Recruiting outside the box

After a day at Craven Week, TANK LANNING reckons there has to be something better than the current “Great Whites at Seal Island” recruitment frenzy he witnessed in Paarl.  READ MORE

Tank Lanning

Rugby can learn from soccer

FRESH TAKE: Video Assisted Refereeing was 99-percent accurate during the FIFA World Cup. Rugby’s system is so flawed the numbers are a secret, writes KEBA MOTHOAGAE. READ MORE

Keba Mothoagae

Time to push pause on TMOs

MIKE GREENAWAY would rather live with a referee making bad calls in a fast-flowing game than watch the contest grind to a halt so TMOs can agonise over a replay. READ MORE

Mike Greenaway

No more wimping out for refs

A change to the process for reviewing television replays means that Super Rugby referees will no longer be able to defer the tough calls to the TMO. READ MORE

All Out Rugby Staff Writer