Vote for your Bok MVP and Moegoe

You’ve seen who has been nominated for the SA Rugby awards, now is your chance to vote for the Bok MVP and Moegoe of 2017, as nominated by the All Out Rugby match ratings!

Standout performances for the Springboks saw Malcolm Marx, Siya Kolisi, Jaco Kriel, Jan Serfontein and Francois Venter crowned the MVP at least once this season by our Raters.

It was a less memorable campaign for Ruan Dreyer, Raymond Rhule, Damian de Allende, Andries Coetzee and Uz Cassiem who, based on their poor Ratings, have been shortlisted for the ignoble Moegoe of the Year award.

It’s now time for you to determine the 2017 MVP and Moegoe of the Year! And while you’re at it, stand a chance of winning an LG K10 smartphone.

Here’s how to vote:

  • Choose 1 of the 5 nominees for the MVP award
  • Choose 1 of the 5 nominees for the Moegoe award

Then, either:

  • COMMENT: Include both nominations in a comment at the base of this story
  • TWITTER: Follow @alloutrugby. Include both nominations in a Tweet from your own account using the hashtag #AORAwards. For example: “I vote for X as the MVP, and X as the Moegoe of 2017 in the #AORAwards”

The voters for each of the winners will be entered into a draw for the prize of the LG smartphone, to be unveiled on Wednesday, December 13.

Bok MVPs of 2017 (with rating):
Incoming Tour v France
Pretoria, June 10 – Malcolm Marx (8 out of 10)
Durban, June 17 – Siya Kolisi (8.5)
Joburg, June 24 – Jan Serfontein (8.1)

Rugby Championship
Argentina: Port Elizabeth, August 19 – Jaco Kriel (7.6)
Argentina: Salta, August 26 – Siya Kolisi (8.5)
Australia: Perth, September 9 – Jaco Kriel (7.5)
New Zealand: Albany, September 16 – Malcolm Marx (4.2)
Australia: Bloemfontein, September 30 – Malcolm Marx (6.4)
New Zealand: Cape Town, October 7 – Malcolm Marx (9.5)

End of Year Tour
Ireland: Dublin, November 11 – Malcolm Marx (5.3)
France: Paris, November 18 – Malcolm Marx (7.2)
Italy: Padova, November 25 – Francois Venter (7.1)
Wales: Cardiff, November 25 – Malcolm Marx (7.3)

Bok Moegoes of 2017 (with rating):
Incoming Tour v France
Pretoria, June 10 – Oupa Mohoje (4.6 out of 10)
Durban, June 17 – Beast Mtawarira (5.3)
Joburg, June 24 – Raymond Rhule (4.4)

Rugby Championship
Argentina: Port Elizabeth, August 19 – Jesse Kriel (5.7)
Argentina: Salta, August 26 – Francois Hougaard (4.5)
Australia: Perth, September 9 – Uz Cassiem (3.4)
New Zealand: Albany, September 16 – Raymond Rhule (0.7)
Australia: Bloemfontein, September 30 – Ruan Dreyer (3.6)
New Zealand: Cape Town, October 7 – Ruan Dreyer (4.3)

End of Year Tour
Ireland: Dublin, November 11 – Damian de Allende (0.8)
France: Paris, November 18 – Handre Pollard (4.6)
Italy: Padova, November 25 – Lood de Jager (4.9)
Wales: Cardiff, November 25 – Andries Coetzee (3.9)

- All Out Rugby Staff Writer

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  • Johan

    MVP: Jaco Kriel
    Moegoe: Damian de Allende

    While Malcolm played extremely well, we felt Jaco’s absence ever since he was injured before the 57-0 game.
    He slowed the opposition ball down (legally)
    Won turnovers
    Worked extremely hard in both attack and defence
    Malcolm’s domination of the MVPs only started after Jaco’s injury and South Africa only started losing after his absence.

    Damian… Red card, no passing, and did not deserve selection at the Stormers, let alone Springbok level

    • Mike S

      There was a hit years ago: “Dreams are good friends”

      • Dalene Neuhoff

        MVP Malcolm Marx Moegoe- Raymond Rhulr

        • John Hamilton

          I agree with your choices, Daleme

      • Johan

        “Dreams are often most profound when they seem the most crazy.” Sigmund Freud

        Malcolm will win the award, deservedly, but I want to point out why Jaco was a HUGE loss and my MVP vote:

        Malcolm averaged 5.9m per carry in RC (7.22m in SR)
        Jaco averaged 9.1m per carry in RC (7.27m in SR)

        Malcolm made a line break every 28 carries and a tackle break every 11.2 carries in RC
        Jaco made a line break every 7 carries and a tackle break every 7 carries in RC

        Malcolm made a line break every 19 carries and a tackle break every 13.6 carries in SR
        Jaco made a line break every 12.6 carries and a tackle break every 25 carries in SR

        Jaco made 39 tackles in 220 minutes in RC (1 every 5.6 min)
        Malcolm made 42 tackles in 447 minutes in RC (1 every 10.6 min)

        Malcolm wins turnovers won 10 to 3
        but Jaco wins turnovers conceded 1 to 10

        Jaco is probably the most underrated player in the world

        • Brandon

          Jaco, is this you?

          Don’t be bitter that you were injured and didn’t get to go on the EOYT boet.

          • Johan


            Did I make too good a case?

  • Sibusiso Ngwenya Sibusiso Ngwenya

    I vote for Malcolm Marx as the MVP, and Raymond Rhule as the Moegoe of 2017 in AOR Awards

  • Sibusiso Ngwenya Sibusiso Ngwenya

    MVP: Malcolm Marx
    Moegoe: Raymond Rhule

    Malcom Marx was class in 2017 for the Boks, Adriaan Strauss retiring from International duty was a blessing, it make way for possibly the best hooker in the world right now. Even Boks were poor, Malcom was the only one trying and showed desire.
    If he keeps this up I see him being player of the year in couple of years.

    Raymond Rhule was terrible, I never seen such a poor player for the Boks, I’m putting him up there as worst Boks player ever. He’s defending was so bad and worst thing he couldn’t even tackle. I’m sorry but I don’t wanna see him in a Boks jersey again

    AOR Awards 2017

  • Arch Rautenbach

    MVP: Malcolm Marx
    Moegoe: Can I vote for the coach here? Okay fine. Damian de Allende.

    But seriously. AC deserves the Moegoe award more than anybody else. Some players like Raymond Rhule and de Allende should even have been close to Springbok rugby.

  • ELMARIE Duvenage

    Mvp Malcom Marx
    Moegoe Elton Jantjies

  • Sharky

    MVP: Malcolm Marx
    Marx by a country mile! He has had a greater impact on the field this season than any other Bok player. And, just in case you haven’t watched any of the games or are blind, comments by local and international scribes will confirm this. Any team in the world would want him and would prefer not to play against him. Honourable mention: all other Bok forwards except Oupa and Uzair Cassiem.

    Moegoe: Raymond Rhule
    Arguably the worst performing player to don the green and gold in many years. His defense was abysmal and his aerial game was non-existent. Whenever he was on the field the opposition targeted him. He was a general liability and his dumping from the match-day 23 is proof that even AC noticed that. Dishonourable mention: basically anyone who has played in the backline this year – especially Jesse Kriel.

  • nick

    malcolm marx mvp
    coach worst ever including de allende and rhule

  • Yvette

    I vote for Malcolm Marx as MVP and Raymond Rhule as Moegoe #AORAwards

  • Aletta Pretorius-Thiart

    MVP: Malcolm Marx
    Moegoe: Damian de Allende

  • Drew Hook

    MVP: Malcom Marx
    Probably the player who stood out the most this season.Arguably one of the best hookers in the world right now.

    Moegoe: Raymond Rhule
    There are a few players who could have won this one, but as previous comments have mentioned, Raymond Rhule has had an appalling season altogether.

  • Ryan

    MVP has to go to Malcolm Marx

    Morgoe of the year, there a quiet a few for the contender of this title, but it has to go to Damien De Allende.

  • Carien

    MVP: Malcolm Marx
    Moegoe: Damian de Allende

  • Zaid

    MVP – Malcolm Marx
    Moegoe – Damian de Allende

  • Derrick Van Zyl

    MVP-Malcolm Marx
    Moegoe-Siya Kolisi by far

  • Trudie Myburgh

    MVP: Malcolm Marx
    Moegoe: Damian de Allende

  • Theuns

    Moegoe – Have to be de allende.

  • Peter

    MVP…..Malcolm Marx
    Moegoe:….Damian de Allende

  • Peter Steven

    MVP Marx Moegoe is De Allende

  • Sammy Swiegers

    MVP: Malcolm Marx. No words of mone can compare to how his play in 2017 spoke for itself…

    Moegoe: We are giving the All Blacks All Hell at Newlands. So much so that they even take an uncharacteristic drop kick attempt… that goes wide. The Boks look good and look confident to erase the 5 point margin and win an unlikely one, so needed by the team…. OH NO! Some idiot goes and runs into the flyhalf for absolutely NO reason. Easy penalty. 8 points behind with 5 to go. We DO score and convert, but time runs out. Well done, DAMIAN DE ALLENDE!

  • Graham

    Mvp Jaco Kriel
    Moegoe Damian de Allende

  • Andrea

    MVP: Malcolm Marx is the only consistently strong Springbok at the moment. Whereas Moegoe Damian de Allende is about as useful as a chocolate teapot on the field. #AORAwards #NMPAORawards

  • Magnus

    Marx -mvp
    De Allende – moegoe

    Moegoe award could go to a few more guys!
    Coetzee ( both of them!)
    Jesse Kriel

  • Yvette

    MVP – Malcolm Marx
    Moegoe – Damian de Allende

  • Yvette

    MVP – Malcolm Marx
    Moegoe – Damian de Allende

  • Wayne Arrow

    MVP – Malcolm Marx
    Moegoe – Rymond Thule

  • Dion

    MVP Malcolm Marx, Moegoe goes to Alistair Coetzee and Saru combined.

  • Dion Oosthuyzen

    MVP Malcolm Marx, Moegoe is by far Elton Janties. But he wins the best footballer award as a result of not kicking the ball out for an entire season.

  • Piet Pynappel

    MVP: Malcolm Marx (honourable mention: Jaco Kriel – his injury cut his season short and Marx missed only the 1 test)
    Moegoe: Raymond Rhule – obviously not even an average SR player and does not belong at higher level (dishonourable mentions: De Allende – “kop af en storm”, Kriel – “kannie pass nie”, Skosan – “lyk vinnig sonder om vinnig te wees”, Cronje – if he is our 1st choice scrummie then we have a real problem in that position, The whole coaching staff – worst management team in top tier rugby)

    Something that’s been bothering me for a long time is the conditioning of our players. Not just fitness levels (which are much better than 2016!) but if you compare our guys’ physique to NZ, Ireland, Wales even the Aussies we look like body builders and not rugby players. I am of the opinion that our conditioning is not aligned to the demands of modern rugby. I get the feeling that we gym and train based on the Pierre Spies gameplan: “om sterk te lyk sonder om sterk te wees”! Gone are the days that size alone will win you games, our basic skills (passing, running, kicking, awareness of space) are way behind the leading nations and I am not sure our systems are producing the right type of player to be competitive internationally


    MVP – Malcolm Marx
    Moegoe – Damian de Allende

  • Ashley Wainer

    My MVP would go to Malcolm Marx. He has been a standout player for the Bokke and one of the most consistent across all the games he has played in. High work rate and relentless at the breakdowns he towers above everyone else in this category.
    My Moegoe goes to Toetie. I am very sorry to say but to be happy with loosing 6 games and taking us to a world ranking of 7 is not something to be proud of. It is not an achievement but a disaster. We need fresh blood in there. Someone who is not scared to pick players based both here and overseas and pick them, not based on colour, but on performance. Please SARU, get us a coach who actually knows what he is doing at this level.

  • Ian van Wyk

    MVP – Jaco Kriel
    Moegoe – Andries Coetzee

  • Nico

    MVP: Jaco Kriel
    Moegoe: Damian de Allende

    Malcolm played extremely well, but the impact of Jaco not being available could be seen in the results.
    Damian…don’t deserve selection at provincial level, let alone Springbok level.

  • Gertjie

    Malcolm Marx (honourable mention: Jaco Kriel – his injury cut his season short)
    Moegoe: Damian de Allende

  • Terry Foster

    MVP: Malcolm Marx
    Moegoe: Ruan Dreyer

  • Michael

    Bok MVP and Moegoe of 2017:
    MVP – Pieter steph Du Toit
    The standout player in a forgettable season. Hardworking, tireless at the breakdown, carried the team when he needed the boks needed some impetus. Though Malcolm Marx deserves a shout, Pieter was the only consistent player.

    Moegoe – Andries Coetzee
    Started all the games, yet made no impact, erratic tactical kicking, poor on attack, didn’t allow for continuity of play, one dimensional and prone to too many errors. the full back should be the spark or x factor that changes the game, instead he added no real value to the team. Disappointing to say the least.

  • herman

    MVP: Malcolm Marx
    Moegoes goes to Raymond Rhule and de Allende

  • Gordon Upton

    MVP: Malcolm Marx
    Moegoe: Damien de Allende

    Malcolm will not be the next Bismarck; he is already better than Bismarck, or any other hooker in world rugby at the moment; and he is only 23!!

    Damian cost us too many times; stingy, and for a centre, is as mobile as a tighthead prop.

  • Jan Minnie

    MVP undoubtedly Jaco Kriel
    Moegoe number 1 Alistair Coetzee for playing all the backline players out of position in every game and then of course the players who should never have been there De Allende, Raymond Rhule and Jessie Kriel

    The rest of the team suffered because of poor couching and inexcusable team selection. We have the players but the staff all need to go!!

  • Jasper

    MVP- Siya Kolisa- Jaco Kriel- Malcom Marks- Jan Serfontein

    Moegoe of the year is Andries Coetzee,Raymond Rule,Alistair Coetzee,DAMIAN DE ALLENDE,Ross Cronje.

  • Adelle

    Malcom Marx for MVP, and Uz Cassiem for Moegoe

  • Willem Espach

    Bok MVPs of 2017 – Malcolm Marx
    Bok Moegoe of 2017 – Damian de Allende

  • Lance Rossouw

    MVP – Malcolm Marx
    Moegoe – Raymond Rhule

  • Jacqui Lund

    MVP – Siya Kolisi
    Moegoe – Damien De Allende.

  • Barendina Bals

    I vote for:

    MVP – Malcolm Marx
    Moegoe – Francois Hougaard

  • Don Arbuckle

    MVP Malcom Marx
    Moegoe Damien de Allende

  • Graeme de la Harpe

    MVP: Malcom Marx
    Moegoe: Damian de Allende

    Would have been a close call between Damian and Allister if he was an option.

  • Brandon

    MVP- Malcolm Marx

    Moegoe-entire starting backline!

  • Nadine

    MVG – forward pack

    Moegoes- backline

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