Three quick fixes for Boks

The Rassie Erasmus era has stalled after a promising launch, the AOR team debates three changes to jumpstart the Boks when the Rugby Championship resumes in Brisbane.

Tank Lanning
Keep Pollard
Damien Willemse is an incredibly appealing option at flyhalf, especially given the woes incumbent Handre Pollard is suffering from at the moment. The Stormers pivot is not the finished product yet, though, and asking him to attend finishing school in Australia and New Zealand would be cruel. Play him off the bench.

It was only a few weeks ago that we were calling Pollard the “obvious” solution at 10. Now we want to throw him to the dogs. Let’s rather interrogate the reasons for his current form. I have a feeling it’s not only to do with the player.

Get a kicking coach
Only Beauden Barrett can get away with being a poor kicker. We know Pollard can kick, but he is kicking like a Telly Tubby after the 12 in 1. Get someone in to fix it!

Balance the loose trio
As said in an earlier debate, Warren Whiteley deserves a shot at the No 8 jersey in the newly-created environment. It did come with the proviso of “Should he fail, then rightly so, be gone”, though.

Has he failed? Not quite yet, but his lack of physicality is being exposed.

At the time, I suggested two options: As the 8th man in the existing trio with Siya Kolisi, playing closer to the ball, and either Jean-Luc Du Preez and Pieter-Steph du Toit at 7. Or with a ball-hawk like Francois Louw or Marco van Staden at 6, with Kolisi playing a more roving role at 7.

Erasmus went with the latter.

So, if continuing with Whiteley, either Van Staden must get a go at openside in place of Louw, or Kolisi must move to 6, and one of Du Toit or Dan du Preez (given his brother’s injury) must come in at 7.

Zelím Nel
Fire Swys, hire kicking coach
Dominating the kicking game is the biggest indicator of success in pro rugby. The Boks don’t have money for a specialist kicking coach.

What they do have money for is De Bruin, an attack coach installing a plan that won’t work at Test level. The Lions blueprint is pure genius, but – to cut a long story short – it’s based on baiting fish that don’t swim in international waters.

Erasmus is a lineout guru and that set piece is the platform from which the majority of first-phase strikes end in pay dirt. Sack Swys, let Rassie handle the attack, and hire an expert to (among other things) recalibrate the goal-kickers.

Upsize the pack
Replace Franco Mostert, Siya Kolisi and Warren Whiteley with RG Snyman, Juarno Augustus and Dan du Preez.

Mostert is the same dimensions as Sergio Parisse, Kolisi is a body double for Samu Kerevi, and Whiteley would be very comfortable in Israel Folau’s PJs. They’re all undersized and clearly not built to deliver the direct game the Boks urgently need to revive.

Snyman, Augustus and Du Preez won’t win a triple-jump medal, but you should see what they can do with a shot put.

Fly rookie-class
The Boks need to solve a messy flyhalf situation and Damian Willemse is an all-rounder with a very high ceiling. Unlike Elton Jantjies, Willemse isn’t petrified of contact and, where Handre Pollard is about as subtle as a hammer, the Test rookie has all the tools to keep defenders honest.

Andre Esterhuizen’s bathroom scale may say 110kgs, but his physical contributions register in the low 90s – drop him, shift Pollard to 12 (where he can help Willemse with the reads, and concentrate on splitting the uprights), and let’s break in the playmaker who is taking the Boks to RWC2023.

Whose quick fixes are best, or do you have even better solutions for the Springboks?

- Big Debate

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  • maxwell

    LOL No comments on the coach’s inabilities? Alister was never the problem.Let me explain. Our boys are playing against men. The coach need to recall all the men like Duppie brothers, Crocket, de Jongh, Serfontein, Steyn , Machelle Coetzee and the non springboks currently playing in Europe who are willing to play for the Boks and all the former Springbok worldcup coaches and we will be ready for the 2019 Worldcup. Our boys need this mentors to become worldclass material. I believe others will start taking note when we take this action. NO time for ego.

    • Johan Erasmus

      These players have been known to change outcomes and general go against the grain attitudes are always welcome in both attack and defense resilient

      Vermeulen – Best no 8 in world rugby for some time now very physical and exceptional work rate
      Steyn – Direct and painful lessons for the rush defense more bruising in his encounters, good defense
      Kolbe – Generally good decision maker and better positional awareness will compliment Wille a whole lot more
      I also see no reason for keeping the likes of Serfontein as a impact player.

      Ol Rassie has his work cut out for him changing a loosing perception and restoring national pride would be high on my agenda. I just hope all his fiddling does not get him fired. The rot sets in quick when you at the top

    • Mike Stoop

      Crocket is now a French international.

    • Sharky

      This is an idea that has been bubbling away in the media and on discussion boards for a while now, and I totally agree. My shopping list:

      Bissie (79 caps) – to provide some hooker experience
      Machelle Coetzee (28 caps) – to provide some beef in the back three (he is now back from injury)
      Willem Alberts (43 caps) – big, strong and experiacned
      Ruan Pienaar (88 caps) – beg him to come out of international retirement
      Pat Lambie (56 caps) – he is currently injured but get him to come an share his experience with the boys
      Frans Steyn (56 caps)- experience, size and class in the backline. And he can kick too!
      Jan Serfontein (35 caps)- solid in the midfield

      Now I’m not saying that you should start all of these guys, but they should definitely be in the mix.

      I’d also pick White, Mallet and Meyer’s brains. Maybe don’t put them in the same room together, but I’m sure that they would have some good ideas that Rassie can consider and maybe use if he sees fit.


        Lol Sharky any more Sharks that you want in the team? John Smit maybe?

        • Sharky

          LOL!! I didn’t even notice that. My Sharks blinkers must be firmly attached… ;p

      • Herman Schroder?

        Sorry Sharkey, I have responded to you on Chris Mouton’s post below. Cheers.

        • Sharky

          No worries. To be honest your myopic opinion below didn’t make much sense so I didn’t miss much.

  • Johan

    As usual, Zelim with the domkrag

    Have you even read the comments on the article you quote?
    I compared, “Kicking meters, tackle% completed, meters run, turnovers won” at the time and using those stats the team kicking less and running more won more….

    If you look at the weekend’s game:
    Looking at the stats, we won everything, except defense.
    We had 61% possession (55% in FH and 66% in SH)
    We had 66% territory (57% in FH and 73% in SH)
    We also had more clean breaks, more defenders beaten, more meters run and more offloads.
    We even conceded less penalties. (11-12)
    The problem is our tackling, 64% completion compared to 80%.

    Perhaps we need a attacking coach that can help us score points with 61% possession and 66% territory

    Also if you look at Oom’s analysis, we can see that the Pumas countered our domkrag by using two defenders to tackle our domkrag one off runner… And 90kg x2 is a lot better than 140kg x1….

    De Bruin will this week join the Springboks as an attack consultant only this week and maybe we can judge his worth only after he joined? Maybe he can teach the domkrag guys to pass when two defenders are running at one guy.

    Three quick fixes (in order):
    1. Fix our defense (both lines and tackle %)
    2. Fix our attack, with all that possession and territory we need to show patience and score more
    3. Fix our set pieces, scrums, lineouts and mauls have struggled the last two weeks, we need to set that right.

    (Yes, I know my 3 fixes says improve almost everything)

    • Dean

      Johan, jy praat k…

      The team that kicked more (23 kicks to SA 18), ran less 91 times (to SA’s 169), made less running metres (400 to SA’s 578m), passed less (98 to SA’s 200). We also offloaded 18 times to their 2. 22 Clean breaks by SA to 16.

      It’s quality of the ball from the breakdown and the speed at which the backline operates that makes the difference. Our kick percentage was %50 which is not good enough for international rugby. We also conceded 13 turnovers. 64% tackle completion rate. We are never going to compete at international rugby if we don’t do the basics well first.

      • Stanley

        Well said Dean. We (I mean Rassie), can go to even bigger boys, but what will that help us. Louw, Marcel (which I like as players by the way) might have more bulk than a player like Kwagga for example but they will do 5 metres per carry whereas Kwagga can for example give you 50 metres on ONE break as he will beat a defender instead of running into him. What good is momentum (loosely translated ‘falling forward/over/dominating the defender) gained because you are a big player if player number 2 on the defending side comes in and steal the ball of you? BRAINS, that is what we need to teach our players to use, NOT BODY (at all times).

      • Stanley

        Dean, jy dink en praat k…

      • Johan

        Dean jy moet leer lees… En dalk jou woordeskat uitbrei van vloekwoorde af…

        “We also had more clean breaks, more defenders beaten, more meters run and more offloads.
        We even conceded less penalties. (11-12)”

        “Perhaps we need an attacking coach that can help us score points with 61% possession and 66% territory”

        My eerste comment was gemik op Zelim se “Dominating the kicking game is the biggest indicator of success in pro rugby. The Boks don’t have money for a specialist kicking coach.” article wat hy quote…

        “Have you even read the comments on the article you quote?
        I compared, “Kicking meters, tackle% completed, meters run, turnovers won” at the time and using those stats the team kicking less and running more won more….”

    • Wesley

      Exactly my thoughts Johan. Hahaha Zelim you make me laugh. In open play, its the forwards making the domkrag mistakes, the backs becoming a symptom of the problems up front. Not the other way around. Tank seems to hit the nail on the head, although the article itself seems suspect. There are no quick fixes. Just get rid of the passengers like Malherbe and Louw, play van Staden and Wilco from the start, play flatter and you might find Esterhuizen having more of an impact, and stop with the constant pick and go thinking you can string 20 phases together without a steal from the likes of Pocock. We need variation on attack and one dimentional play like Zelim lives for is not gonna cut it.

      • Tank Lanning Tank Lanning

        “There are no quick fixes” …. The truth, Wesley …. So this debate was aimed at the here and now. IE, What would we do if we were in Rassie’s size 11 Asics?

        • Wesley

          Agreed Tank, the article serves its purpose and fun to read although i hope not its the prevailing thought among SA supporters and more concerning among the administrators overseeing Bok rugby. Rassie has got one helluva problem on his hands right now and doing a Toetie knee-jerk will only cause more problems. The suggestions you make are minimal and is the most logic approach of the two set out in the article.

        • Colin M de Beer

          Totally agree with you on Pollard. Hansen once again set the example with showing faith in Barrett and we should do the same with Pollard and Jantjies. Willimse will gain heaps by playing off the bench.( even if doing so on wing or fullback)

          Secondly, we need to play less off 9. That was AC biggest mistake and makes us way to predictable. We need to attack the ball and hit the gain line with much more speed. Too often our attackers were found wanting when they received ball and defender simultaneously. Playing against a rush defense such as with the Argies, you beat the first defender and you have beaten the whole defensive line. Obviously things will be different against the Wallabies but we should have been better prepared for the rush defense in Mandoza.

          Finally, we need to field a specialist 6. Siya wont do and we need to keep him in that wider channel played by 7. If Francois Louw is not currently on form, we need to either through in Marco at the deep end, or alternatively we need to send a SOS to Jaco Kriel or Marcell Coetzee. (Not too sure on what their club restrictions are, but fact remains we need someone contesting the break-downs)

          • Mike Stoop

            Jaco Kriel is no fetcher. He is a ball carrier, like Kolisi. A seven in the body of a six. Get Chris Cloete.

          • Lesego

            sounds like the most reasonable contribution here…Nice

  • John Comyn

    Like your thinking Zelim! It is sure to have the Lions supporters frothing at the mouth. The difference in the team without Vermeulen and with Whitely is like day and night. Love the idea of Willemse at 10 and Pollard at 12. Dropping Kolisi is likely to cause a nuclear fall-out in SA! Is it worth it? What about the front row Tank? Is it not time to send Malherbe to pasture? Falsebay 2nd’s are looking for a prop! What about starting with Wilco/Thomas and Kitsie?

    • Tank Lanning Tank Lanning

      My starting front row would be Kits, Marx and Wilco. BUT, the front row in Durban were sensational. The Argies retaliated nicely, but that does not render the Durban pack useless. PSdD might have made a difference in the 2nd row. And of course Beast has 100 caps worth of experience … I remain nervous about TdT at 3, but agree that now he is on a path, let’s back him off the bench


        Tank you should know that Rassie is not allowed to start Kits,Marx and Wilco

      • Mike Stoop

        Really, with Louw and Malherbe and even Dreyer available you still need a loosehead to play tighthead? That is just dumb. Mahler owned Du Toit in the third test against the English and even in the previous tests he got away with pulling the scrum round. If he was penalised he would have learnt from it. Now he believes it is the done thing.

      • Barry Smith

        TdT is now of considerable value because he can competently play at both 1 & 3. Particularly when you are having to cut World Cup squad numbers. 5 props instead of 6 would be a bonus!

        • Mike Stoop

          Swing props are not required any more. Air travel is available to replace injured players.

      • John Comyn

        Thanks Tank. I may be wrong but I think the last time Wilco and Tank bumped heads, Wilco destroyed him. That was a while back and I’m sure Tank has got a lot better ince.

    • Herman Schroder?

      You left out Matfield. With that lot you might as well call the Boks the DOM KRAG XV. They play the ‘old way’, you know the era from 2009 to 2018 when we won NOTHING !!! Problem is you buy into the two scribes sorry anti – Lions pro dom krag campaign, note all the Lions must be kicked out.

      Yet they are the same players that recently played the worlds top Franchise team with 13 AB’s and gave as good as they got. No physicality on show there right ? The only satisfaction I get is knowing these two are still hurting from immersing so much propaganda into promoting dom krag rugby and having absolutely nothing to show for it. I’m glad most of the posters seem to agree with me with their posts. Cheers.

      • John Comyn

        Herman – right now Rassie has no other options at 10 or 12 so shake the bag a bit and see what comes out. The important thing is not to go back to Jantjies at any cost. It’s just not fair on him. The share terror he has endured over the last 6 years when the likes of Kieran Read run at him is not nice to watch. It’s alo unfair on his team mates to put up with all the hospital passes. I’m not even going to respond to your DV/WW argument. .

        • maxwell

          We lack forwards dominating and breaking the first defense of the opposition and we need the same when the opposition is on attack. The Lions did it really well, which gave Jantjies the opportunity to give his backline all the options to attack. The ABs picked it up and are no using this tactics to dominate defense. Barrette is kicking more to the corners and wings because of Jantjies vision to kick more to the wing because of the rush defense of the backline. Behind a dominating pack I will pick Lipbok from the Bulls with his lighting speed and step plus ballskills He will create more opputunities for Am , Mapoe Mapipi Dyenti.

      • Herman Schroder?

        Sorry John this post meant for the delusional Sharky above. Cheers.

        To answer your post however yes I agree there is no comparison between DV and WW. The one is a spent carthorse ready for the glue factory who off loaded once in his career and the other a racehorse with skill and intelligence who rightfully earned his label as Captain Courageous. Toulouse couldn’t wait to off load DV they had Kaino coming. They knew he was past it.

        Pollard is not the answer and never was. He is a figment of most dom kraggers imagination. Your boy Willemse is NOT ready for the big time, even Mallett said so. By all means pit him against the Aussies and AB’s but get ready to pick up the pieces.

        It’s unfair on him and he’ll go the same way as Bosch and RdP. His only real exposure so far was two short and forgettable cameo’s for the Boks, a brief visit to the U20’s ( crocked ) and a few SR games with the abysmal Stormers, so he’s never even played in a play off match at second tier level. So be my guest. Cheers.

        • Dean

          Excuse Herman, he suffers from short term memory loss. He forgot that Duane Vermeulen was one of the players of the series against England. He virtually won us 2 of those games, along with Faf and Willie.

        • Mike

          You are an idiot when it comes to DV. First off, he didn’t play for Toulouse, he played for RC Toulonnais. Secondly, he was the captain of that team, not some overpaid scrub coming off the bench. I will bet my life you didn’t watch one Top 14 game the past three season. Fourth, he turned them down to come back to SA. Finally, WW is a child playing in a man’s position, the worst number 8 in the world. Don’t even start in with the Lions BS, they suck when it matters. What have they done in SR, beaten the other SA sides? Well, unfortunately, we don’t play ourselves internationally.

          • Herman Schroder?

            My apologies, obviously I did mean Toulon and thanks for correcting me. I also watch a lot of European rugby old chap and this year DV was out on his feet most of the time. He was indeed offered a contract if he wanted to stay but was told he would have to take a huge pay cut.. Hardly a player badly wanted by the club don’t you think ?

            Toulon under his watch have not won a trophy at top level since 2015. Last won Top 14 in 2014 and Champions Cup 2014 / 15. It’s rather obvious things had to change and along comes Kaino. Carthorse for a thoroughbred ?, lol.

            DV is now no more than a mercenary plying his trade to the highest bidder. I have no problem with that except that his selective attitude to tests ( AB de Villiers ? ) does nothing for the Springbok cause. These cameo’s do nothing for team culture and continuity especially in the already fragile Bok setup.

            As for your Lions chirp I think you know you are talking absolute drivel. Anyone who denigrates what they have achieved in four short years is not only petty minded but delusional as well. Practically a clean sweep against both Aussie and SA teams these past three years and between 2015 / 2017 played NZ teams 14 times winning 7 including 3 playoff games and losing 7.

            Admittedly this year they did have a few hiccups under a new coach. They were unlucky against the Blues ( disallowed try ) and Jackass Peyper again favoured the Crusaders in the Lions loss to them 14-8. Their two losses over there were at the tail end of a five week tour and became a bridge too far for obvious reasons. However three finals in a row is no mean achievement no matter what level of competition it is. It’s easy to generalize my friend but kindly do your Homework first.

            As for WW i think I’ve already written about him and DV so needn’t elaborate further. They are two different animals so it depends what you are looking for. If you have a dom krag game plan go ahead and pick DV he is highly suitable, plenty beef and nothing else. The only problem is like the Boks have found out these past 9 years -You Ain’t Gonna Win Anything !!!! Dom krag as Plan A is dead.

            However if you want to challenge the top teams with smarts then pick the intelligent guys like WW who are also schooled in the modern art of expansive rugby. Under the right coaching they will prove the difference in the end.

            It was said that under Heyneke Meyer and Alistair Coetzee the other teams did not need to stratagize to beat the Boks they new exactly what they would bring to the table. And you know what they actually did bring their dom krag game without fail and the rest is history. Rassie is of the same mindset imo and already we are seeing the smart teams giving us a solid klap. And Einstein smiles once again. Cheers.

  • Sharky

    Zelim you racist!! How can you even mention dropping Kolisi!

  • Rant

    Zelim is a bit extreme and going back in time. But it is romantic to think we can load our forwards with lightweight runners and hope we get clean ball for them to attack. This is international rugby and clean quick ball rules the roost. You can’t have a lightweight trio AND a lightweight lock.

    We need to start Wilco with TDT on the bench. Malherbe is a passenger, send him to CC to get fit and find form. It is ludicrous to expect players to find form and fitness at international level, Japan and Brighton springs to mind.

    Pollard to 12, DW at 10 against Aus because he should be given the chance to stake a big claim. Esterhuizen is playing stupid rugby, he does not look suited to international level at all. Let him build some subtlety to his game. Am to continue because he is our future 13 and Mapoe on the bench to replace if he is having a stinker.

    My selection, and thankfully I am not the coach:
    1. Beast
    2. Marx
    3. Wilco
    4. RG Snyman
    5. PSDT
    6. Marco v Staden
    7. Siya Kolisi
    8. Whitely
    9. Faf
    10. Willemse
    11. Dyantyi
    12. Pollard
    13. Am
    14. Mapimpi
    15. Le Roux

    16. Kitshoff
    17. Mbonambi
    16. Du Toit
    19. Mostert
    20. Flo
    21. Papier
    22. R Du Preez
    23. Mapoe


      Lol no Etsebeth????

      • Rant

        Etsebeth needs game time in the CC. He had a monster game against the Argies in Durban, but I suspect his tank is now empty. Let him stay home and get prepared for the return clashes. The above team is for Australasia trip.

        Make a few changes for the home leg because we need to be smart with all this travel.

  • Andrew Howe

    Same dumbass commentators that called for E J head and H P çould fix all . D v M and no W W , I say don’t throw D W to the wolves , blood him and bring him in over this year . The 2 fly halves need to be chopped and changed , looses can tweek . Siya should not have carte blanche , neither thrown away . Rotate captaincy until you know what you want have . A E & L A same but Rotate others Harold Voster is screaming ……

  • Barry Smith

    Tank has a more measured approach, Rassie is not hot headed and will not make wholesale changes. I think most will agree that Malherbe need to find form on his own time and not in the Green and gold! Wilco and Thom, which ever way around!
    Locks Mostert & Snyman – they did well against England and Eben needs to find some consistent form and discipline!
    Rassie will not want to forego experience amongst the loosies but they are in need of change. I would expect a.mix of Kolisi, Pieter Steph and Dan Du Preeze with Marco Van Staden on the bench!
    Leave the Backline as it is. They were very good in the first Argentina game. No backline can perform when the forwards are a mess and when the opposition line is continually half a metre off sides!
    Lastly on the fly half issue, leave Pollard where he is and send Willemse back to WP to learn some stuff, he is still a boy. On the bench for 10, I would ask you all, who the top points scorer was in Super Rugby 2018? That would be Robert Du Preeze and he’s not even in the mix, come on??

  • Barry Smith

    Some out of the box thoughts!
    Try Akker Van der Merwe on the bench to cover 6 and 2. Yes 6, he has great fetching abilities and in world cup year, because of the limited number in the squad, you need players with flexibility!
    We talk about not having coaching expertise at our disposal, yet we could have Dick Muir as a consultant tomorrow. Some will recall that he has already held the Spring Bok backline job. In 2017, the Sharks had no backline Springboks, in 2018 they have 7- same players, only difference is Muir’s tutelage!

    • John Comyn

      Your loyalty to the Sharks is commendable however misguided it is. If one is going to play Akker at 6 he needs to be tested in the position at another level like the CC. We have plenty open side options. The trick is to get the back three combination right. Whiteley is the elephant in the room. Great guy and outstanding captain but if he is not captain there is no point adjusting to suit his game.

      • Barry Smith

        In what way misguided?
        You say we have plenty of open side options, well certainly in the current squad we don’t, otherwise there would not be this debate!
        Yes, I also like Warren, but just not the right fit, but really none of the other two did any better.
        Yes Currie Cup would be the better format to give it a whirl – it’s an out the box thought, but I think there is some merit in it! Rassie has already made it clear that he needs players that have flexibility in position, because of limited numbers. It would be great to have 6 covered in the event of an injury come RWC

        • Mike Stoop

          Misguided in wanting to play a player out of position in an international match.

  • John H

    I don’t think that there are any quick fixes

    Perhaps the game plan needs to be revised – the attempt to try and totally overwhelm the Puma pack and dominate from there onwards was effectively countered and the Springboks had no answer. There should be a change of tactics when the game plan doesn’t work.

    The defence was pathetic again – this has been the case in the six tests played this year. This is an area that requires urgent attention – the weaknesses and naivety displayed by the Springboks in this facet of the game is shocking. Teams that are quick around the fringe of the rucks and shift the ball amongst the three quarters with speed are able to breach the defensive alignment (or lack thereof) with too much ease.

    Our backline is sluggish and predictable – when the ball is actually passed the attack more often than not falters as one of the centres inevitably plays crash ball, gets stopped and turned over or penalised for not releasing and if a release is forthcoming the recycle is so slow that there is no attacking momentum – this is a concern and it is not as is claimed by many “because the Pumas are offside” – it is because of a lack of speed and rhythm in getting the line away – to defend against a team that takes an eternity to initiate the next phase of play is relatively easy.

    The tactic of box kicking by the scrumhalf and flyhalf is ineffective and just turns possession over – how often do we see these kicks result in possession for the opposition? The old saying that a kick is only as good as the chase comes to mind here.

    I think that the team selection leaves a lot to be desired – certain players are not in form and seem to be out of their depth. The coach needs to select players based on form and consistency and not on reputation or provincial bias as seems to be the case. There is too much dead wood and too many passengers in the team in my opinion. I cannot understand the logic behind certain selections – in some instances there is persistence in retaining players that have not delivered and are clearly lacking ability, confidence and form, while some players that performed fantastically throughout the Super rugby season are ignored and omitted.

    • Herman Schroder?

      Spot on old chap, Cheers.

    • Rant

      Good comments John.

      Could you please name your preferred starting line-up? I am always intrigued when someone mentioned ingnored players as I don’t get much chance to watch all the SR these days (live in England) and as such would like a few names to research.


      • Stanley

        Harold Vorster, Kwagga Smith …………. and i am a Stormers supporter

        • Rant

          Kwagga is a machine. But, he can’t be in a Loose trio with Whitely and Kolisi and with Mostert at lock. We will lose so much weight in the scrum poor Beastie and Wilco will be running backwards.

          I don’t know enough about Harold Vorster but have heard his name a lot. I have only seen him in SR final and for the Barbarians last year, he looked quite solid but nothing flashy.

  • Herman Schroder?

    When will these scribes learn that dom krag is well and truly dead. Did SR not teach them anything these past few years. Do they really think you can bring in carthorses and hope to beat the top teams in the world ?. The Argies coped with it and even sorry old Aussie could cope with that failed format, they at least play smart.

    It feels that the scribes have seen fit to dump all the Lions players. Funny enough I have no problem with that. Who the hell wants to be involved in a team top heavy with domkraggers under a coach who seems not to have a game plan of any description. At least not one that is identifiable with any other country in the world today.

    Tank and Zelim I think it’s time you guys spoke to Rassie and ask him to explain how exactly he wants to play the game. I know at times you must tailor your game to fit the opposition but what is his Plan A, B and C. As I’ve said many times before, most SA coaches and I include Rassie here prefer the easy conservative route. The exception is of course the coaches for the team that hasn’t disgraced us these past few years. Note that they are very players that seem to be expendable to you guys. Coincidence ? I think not.

    There are many causes why Bok rugby currently stands at 7th in the world but the media has a duty to address these problems with objectivity and in speaking the truth. In pure rugby terms it is the scribes duty to not pander to a certain type of game plan in favour of another especially when their least favoured is ignored or criticized despite the success of said plan.

    So please scribes if you know what Rassie’s game plan is then it would be advantageous to all if it is revealed to us. If he wants to follow the conservative route by all means pick the failed golden oldies of years ago and a crop of players heavily affected by the dom krag curse, from the various Franchises over here. It will save me loads of time preaching the gospel of ‘real’ expansive rugby and why it should be the route the Boks should follow under Rassie.

    All my previous efforts to enlighten over the past 4 years have come to nought and Springbok rugby could not be saved. Now another false dawn announced itself last Saturday and what was supposed to be a new beginning has turned into another nightmare. So nothing changes in sunny SA and Einstein smiles.

  • Lion4ever

    The same Dick Muir that coached the Lions on a 13 game losing streak, and under Peter De Villiers had to submit to the Gary Gold blueprint? I would not touch him with barge pole.

    • Barry Smith

      Fortunately your not the Springbok coach, so you house your barge poke!
      What you did not mention, however, was that Muir was called in at a time of absolute crisis at the Lions, administration was in trouble and he had to pick up from Eugene Eloff who had managed a poultry 11 wins in 39 starts – not much to work with!
      You Lions chaps also go on about the foundation that Mitchell laid – well he only managed 6 wins from 32 starts!!! This followed by 9 losses in Ackermanns first year, not much different to Muir’s.
      You cannot dispute the results Muir has got with the Sharks backline this year, really outstanding.

      • Herman Schroder?

        I agreed with you most of the way and then you mentioned the Sharks backline. No I don’t believe they were outstanding at all. The Sharks try count was terrible in SR. They have a one dimensional flyhalf schooled in the dom krag arts and two centres who showed flashes of promise only to be found wanting at test level. Bosch is an enigma but does not offload with his flashy breaks and dies with the ball most of the time. His non – tackling ability is of course legendary. Of the two wings Nkosi is an undoubted find, Mpimpi is talented but still needs to be tested with his defense against the real smart big guys.

        Individual shortcomings aside I still believe these guys have loads of promise but need a more expansive game plan to bring them on. RdP the coach does not have the nous for that and changes are required if the Sharks are to return to better days. Cheers.

        • Barry Smith

          Fortunately the selectors do agree with me, because they had no Springboks in their backline in 2017 now they have 7! Similarly Rob Du Preeze was top Super Rugby point scorer, so despite your negative view, he clearly was doing something right! Not so? These are facts, not just someone’s slanted point of view!

  • BigLaboosh

    There are no quick fixes, and nor should we be looking for any. A quick fix will just polish over the bigger issues that needs to be addressed.
    For me, the one department that the Boks are often found wanting time after time is with their Rugby IQ and street smarts in the game situation. This has a massive impact on both our attack and defense. It stops us from recognising opportunities to break down opposition defenses with smart play and also exposes our own defense with players not able to react in time, or not at all to the situation unfolding infront of them. That is the main difference between the AB’s and the Boks, and that is the reason why the AB’s are so solid in defense, and ruthless on attack. Their players are brilliant decision makers.
    The best way to remedy this is with coaching and experience. Both those elements are required for a player to increase his rugby IQ. We have the players, they definitely have the skill and ability to be successful at international level.
    What we as supporters need, is a little patience. Give these boys a chance to grow and dont throw them under the buss. Remember where the successful England team of Clive Woodward was when he took over the reigns….and where they ended up.

  • Mike Stoop

    Vermeulen played at Toulon, not Toulouse. You ever watch Top 14? Whiteley will never be more than a good franchise player. He has to be courageous, because he is so damn thin. Racehorse my foot. You really are delusional. By the way, the press calls every second team captain in this country “Captain Courageous”. Usually when they are considered to be punching above their weight. Not difficult if you consider Whiteley’s lack of weight and Physicality.

    We simply do not have the material in the backline to play your new age rugby. Would be nice if we could though. We have probably one fly half available who has true vision: Lambie. He may be broken though. We have one competent inside centre available: Jan Serfontein. Currently in recovery after an operation. We have no international class outside centres available at this time. Zero. Our wingers are very green, but competent attackers. To a man, atrocious defenders though. And none of them have express pace. We have only one fullback that may make the grade on his good days: Willie le Roux.

    None of the backline players currently playing for the team who played against the “best franchise team in the world” are international class (by that I mean top 10 ranking. Our team is currently ranked 7th). No race horses there either.

    With this sad state of affairs, we are probably better off playing “domkrag” rugby. At least, if we pick our best tight five, most of them will rank among the top five in their positions. Some could be considered to be top 2. So build your game plan around your strengths. Wishing we could emulate the All Blacks will not bring us victories. Add Vermeulen to that and you will have a workable pack. To complement this pack you go fetch either Chris Cloete or Marcel Coetzee and you can even carry Kolisi at No. 7. Combine that with Faf, Lambie, Serfontein and le Roux and you may have a shot at winning more than you lose.

    • Herman Schroder?

      Wonderful sentiments but haven’t we been trying that for the past 9 years and failed miserably ? At what point are we going to decide to follow a new path no matter the consequences. With your plan the WC next year is already a foregone conclusion, we”ll be out at the QF stage assuming we even get there.

      With eleven tests to go before the WC we play the AB’s three times, Aussie three times, Argentina, England, France, Scotland and Wales of which only two are ranked below us at the moment. If we don’t bring something new to the table now how can we expect things to change ?

      It seems you’ve already capitulated to the AB’s so what’s the point of even being at the WC ? You say we cannot emulate the AB’s obviously meaning their skill levels etc but it’s already been proven we can’t even beat them playing our ‘traditional’ game, we simply cannot out muscle them anymore.

      They’ve even gone past the ‘muscle’ side of things with forwards now running around like backs with equal skill. We are now more than two steps behind them. What’s even more disturbing is that most other teams have also come to terms with ‘traditional’ Bok rugby.

      Again let me reiterate, I fully understand the need for grunt and imposing yourself on the opposition it has it’s place but your game plan must also be built on out thinking your opponents with skill and vision as well. The Argies showed us on Saturday that they have the skills and their test record to date has been abysmal. How can they do it and we can’t ?. Cheers.

      • Mike Stoop

        No national coach can be expected to improve a player’s skill level. He simply doesn’t spend enough time with the players. Skill should be taught at school and age group level. Did you watch the pathetic displays of both the SA u/20 and SA schools sides. It is obvious that our age group coaching is the root of all our skill problems. THAT is where we should start.

        Our players simply cannot compete with the All Blacks by 2019. We have to take the long view and plan for 2023, if we ever want to win the World Cup again. There are some glimmers of hope in the backline. We have some youngsters coming through. We should take all those with promise out of the system and send them to Neil Powell to instill some work ethic. If they cannot survive his rigorous schedules, cancel their contracts. They will never make it in 15’s either. If that system yields two dedicated, hard working backs a year, we may have a backline by 2023.

        I believe that we produce enough beef up front to have the best tight five in the world for the next three world cups, if we stop trying to turn looseheads into tightheads. We have at least 6 international class locks and several youngsters coming through who will come good over the next six years. It is at loose forward where we fall down. We do not have many, if any real grafters coming through. Kolisi and Notshe are talented, but let’s face it, they are, like Whiteley, show ponies. In the whole of Super rugby I saw two SA loose forwards with the physical attributes to become dominant international loose forwards: Kyle Brink and Cobus Wiese. Both of them will become excellent No 7’s by 2023. Big and fast. The Du Preez twins aren’t loose forwards, they are wrestlers. I did not see one eighth man or fetcher who impressed me. Please note, not a number 6, a fetcher. I believe that a true fetcher is essential. There are some excellent players, but none of them have the physical potential to become a dominant force in these two positions. For the interim, we should get Chris Cloete back, before he qualifies for Ireland and work at Marco van Staden, Roelof Smit and Paul Scoeman (unfortunately all at the same franchise). We really need a central contracting system. At this stage, even Marnus Schoeman or Kwagga Smit could have a shot. Neither are big enough for international rugby though.

        Yes, I have written off 2019. It is just not possible to beat the All Blacks. I do think that we, even now, should be able to beat any other side in the world. We just have to pick the right players. However, I think 2023 could be our year, If we play our cards right.

        • Stanley

          Agree that National coach can’t really work on individual skills (catching etc.). One thing that I don’t understand though, why if our box kicks don’t work out do we keep on doing out? I am almost certain it is not coming from Faf, but the coaches otherwise he would have told by now that his kicking don’t work so he needs to STOP it. I don’t say stop kicking, but what about grubber kicks, kicks to the corners for wings to chase and contest (ala Elton Jantjies)?

    • SweetAz

      Best comment by far,—I wish this site had a thumbs up button. Rassie has to make do with what he has and build a squad. As he said,—there will be losses, Rome wasn’t built in a day and the Argies are better than most people realise.

      There are NO QUICK FIXES. We do need to stop throwing the baby out with the bathwater though. I watched Pollard play as U20 captain and when his kicking is on song he’s a different player,—as soon as he has kicking issues his whole game suffers. So one quick fix is to sort out his kicking.

      I know I will take flack, but drop Kolisi. He’s not captaincy material, his communication with “Agnes” Gardner and his team was obviously not adequate. When a team keeps on starting slowly its because they have not “switched on”, the Captain is who switches them on. Just compare Creevey and Kolisi to see the difference. I don’t know the solution but it’s not Kolisi or Warren Whitely. To me a Captain is a player who chooses himself, you do not need to worry whether he is good enough to make the team. Both Kolisi and Whitely are not the best players in their position so captaincy is just an added burden. A quick fix is Eben Etsebeth sharing the duty with another player (Pollard—-cue the howls from Gateng), he has got some experience now and has the ability to fire up the pack at least.

      Another heresy, Rassie is not quite there yet as a coach and in fact, his forte is more technical and Director of rugby is where he wants to be, this whole period is meant to be an INTERIM period while South Africa find their coach UNDER Rassie, so cut Rassie some slack until the REAL coach comes on board. I would suggest Joe Schmidt, Vern Cotter or whoever the AB’s don’t choose after Hansen steps down. So a quick fix is to bring in some top-level consultants until the RWC ala White and Eddy Jones.—–not sure Swys is the answer, after all, he hasn’t actually won anything.

      For the rest we just need to let these guys play as much as possible, they will get better but if we keep chucking them out it will never happen.——————AND BREAK OUT THE TACKLE BAGS, defence is an attitude and I suspect we have a few too many prima donnas in the backline who think they are playing “socca”.

      • Herman Schroder?

        I’ve responded to Mike Stoop just above here so if you have the time kindly refer to it. A few notes about your contribution some of which I actually agree with surprisingly.

        Briefly. Pollard has not got the smarts to play creative rugby and the Boks will simply limp along in his narrow conservative mindset.

        Kolisi is not up to scratch and no captain.

        WW is ideal in an enlightened rugby setup. Playing with a bunch of stampkar experts with minimal skills under a coach with the same limitations is however not his cup of tea. Not his fault however it’s just that their world is so out of date. Just ask the AB’s.

        Rassie took the job warts and all and got everything he asked for and still has not produced. On Saturday the team looked as confused as the Bok second team that took the field against the Wales second team in his first test. No progress whatsoever.

        You also underestimate the need for a captain who knows how to LEAD and nurture and motivate the players under his watch. WW proved that in SR and in the few tests he led the Boks. His stats also make a joke of your claim that he has not got the physicality. You see domkraggers measure their players ability by weight, smarter teams measure it by the intelligence level of a player. Guess who has been more successful ?

        Eben and Pollard captains ?? You must be joking. Blind leading the blind, enough said.

        You mention defensive shortcomings. How do you expect players steeped in the dom krag tradition to respond appropriately to teams that attack with smarts like the Argies showed us ? Normally teams who play attacking rugby as Plan A instinctively know how to defend that style of play as well.

        So we need a smart coach, smart captain, smart players and a smart game plan. I know where you can find most of them. Cheers.

        • Mike Stoop

          Just compare Whiteley to Read. Do you really believe he will ever get to Read’s level? He supposedly plays the same type of game. I don’t care how good a provincial captain he is, he is simply not an international eighth man. If your captain is a forward, he has to lead from the forwards, not from the back line.

          We beat the English because we physically dominated them, not because we were good defenders or even good attackers. We bullied them off the ball. In the third test we didn’t dominate and we lost, simply because they were more skillful and faster than us. We have no choice. We have to play “domkrag” rugby at this stage. Teach your forwards how to dominate first. Pick inside backs who are more physical than theirs, so you can force their skillful loose forwards to make tackles. The nice, pretty rugby can come later, when they start to fear you.

          If I recall the “only enlightened team in the country” lost the SR final because they conceded more tries than they scored. Enlightened defence? O, and as I recall, Marx was the top try scorer for his side. I would take a huge bet that most of those tries were scored behind a driving maul. Quite a few of those penalties that led to the driving mauls came from a dominant scrum, did it not? Domkrag?

          Careful with the labels. Some of them may fit your side.

          • SweetAz

            The guy is slightly retarded, I’m going to stop engaging with him. He has this fantasy world going on in his head that has no relationship with reality. I live in NZ, the AB’s are successful for a few reasons. In most positions the players are in the top 2 or 3 in the world and in a few they have match winners like Aaron Smith, Whitelock, Retailick, Read, Ben Smith, Beauden Barrett, Rieko Ioane, Waisake Naholo,—Any team in the world would give their left testicle for just One of those players, I count 8, they have continuity in the team,— it’s actually quite hard to get dropped as an AB. They DONT have a gameplan or “style” as such,—they have plans for every team they face based upon the opposition, weather etc. Their set pieces are rock-solid and everyone is on the same page with a laser-like focus. Their standout is of course TRANSITION play at which they are the best in the world.
            Their game management is phenomenal, they just keep changing gears up and down as required and they always have the “dark arts” going on off the ball and in the background at which they are second to none. They are like kamikaze’s in their red zone and will do whatever it takes legal or not to defend their tryline, it’s pointless trying to play them there, you need to have plays that catch them by surprise BEFORE you get there and then FINISH those plays, once you are phasing in their red zone you have already lost and are very like to concede points at the other end of the field (transitions).

            YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BEAT THEM PLAYING THEIR KIND OF RUGBY,—you have to find a way to force them to play in a way they don’t want to that negates their strengths and takes them out of their comfort zone and YOU NEED TO DO THAT FOR 80 MINUTES. The British Lions under Warren Gatland managed to do that because Gatland understands kiwi rugby, (mmmmm, he may be available for the Bok coaching job soon)

            In South Africa we have Herman and the Lions stuck on a broken record called “Domkrag and the Modern Game”, like the 6 blind men with an elephant, they have a small part of the picture but manage to totally cock it up when trying to see the BIG picture.

      • Rant

        Good comment. We definitely need some really astute consultants for the next year to get ready for the WC. Ackermann, Dick Muir and a Kiwi consultant would all be worth their weight in gold. We certainly have the players. I mean there are guys who outplayed some of the NZ incumbents during SR, they just need some good coaches to help them take the step up.

      • Chris Mouton

        I like what you two guys are talking about and I agree with a lot of it. Rassie is not an idiot in my opinion, so I’ll give him his two years to get his systems in place. As for the players, we have a lot of talent. It’s up these talented players to work on their skills, individually as well. If you can’t tackle, learn to. If you struggle with kicking, practice it. If your line-outs suck, practice it. Don’t wait until training. Training isn’t there to teach you new skills, it’s to find combinations and practice moves with the skills you already have.

  • Christo

    Tank Lanning that is the problem with our South Africans we always like to judges. Yes we lost the past weekend but is this the bigger picture then we all are looking at #WORLDCUP. MY PERSONAL OPINION IS THAT WE AS SPRINGBOK SUPPORTERS SHOULD ONLY JUDGES ON THE OUT COME OF THE WORLD CUP AND NOT NOW. YES WE ALL HAVE IDEAS ON WHO SHOULD PLAY AND NOT, BUT LETS GET BEHIDE THE BOYS WIN OR LOSE AND SHOW THEN WE ARE A NATION BEHIND THEM.

    • Herman Schroder?

      Steve Hansen never mentions the World Cup. Picks his best team, plays to win every test and come WC time the team will automatically be ready. Some like to think DV is the saviour of SA rugby. It’s rubbish of course but for those who believe that, imagine he gets badly injured during the first practice run in Japan, are we really doomed ?? Probably anyway, lol.

      Good coaches don’t worry about the WC only those with limitations and doubts who use it to buy some more time in the saddle. Heyneke Meyer a prime example. Toetie as well during his two year spell. It was his main excuse and I hope Rassie will not fall into that same trap. Cheers.

  • Dean

    It doesn’t really matter who gets picked. There are no quick fixes. Have we not learnt that from the past 8 years? Take the All Blacks for example, the system they have in place is so good that any player can slot in anywhere and it doesn’t affect the momentum of the team. We are still looking at who should play where and who should be the coaches, when we should be looking at the systems we have. The system is failing our players, coaches and franchises at all levels. Our age group teams, were among the best, now they are struggling to make finals of major competitions. When last did a Super Rugby team win a title? When last was the Currie Cup on par with all the best provincial competitions in the World? It’s become the new Vodacom Cup. A lot can be read into the away record of our franchise teams. That loss ratio will affect the psyche of players when travelling. The belief is simply not there anymore. Our systems are still stuck in amateur era on all levels. How can we expect the Springboks to be in the top 3 of the World when everything else around them is either broken or failing. SA rugby allows a massive amount of their best resources to leave SA or sit in the commentary box at Supersport. They got blinkers on. All that rugby IP lost. Everything that Jake White, PDV or AC would have learnt in their time as Springbok coach lost. Everyone else before them, the same thing. There’s no collective to improve on the brand, the systems in place and the available resources.

    • SweetAz

      Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Swaerie,—–but don’t forget all the elephants in the room. Rugby is not played in isolation and when every system surrounding you, from healthcare and electricity to safety and security is on a downward trajectory there is very little chance that rugby will be unaffected. Just this week Alexander told the Guvvamunt that all the “old” people have baggage and are the “racists”,—–doesn’t really sound like he values their IP very much, does it???

  • SweetAz

    Has anybody given a thought to getting Johan Goosen back in the mix.—–I’ve heard he’s a fairly decent flyhalf ;=)

  • Augusto

    Hi, I’m from Argentina, and a Pumas supporter. First, let me tell you something you may not know :we love your rugby. Here in Argentina, all of us who have played the game love south-african rugby, not only for your phisicality, but the depth pool of talent. And you should know how grateful we are to your country for how much has done for the developing of Argentinian rugby (the inclusion in the vodacom Cup, super rugby, and maybe, currie Cup next. t year). Personally, springboks is my favourite team, except for Los Pumas. I think that next year’s RC and WC, the springboks are going to get great results. And I’m saying this for the experience of playing the game. It takes time to build a competitive team playing club rugby, so I can not imagine how hard it is to do it in the international arena. The way I see it, Springboks are on the rise. Next year, you are going to have a really competitive team. The talent is there. And rassie is a great coach.

    • Herman Schroder?

      Thanks for that Augusto and congratulations on a stirring win last Saturday. Under your new coach ( of SR fame ) I’m sure your rugby will be going from strength to strength. You guys have always had my respect.

      Unfortunately back home we are going through a very tough time and there is much to be put right. The players are there but our coaching and game plans need to be improved. We still seem to be stuck in the ‘old ways’ and need new leadership with vision to take us forward. At the moment they are nowhere in sight. Sorry to sound so negative but I think our results speak for themselves.

      Creevy is the man, Cheers.

  • boyo

    Before this game we were actually scoring lots of tries and plenty out wide so I cant agree that swys should go or that any of the backs should be dropped after one bad performance where lots of the mistakes (offensively and defensively) where made by the forwards.

    Pollard must get one more go and then give Willemse a go at 10 with about 30 left,only don’t also experiment with pollard at 12 at the same time its fairer if Willemse comes on with either De allende or Estherhuisen outside him.

    Louw must play 8 with Psdt at 7. If we play poorly against the ozzies then we can really shake the bag against NZ as we have no chance there unless we are playing well.

    We really also have to start giving some game time to another 9 because if faf gets injured we buggered.

  • Chris Mouton

    Quick fixes…Hmm. It’s been said before, but there are no quick fixes. I agree with Tank, though. Zelim, my man, your game is heavily outdated. The players need to step up. They need to fix their passes, kicking and line-out throwing ON THEIR OWN TIME. They need to fix their tackling ON THEIR OWN TIME. There’s no time during the practices to mosey about and working on your core skills. Practices are there to run through the moves and strategies. Once the players get their basic skills in place, then we can start looking at the coaches!

  • Albert

    All the above comments point to a very large disagreement amongst supporters. Our rugby is fractured, our public is fractured. The one thing I can not shake is how many videos you can see online of the All Blacks doing loads of extra training. Such as the scrumhalves doing hours of passing practice, just them in their own time. Are the Bok players doing the same, or do they finish when the coach walks off the field?

    Perhaps less time in the gym getting big guns and more time analysing, more time practising the skills. Any player who is too lazy to do an extra couple of hours a day to focus on the things they really need to prosper in international rugby, in my book, should not be in the Bok team. You are judged not on working hard in training, but doing the extra work to be great.

    • OldGitEd

      Absolutely @Albert. Our coaching methods (bottom to top) seems to ignore the focus on speed and accuracy of decision making/execution of modern rugby with the result of a abject lack of intelligence. @HermanS constantly bemoans SA’s domkrag rugby and quite rightly so. I am inclined to think that he does not only refer to a particular playing style, but to a predisposition prevalent amongst key stakeholders in the wider rugby community.

      SA does not attack space and does not create the space to attack – route 1 here we go. We are miles behind the rest of the rugby world and our current world rankings reflect more about SA Rugby than just the Springboks’ results.
      We know the wheel turns slowly and the TIA mindset is too to difficult to shun. SA Rugby needs a massive shift in mindset with a focus on dynamism starting at school level and management.

    • Chris Mouton

      I fully agree with you. It’s the players’ responsibility to fix their kicking, passing, tackling, catching the high balls and line-out throws. There’s not time for teaching that during practice.

    • Herman Schroder?

      Good article and right on point. Cheers.

      • Mike Stoop

        Herman, you really see these comments as articles and yourself as a “scribe”, don’t you? Wake up from the dream. These are comments and none of us can be called “scribes”. We are just dumb supporters with strong opinions. Definitely not “scribes” or experts.

  • redge

    Only 1 word can fix our problems…merit.
    Frans Steyn, Combrinck, Serfontein, Pollard,Willie le Roux, Lambie,Reinach,Kits,Marx,Louw,Etsebeth,PSDT,v Staden, Du Preez,Vermeulen
    Reserves Bismarch, Beast, du Tiot, Mostert,Francois Louw, Faf, Kriel en Andries Coetzee

    Ooooo now I’m a racist because I only have 1 black player in the group! The question is who will you drop to put in a black player? We are not honest with ourselves.

    • Maxwell

      No Redge, you not a racist. We all know there is 2 structures where rugbyplayers and coaches are produced and that is why you think one is better than the other. That is why we okay with Rassie’s failure but not with Alister.

      • SweetAz

        Max, I don’t think you can say Rassie has failed yet,—if he cops a 50 point hiding against the Wannabes or the AB’s, THEN you can start mouthing off. By the way, your comment is actually quite racist and condescending. Is it his whiteness that offends you?

        • Maxwell

          I think I made it clear that the 2 structures are to blame. Ok may be I used the wrong word, it should be inabilities, The guy had all the tools and preparations to at least beat the Pumas away while Alister had limited tools and no prep time. Alister was slaughted by you and now not a word about Rassie.I would like to believe that it is because of the structure he came from and not his colour. And the same applies for the player and coach of colour in current Springbok setup. Name one of Redge’s list that comes from a public school or 2nd or 3rd division rugbyclub. That is my point. It is you way of thinking that prevents your growth in personality.What Im trying to say be a SmartAZ and be fair in your comments. Im a Blood in Blood out Bok and I would like the Springboks to beat the hell out of the Aussies and ABs. Lets hope for miracles.

          • SweetAz

            LOL,—jerked your chain, did I? No worries, some people bite harder than others. I think you miss the point that Bok rugby has been getting progressively worse for some time now so you cant expect successive coaches to have the same starting point, each one has had a bigger stuff up to fix than his predecessor and Alister made the biggest stuff up of the lot. Heyneke didn’t have such a big mission because the team was mostly player led/coached before he took over. Alister inherited a mess, NO QUESTION, mostly because SARU dragged their feet appointing a coach. BUT once he was the coach he lacked direction and self-belief, he Oomhed and Aaahed from one match to the next with ill thought out selections and nonsensical excuses. I suspect most people were willing to give him a chance but in my case it only took one or two TV interviews studying his body language and listening to him to realize the man is not a leader, thinker, innovator or the kind of personality that would inspire a team.—-Your mileage may vary. Rassie, on the other hand, strikes me as having most of those attributes lacking in Alister, time will tell.

            Sure there are “classes” in rugby, rich kids go to good schools and poor kids dont,—-its why in certain sports like rowing you will never see certain “classes”. BUT in the real world (New Zealand) meritocracy trumps all, you see poor kids from South Auckland or some atoll in the South Pacific playing for the AB’s because the ONLY thing that counts is HOW GOOD YOU ARE. South Africa’s fixation with past imbalances and demographics coupled with the huge chips on so many shoulders exacerbated by a farked up government trying its damnedest to destroy anything of consequence is what makes it pretty certain SA rugby is STUFFED for the foreseeable future.

  • Maxwell

    Why did it get progressively worse? is it because of a certain players, with no international caps, get to play in Europe because of certain structures? Allister did not lack anything. The lost against the Pumas is the prove. Same Team different coach. Whhhhaaaa. He just want everybody to give him and the team a fair chance. He kept with his selection because of his faith in the abilities of his players. a true sign of a great coach. You got it wrong be saying rich kids go to good schools and poor kids dont, it should be rich kids go to good schools and poor kids can’t. The same applies for the rugby. Excellent structure over average structure.

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