact! Otherwise he was excellent. What can one say about The Stormers gifting the Bulls a bonus point? As the saying goes “ you can’t fix stupid”.

    • SweetAz

      Fair point, but if they had managed to score a try they would have had the bonus point for 3 tries more than the opposition so at least they were trying to be positive. Willemse was light years better than SP Marais normally is, and Leyds has obviously been told to do whatever he feels like. I just wonder why they didn’t bring Senatla on earlier.
      I was hoping Malherbe would get fitter as the season progressed but he actually seems to be getting fatter and more unfit, it was a big mistake letting Carlu Sadie go.
      At least the Stormers are starting to score tries now. Let’s hope they build from here on and PSDT isn’t badly injured.

      • Herman Schroder?

        The only team that could afford to run the ball out of their 22 to score and gain a try bonus point was the team that played attacking rugby as a first option with skill and vision. To expect the domkraggers to do it was a bit of a stretch though so stupidity did reign.

        Are you coming out of your ‘Stormers are c..p’ phase now ? I noticed your ‘upwards and forwards’ comment so the pressure is well and truly back on you and your team. Enjoy it. Cheers.

        • SweetAz

          And who would that team be? Certainly not the team that got klapped by 26 points,—how’s old Nostradamus going then, -I notice Siener beat him on every single prediction, much like I beat you like an old carpet all the time. Pity you are too stupid to realize it.

          I never said the Stormers were crap, I’m just not so emotionally invested in a sports team that I need to delude myself about them, when a team plays crap I call it, I do the same when they play well. I don’t have an inferiority complex that requires me to lie to myself about reality.

          • Herman Schroder?

            SweetAz, You also seem to suffer from memory loss. Go back and read some of your comments. Your complexes go much deeper than ‘inferiority’ my friend. At times you rant like a raging lunatic with foul language and personal insults which are often racially bent. When next you go see a shrink let him look up your posts on this site, it will help him to understand what he’s dealing with and can then assist you properly. Be strong old chap. Cheers.

      • John

        I’ve never rated Malherbe, he spends 80% of the time on his ass. I’ve been thinking about the conditioning aspect of the Stormers lately. More than once this season they have been out on their feet in the last 10. If we are going to make comparisons with SP we need to look at school boy fullbacks! Apart from his dismal overall performance, most school boys would have converted the two kicks at goal he missed that cost us 2 bonus points. Bonus points that are going to come back and bite us. Leyds is a good footballer. I’ll bet he can play most ball games well.

        • Herman Schroder?

          No, you already got 4 free bonus points when Mr Seconds burgled the Lions match at Newlands. Cheers.

          • Albert

            Hahahaha. Always hanging on to the tiniest of threads. The Lions have not beaten a single SA team this year, they got smashed by the Sharks, humbled in their own back yard. Need we remind you: 42-5. Doubt the ref gave so many points away. Bulls 30 – 12 Lions. Wow the ref was very biased there!

            But I know what you are going to say, the last 4 years blah blah blah. Live in the present old chap. You really do wear rose painted glasses.

            Crusaders 36 – 10 Lions

  • Herman Schroder?

    On another subject although it relates to coaching. AC in Japan, probably his maximum potential. Heyneke Meyer in Top 14 with Stade Francaise currently 9th on a 14 team table. Wild the billionaire gave him top class players at massive cost and they apparently now need a miracle to qualify for the playoffs. Rassie last year with the Boks a very lucky 50/50 win ratio.

    And then we come to Ackers. In his first full season with Gloucester they are into the playoffs for the first time in eight years. They are currently third on the Gallagher Premiership log with two matches still to play. The European Championship Cup also beckons. Not bad for a ‘boere’ boy from the Lioms. This boy has what it takes, lets hope Rassie sees it for next year, if Ackers will even consider it that is. Cheers.

    • Albert

      Fair point. Although you are too quick to judge Rassie. He is a brilliant coach, his results with Munster proved it and the fact he feared and respected by many coaches around the world also proves it.

      Onto Ackers, I have said it before and will say it again, he needs to be Bok coach from next year. He brought the Lions (with some help from John Mitchell) out of the doldrums and made a decent team. Now he is gone and they are struggling big time.

      I certainly think all your one eyed views on the Lions over the last few years has soured the majority of people on this forum towards you. Maybe you should lighten up and stop thinking everything is a conspiracy to undermine the Lions?

      • Herman Schroder?

        Albert, if you noted most of my Lions posts are in response to other posters getting the wrong end of the stick and me having to either counter their misinformation or support my argument and it then appears to be continuously Lions driven. Obviously I also stir the pot intentionally with some banter which some people ( you know who ) take very seriously. Of course if comparisons are called upon then it is difficult not to mention the Lions due to their dominance of the local scene in the past. I trust this clarifies my position for you. Cheers.

    • SweetAz

      And much like the Lions, they will also win nothing, so do we really want a coach who wins nothing? The Crusaders under Todd Blackadder were the same. Scott Robertson comes along and they start winning. No mate, you can like Ackers as much as you want to but he has won nothing so he is really no better than any other coach that has won nothing.

      Heyneke Meyer and Frans Ludeke at least have WON something.

      • Herman Schroder?

        SweetAz. And then both lost the plot after 2010 when smart rugby took over. Ackers adapted in the modern era when NZ rugby and the AB’s were practically unbeatable unlike the dom krag world that those two.coached in. Like most of our current coaches they haven’t adapted to the expansive game and are paying the price. Cheers.

        • Albert

          You could counter and say the Lions haven’t adapted this year at all. The Bulls dominated for several years in an era that they perfected. And much like many things in life, things seldom stay the same. You got it right by saying the Lions adapted, but that was more out of necessity than anything else.

          Going back to the dominant Bulls team, it is no coincidence that after 2007, the NZ sides had to change the status quo and develop their game, as SA was just too strong. And yes, SA took a while to adapt since 2009 when we owned NZ and all comers. But I firmly believe we are on the right track now. And once Ackers gets the head Bok coaching job I believe we will be big hitters in a few years time.

  • Joos

    Had the privilege of watching the Stomers/Bulls game for the first time at Newlands and they didn’t disappoint so from this proud Stomers supporter nothing to complain about. Young guys in the team is starting to put there hands up watch this team under the guidance of Dobbo.

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