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  • Peter

    Etsebeth and Louw maybe….Pollard to a lesser extent…but de Jager and Kriel….someone’s been corrupting figures to suite their Nkandla AGAIN!!!!

  • Paul

    Why are the stats for Pollard misreprentated to perk him up? What about the missed penalty kicks and conversion? The missed tackles? Whats up with that?

  • Paul

    Further to that, kick meters compared to whom? Because the fly half usually does the most kicking. If your comparing the kick meters to Jantjies then it’s not really a fair comparison simply due to the fact that they haven’t had the same amount of game time. Why don’t you wait till the conclusion of 2018 super rugby then display the full stats side by side?

  • Morne Ruiters

    Without proper comparison, the stats do not mean much. A lock will get the most throws in line outs, a fly half the most kicks (first receive role) and Eben is employed as designated take up the ball into contact ,so he would have the most carries. The stats should rather be compared to other teams player in the same position/roles to see if they were outstanding, on par or below. But a “best of the boks” stat does not say much, since this is what their roles and the game plan dictates. Or maybe I’m missing something, please educate me

  • Vaughn

    this whole site is a joke. i atually have stopped reading on this site. today is the first time back in 3 months and is still a joke. The weakest rugby writers ever?????????????????????????

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