Will Boks rally for Rassie?

Stephen Nell

The cliché goes that there’s nothing as dangerous as a wounded Springbok, but Rassie Erasmus’s team isn’t merely hurt, they’re on life support.

Whether the players now rally to produce a big performance for their coach in Saturday’s match against the All Blacks in Wellington will be telling. In times such as these it’s always important for a coach to have his dressing room.

I say that because Rassie hasn’t displayed unity with his team over the past nine days. He stated that he was embarrassed by their performance against the Pumas in Mendoza, made a raft of changes and then yanked Bongi Mbonambi off before halftime in Saturday’s defeat to Australia in Brisbane.

Asked about the decision, Rassie said that Bongi had emptied his tank and he therefore sent on Malcolm Marx. While Bok forwards coach Matt Proudfoot recently stated that Mbonambi was on Marx’s level, we all know that to be hogwash. They aren’t in the same league and that’s no insult to Mbonambi.

Even so, once you have selected a player, it’s a humiliation if you pull him before he’s even had his halftime orange. By all means do so at the interval, but don’t let the guy walk off the pitch without affording him the dignity of doing so with the group. It may not be intended as such, but it hurts the player’s feelings.

John Mitchell, the Bulls coach who would rather be England’s defensive mastermind, was more blunt in his methods when Ruben van Heerden suffered the fate of being subbed after just 22 minutes in their Super Rugby match against the Jaguares. Mitchell defended the move, saying that the player had been poor and that he as a coach wasn’t in the job of compassion.

Sorry Mitch, but you are when you’re leading men into battle. Solidarity as a team implies compassion and mutual respect. There are ways of getting messages across to players during the match.

As for Mbonambi, what exactly was it that he did wrong? A lineout was stolen early in the first half through a good contest by the Wallabies, not a poor throw. And then there was the throw over the top in the Boks’ 22 that had been meant for a teammate that wasn’t on Mbonambi’s wavelength.

Rassie did say that it wasn’t Mbonambi’s fault, but in a job of his profile it’s not always what you say as opposed to what people, and especially the players, perceive.

In South Africa, there is also the unfortunate political dynamic. The choice of Mbonambi over Marx wasn’t credible from a rugby perspective to begin with in terms of pure ability – again with no disrespect to Mbonambi who appears to be on his way to becoming a decent Test player.

So subbing him in the 35th minute is a miscalculation on more than just one level. The best way for the coach to demonstrate faith in the player would be to select him for the All Blacks match, but we all know a fully fit Marx is likely to start.

The selection for Saturday’s Test will be interesting as the Boks, even after a number of changes, failed to seize the moment against a Wallaby side that had been hugely disrupted by the late withdrawal of Israel Folau, David Pocock and Adam Coleman.

Rassie’s problems extend to the wing following injury to Makazole Mapimpi. The coach is now bound to Kolbe, whose twinkle toes are ultimately unlikely to compensate for his lack of size – if not now, in the long term.

What represents a good enough performance against the All Blacks? This may depend on the team that Steve Hansen picks. Does the All Blacks coach consider the Boks good enough to warrant picking his best side, or will he persevere with experimental moves such as picking Richie Mo’unga at flyhalf ahead of Beauden Barrett?

Let’s hope pride spurs the Boks on to a competitive performance that reflects solidarity with their coach.

- Stephen Nell

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  • boyo

    I still cant understand why you would pick kolbe when he could pick any SA player from anywhere in the world even if he has never played for the boks before? Why Schalk Britz? do we lack experience at hooker? Both Marx and Bongi should have at least 25 caps each by the time the WC comes.

    This is not a young bok side. There is plenty of experience there and with a supposedly top coach results should be better if not for problems in the dressing room.

    • Barry Smith

      It is likely a Zwandile Stick innovation, if you can rightly call it that! But it is the head coaches responsibility to temper these hair brain ideas. Mvovo has 17 Caps and was sent home, to be replaced by a pint sized boy wonder with no international experience! What message does that send? We also have Skosan with three caps or Bosch with five, who had an outstanding game over the weekend !

  • Al

    I think Rassie needs to get a sports psychologist in to work with the team ASAP.. they have forgotten how to win and when the pressure is on they seem to fall to pieces. To me it seems as much of a problem with self belief as anything else

    • Barry Smith

      The Overseas players started the season like a house on fire, but their confidence and self belief, or is it pressure, seems to have got to them. Stats wise Wille Le Roux had a pretty good game, but the body language on screen was not good!

    • Graeme

      This is definitely a problem that needs to be addressed ASAP.

  • John Comyn

    Lot being said about Kolbe! Like he was responsible for the dismal performance. On the wing you need the ball to to score tries. By comparison to the other sides in this competition they are young. Etzebeth is considered a veteran and he is 26. This side need to play to their strengths and get the basics right. They beat the Wallabies on every stat and conspired to lose the game. Knock-on’s and forward passes galore. Nothing the coach can do about that.

  • humblepie

    The substitution of Mbonambi was Rassie’s call and we must support him in his decisions. Rassie has a terrible job to sort out the mess that he inherited and deserves our full support. The Mbonambi error cost the Boks 7 points which was the difference between winning and losing. What line out call can possibly justify throwing a ball 15m over the head of the last man in the line-out? Even high school hookers don’t do this. With respect, Mbonambi’s feelings are irrelevant in the context of the national importance of the game. I am sure he and every passionate supporter knows and understands this.

    • Barry Smith

      To my mind the main issue with that move was the fact that we had two defenders in place, but a single Australian managed to out strip both of them. Not Siya or Damian’s greatest moments!

    • Chris Mouton

      To be honest, it was an idiotic call to have that type of lineout 5m from your own tryline. The better idea would’ve been to set up the maul, which was one of our strong suits, and then to exit from that area. Sure, the execution caused a try, but the decision was wrong from the beginning!

      • Steven

        EXACTLY. What a truly idiotic decision to throw to the back of the line out at all at that stage of the game, on our own try line!!! It seems like the Boks are trying to implement Lions style attacking rugby with calls like that and not kicking penalties right in front of the posts, while also not neglecting traditional strengths – like mauling off lineouts. I think that’s the right idea – and implementing it doesn’t have to be difficult. JUST USE COMMON SENSE PLEASE!!!!!

  • humblepie

    Indications are that we are on our way to replace another Springbok coach – this is becoming an almost annual ritual. The sad part is that we have, on balance, an excellent Springbok coach and there are no alternatives available of similar pedigree and integrity. He will walk if we don’t protect and empower him. Even leaving him alone to do his job will suffice. I suspect his office is too close to Newlands with massive behind the scenes interference. He will be best advised to move his office to a remote town somewhere in the Kalahari, preferably without a data signal. He knows and accepted that he must have x number of black players in the team and he has a plan how to deal with this limitation. Trust him. It is no good to buy a dog and then elect to bark yourself because you think you can do it better.

    • John Comyn

      I don’t believe Rassie is any danger right now. Not even SARU are that stupid. The game plan against the Wallabies was fine, the stats tell us this. So we can’t blame Rassie on that score. The execution and error rate was dreadful and that tells us there is a confidence issue and Rassie needs to take responsibility for this. If it’s a man management issue and I don’t believe it is then Rassie must get to the bottom of it. You are 100% right in that we need to show patience and get behind him and the team. Calling for his head is not the answer!

    • Chris Mouton

      I fully agree with you. It will take a long time for the Springboks to regain their aura. The best we can do is support them. We all know that they’re not at their best at the moment. It’s clear to see. What we desperately need is a decent backline coach, as our backline is useless with the ball. Jantjies and Kriel both kicked the ball away while there were clear overlaps. That should never happen.

  • Albert

    The issue facing Rassie really is the sad state of SA Rugby over the last several years. The public are not and can not be patient anymore. After watching and hoping for all of Peter De Villiers, Heyneke Meyer and Allistair Coetzee to turn the fortunes around, we have collectively lost our patience and trust.

    We need results, fast. Or at the very least to see something special brewing. I watch the NZ v Arg match and despite the blow out score, I thought Argentina looked good in patches, good enough to have some confidence that they will indeed be a huge factor at the next World Cup. but with the Boks, apart from two good come from behind wins against the English, I am yet to see anything exciting bubbling under. All I see is bumbling.

    Which brings to to my point, with so many different coaches with differing philosophies, trying so many different players, how are we still searching for a decent performance? You must place blame of the institution which has failed to create a good system to nurture our talent. SARU, you are the weakest link, good bye!

    • SweetAz

      Yeah, Argentina won every stat except the scoreboard. The AB’s never look pressurized, because they have a few successful Franchise captains all over the park. Perenara, Read, Smith, Whitelock are all leaders and it shows in the intelligent decision making.
      On ve uvver hand Darryn, we have Whitely, Etsebeth and Kolisi. 2 of them haven’t played all year and one seems mentally deficient.

  • humblepie

    With all the interference and “advice” from the offices down the corridor and the predominantly old school journalists, it is no wonder that Rassie is too tentative at a time when bold decisions are needed. He has to decide if he embraces the modern game or not – you cannot be half pregnant. The Argentinians have quietly adopted the modern game in the past year and has since made major strides to becoming a very strong unit. I predict that they will be a semi-finalist in the 2019 Super Rugby competition as well as the world cup. Watch this space.
    It is not rocket science. We have a much bigger player pool and talent base than the Pumas. Our Achilles heal is our belief that our big players can bully the opposition and do not have the need to play intelligent rugby. Well, even Japan has learned how to effectively deal with this.
    It blows my mind that half the Springbok team comes from a union that ended 11th on the Super Rugby log and then we expect to achieve different results. It is not going to happen.

    • Herman Schroder?

      Another solid contribution old chap, well done. Intelligence / Smarts in very short supply in the Bok camp, not only the players but the coaching staff as well. A coach who has the nous to coach expansive rugby with a suitable game plan and players is what is required yet most of the posters here still seem to back Rassie’s retention. Rassie is steeped in the old ways and you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Too late now I suppose, let mediocrity reign. Cheers.

  • Maxwell

    We really need to look at the mental state of our players. Our boys need a motivator as a coach and roll models to guide them in becoming the quality player needed to win a test and a test only. Unfortunately our best coaches (Who were the motivators and mentors for the current Springboks ) and players (” could have been Bok legends” but now only ordinary ex Bok players) abandoned the ship that made them what their are today and now are running from continent to continent to cash in and then expects to play in the worldcup next year. This is a big problem and needs to be addressed ASAP. Rassie should forget about the worldcup and concentrate to win a test. He needs to start building a Springbok team with players who want to became Springbok legends and not just a ordinary Springbok chasing money. If we dont start now, we will unfortunately loose our title as a rugbyforce.

  • Betterman

    An alternate take on the Mbonambi substitution:

    Normally the front row are all changed by the 60th minute on both teams. So by say the 70th minute you have the 2nd best hookers playing against each other. If you flipped this around and started with your second best prop and hooker and then took them off after 30min – then not only would your no.1 be against the opposition number 1 when when he is tired – he’d get the half time break before he is against their second best player. If there is an injury? Doesn’t matter – for the front row it’s basically rolling subs so you could bring the hooker that started back.

    Could the 30th min sub have been the plan all along? Marx is clearly the no.1 hooker. This was only Kitshoff’s 3rd or 4th start.

    • Herman Schroder?

      Rassie didn’t offer that up as an excuse so no it obviously wasn’t part of his plan. Way too complicated for him anyway he belongs to the dom krag era where even off loads are taboo. In my opinion it was just a poorly prepared team. Rassie must decide whether he wants to be a nice guy or a Nick Mallett and give these guys a few klaps once in a while. Cheers.

  • Nick

    I don’t think Mbonambi would have called that throw. Mostert would have as lineout leader. Then it was mis-thrown and? or mis judged by Kolisi and DuToit.

    Not a totally stupid decision to throw over the back when your backs can be 5 M from the lineout as they are right on the tryline, and the opposition 10M away. A commonly used play.

    • Barry Smith

      Yes agreed. There were leadership issues with the Line outs – massive discussion if not arguments going on and slow walk up and formation. This improved when Etzebeth went off. I suspect there is a leadership challenge on the go, or at least lack of trust and respect for the Captain!

  • John Comyn

    Except Australia were not 10M back. Take another look if you get a chance. They were off sides.

  • Gerhard Coetzee

    The question is what was Rassies Strategy or game plan ? I could not see one and it is no wonder we got the bad result.Rassie said that they need n good start !! and I ask myself really !! when Faff kicked the first ball with an up and under and from that move the Aussies went and score !!! I cannot believe that our Coaches have NEVER PICKED UP on this one that YOU NEED A CHASER TO PUT PRESSURE ON THE CATHER and our guys never chase a ball the way it should be done to win the ball back.Have they ever looked at how many up and unders from us have we won back ,apparently not ,then they would not use that stupid tactic.Let me be clear overseas teams know why they kick up and unders our Coaches and Players have no clue whatsoever.Reason being they are followers on what overseas Coaches do but do not know how to teach their players this skill.And that is the problem !!! our Coaches I believe there might be an exception here or there ,but they do not coach players by teaching them skills. Furthermore it looks like they do not rectify things that went wrong on the previous match to improve,because you keep on seeing that players make the same mistake. I can go on forever but let me stop because my blood pressure will rise !

    • SweetAz

      Rassie is not the guy dropping passes, Willie 3 times. Rassie is not the guy overthrowing a lineout. Rassie is not the guy putting in little kicks to nobody or crossfield kicks to the other team’s winger.

      Rassie is not the guy on the field and at this level Rassie is not the guy who needs to teach those skills. In a PROPER professional team, the players own their mistakes, fix them and adjust to what is happening ON the field. There is no NEED for a gameplan as such, you have a playbook and you constantly adjust to what is happening by COMMUNICATING.

      The problem is not Rassie,—THE PROBLEM IS THAT THIS IS NOT A TEAM— there is no teamwork, motivation or leadership,–everyone is doing their own thing or looking around for someone to lead them. The best thing that could happen to this team is for Kolisi to get a niggle stopping him from playing.

      • Herman Schroder?

        Can’t quite agree there old chap. The coach needs to weld the team together with a clear game plan and picking the right players who can deliver it including picking an inspirational captain. He has failed in all aspects so how can you expect the players to respond as a team ? Confusion reigns supreme and the team flounders. If the players haven’t got the skills then why is he picking them ? The buck stops with the coach it’s not negotiable, shape up or ship out.

        By the way which crossfield kick are you referring to, Kriel’s dingbat special or Jantjies’ effort ? Jantjies decision was correct he knew a penalty was given and took a flyer. I’ve seen BB do it. Kriel’s decision was pure dom krag 101 which remains our biggest problem, too few really skilled players in the mix. Cheers.

        • SweetAz

          It may have been the correct decision or simply a fluke, his grubber to nobody with an overlap springs to mind. It doesn’t really matter, unlike BB his execution was flawed anyway. I’m not saying Rassie is blameless, but what are his options,—-he has got 2 ex-captains on the field yet NONE of them actually showed any leadership. WHO else was he supposed to choose? I dont buy this Lions BS, MArx, Whitely and Mostert were all poor. There is something else going on that we aren’t aware of and as someone alluded to its probably got something to do with Kolisi and the fact that he will be captain and in the team no matter how kak he plays or tries he gives away. Rassie is in an untenable situation. I guarantee you there is NO INTERNATIONAL COACH who will take the Bok job with the transformation restrictions and there is literally no other SAFFA coach on the same level as Rassie,—its his first job as an international coach, like it or lump it we are stuck with him. The guy has always shown the ability to think, be innovative and learn so I’m happy to give him a few years in the job. Anybody who has great expectations from the Boks at the moment is deluding themselves, what they are going through now is something they will just have to grit their teeth and bear it and hope and pray that in 2 or 3 years time it pays off with a decent settled squad.

          There isn’t anyone else anyway.

          • SweetAz

            LOL, BB scored 4TRIES AGAINST the Wallabies, comparing him to EJ who scored ZERO is really a strawman argument. EJ is kak,—Pollard is kak as well. KAK is KAK, there is no flyhalf in SA that isn’t KAK.

            Any day now I expect Johan Goosen to get a phone call.

          • Herman Schroder?

            You’re not objective enough pal. So when BB does it it’s magic ( I’ve seen him fluff those as well by the way ) but when Jantjies does it he’s useless. Even the grubber was the right decision. He was close to the touchline and his support on the outside were well covered. The grubber had one hop too many and he’s useless.

            You fall into the trap of only criticizing a player when things go wrong. How many times has Jantjies performed those skills and they have worked ? Countless times I can tell you. Does the Lions scoring about 90 tries in SR give you a clue ?. The difference is, like BB, Jantjies tries things,unlike a Pollard who minimizes his mistake count by attempting nothing really creative the usual fail safe dom krag option. Give crediy where credit’s due Sir. Cheers.

      • MRT

        Spot on Sir,

        I could see the players were not 100% committed; why would a player not dive on a lose ball in the red zone!

  • Barry Smith

    To answer the sctibes question yes the troops will rally, but that is provided they have the right troops selected.
    My take on a few of the issues:

    Damian De Lande- Cape Scribe Rob Houwing gave him a 6.5!!! Stats – received the ball 12 times, passed it down the line twice and bashed it up the remaining 10 times. Making a total of 14m (1.4m per bash!!!!). Dom krag!!!! Esterhuizen, Esterhuizen!!!

    Etzebeth was given the starting berth ahead of Synman after almost a year of injury! We are told this is because he is the enforcer. Stats – Mostert 13 tackles, Etzebeth 6! The Bellville bully was anonymous! Snyman deserves a start!

    Pieter Steph – cannot fault work rate ever, but is he a 7? Highest missed tackles stats belongs to him

    Most would agree that Siya Kolisi had an average game. Stats tell it differently – carried the ball 47m almost twice as far as anyone else! But it achieved little. I think a little misdirected at present. Is he a six is he a seven? Is he the Captain….

    Lastly, Mathew Proudfoot – His CV reads varsity scrum coach, then a few unsuccessful years with Toetie at Province, next stop Springboks. With respects, he just doesn’t have the credentials for that Job. Erasmus can’t do it all!

    • Chris Mouton

      To be honest Kriel was also anonymous until that shocker of a kick…PSdT is not a flanker. He’s too slow. Genia easily rounded him at that one scrum. Siya had a good game in my opinion, except for that botched lineout where he should’ve caught that ball. The problem is that there are no support runners when he breaks the line. I’d rather invest in a decent backline coach than looking for a forward coach. Our backline was clueless with the ball. We have such talented players, yet they have no idea which decision to take when they had the ball. Domjan Die Ellende was just running crash balls the entire freaking game. It makes it so easy for the opposite team to defend. The Bokke will be up for the game against the All Blacks. I just hope that they can cut down on their error rate and make better decisions overall, otherwise we’re looking at another record…

      • Herman Schroder?

        Agree most points but Siya didn’t pick up on a screaming Marx on his outside when he did that line break close to the line. Try butchered at a critical time. Swys is the best in the country but when your head coach is a dom krag specialist then they will be at cross-purposes most of the time. Also the centres up to now are not up for the ‘expansive rugby’ task so Swys can’t really do his job properly. Add Rassies confused game plan and you willget the poor results sadly depicted on this sad Bok journey so far. Cheers.

      • MRT

        Problem is slow ball and the back line gets the ball way behind the advantage line facing a rush defense mostly; this is why they spend so much time bashing it up from 9. Our guys also have no clue how to play attacking rugby when we do not dominate upfront, not do we have a proper idea how to quickly move the ball away from the point of contact. Perhaps Swys should be allowed to dictate how the backline should play in time. There are just too many combinations not working now.

      • Barry Smith

        I agree Chris, also Kolbe not great, when you consider his 50 minutes to Mapimpi’s 30. BUT it is not fair to criticise and evaluate their performance when only 2 balls went down the line from 12! Malherbe’s missed tackle in the first two minutes also poorly- the mental blow from those 7 points……

        On the Backline coach – our most experienced Provincial coach is Dick Muir. He’s in his mid 50’s super experienced has held the SB backline job before, created 7 Springbok backline players this year, from nothing. But the Provincial detractors would rather have some inexperienced twit in the mix than except a gift from Durban!

        • Herman Schroder?

          That’s a bit of a laugh. Sharks 135 tries in SR this year to the Lions 240 odd. Finished a lucky 8th in SR and you have seven ‘Springboks’ in the backline ? Gee what went wrong ?

          RdP – dumped, Bosch – dumped, Am – ( dumped ), Esterhuizen – ( dumped ), Mpimpi dumps himself after a few minutes on the field, Nkosi – only one making the grade but still needs to be really tested at test level and last but not least old Schreuder who is nothing but club standard.

          Wow a full Springbok backline it boggles the mind. No problem next year in SR then, you only have to finish 7th to show a vast improvement, lol. Let’s just face it Rassie has been handing out Springbok caps like a clown at a kiddies party and just about every Franchise has a full Bok team on the field. Having a Bok in your team is no longer a game changer or even a draw card. Mediocrity dressed up in green and gold imo. Cheers.

          • Herman Schroder?

            Correction to my post above. By tries scored I meant over the past three years. Cheers.

  • Brendan Lalor

    Hi one point that needs mentioning is how many forwards stood in the backline on Saturday receiving the ball flat footed and then shovelled it on to the next flat footed forward as the defence moved up. This led to two forward passes stopping the momentum we were trying to build.

    In the first two wins against England recently the point was made that one reason for our good performance was our forwards sticking together and letting the backs get on with the job and I think that that was a valid point. People were also saying that this was Rassie’s strategy and that going forward we were going to see more of this -the forwards being grouped closer together, taking the ball up as a unit before the backs are unleashed.

    Whoever came up with that idea needs to bring it back because having our forwards in the backline trying to run the ball with the backs in a straight, flat line, simply isn’t working. Blind Freddy could see that on Saturday.

    • Albert

      It is confusing that against England we played this way and it looked as though we were going to use it as a platform to play more dynamic exciting rugby, but now in the RC we are playing individual rugby. What has happened? Was it actually someone else’s strategy which Rassie has now “Corrected”?

      • Herman Schroder?

        It was only thanks to Willie and Faf that we turned the two England tests around. It certainly was not a coach inspired dynamic game, Rassie even admitted it wasn’t his original game plan.. Since then they have unfortunately caught dom krag fever and disappeared like the rest. Cheers.

  • Nick

    Agree Brendan. Our forwards look good when they are concentrated in particular areas of the field. It gives our backs space too. Although as Bok fans we don’t want our team being too one dimensional, I still feel that our forwards are a strength and always have been. We see more decent back play when our forwards play like this.

    • Herman Schroder?

      One problem, who is going to tackle the AB’s out wide with all that concentrated power ? Won’t be our backs for sure. Pollard, Kriel, Dullende, Willie, etc are all occasional tacklers. Oh boy. Cheers.

      • SweetAz

        I think its spelled Die Ellendig.

  • SweetAz

    HAHAHAHA,—reading these comments is a microcosm of what’s wrong with Springbok Rugby. —-NOBODY REALLY HAS A CLUE—-

    All the problems like dropped passes, stupid kicks, dumb lineout decisions etc etc etc are MERELY SYMPTOMS of the real problem. THIS IS NOT A TEAM. Rugby is a team sport, it’s the modern version of going to war where you have to be a band of brothers prepared to die for each other. You drink together, you jol together, you do everything together and that cohesion binds you into a team. The Captain is a LEADER first and foremost, RESPECTED by all. I have watched teams of nobodies over the years like Eastern Transvaal or the Griqua’s or Eastern Province put much better teams of so-called stars to shame simply because they were teams of guys who liked each other and played for each other.

    This is a RABBLE, led by an idiot. It’s obvious from the body language and no amount of coaching is going to fix that, it’s going to take one or two guys from inside the team realizing it and doing something about it. Sorry, that may be a bit harsh, but it’s the long and short of it.

    • John Comyn

      I think the best example of what you are talking about is Leicester city winning the premier league. Not a single player in that side would have made it into the top 4 sides. Something that stands out for me with the AB’s is the way they support each other. If Barrett hoofs the ball up field you will always see at least 3 to 4 chasers. You never ever see a player isolated. The biggest problem the Boks have is we do not have international half backs. We keep blaming the centres where it should be the half backs that create opportunities. Duanne Vermeulen is a big factor and we saw that against England where he took all the responsibility off Faf’s shoulders. The resul is Faf was a different player. Don’t those bloody cross kicks drive you to insanity ???

      • SweetAz

        Yeah,–I dont actually remember seeing Whitely do anything in that game. I really don’t even know why he is the team, it can’t be because of form in Super Rugby. Mind you, Marx was just as poor so there seems to be a distinct lack of communication amongst the forwards. You only have to look at the RG Snyman incident to see there is no team spirit. There you have Snyman with about 7 or 8 Arsetralians hanging onto him like a bunch of yapping poodles and nobody rushing to help him.

        • Herman Schroder?

          Watch the game again, watch Whiteley in particular, read his stats for the game then come back and tell us if you still feel the same way. RG Snyman frightened them too much they thought he needed the medics to handle his hysteria. Quite frankly it’s quite embarrassing when the jaapies come to town.Cheers.

  • Dean

    The Cheetahs and Kings got smashed in the Pro 14 in the past few weeks, both are bottom of the log. All of our Super Rugby teams have been a failure, apart from the Lions the past 3 years. We have inexperienced coaches in charge of our franchise teams. Corrupt administrators from top to bottom. 300+ players, of which most were starters for our Super Rugby teams before they left. Add to that the top coaches we have overseas, Dawie Theron, Owen Mounemaine, Alan Solomons, Heyneke Meyer, Johan van Graan, Johan Ackermann, David Wessels, Pieter de Villiers etc. Brendan Venter is only a consultant and Nick Mallet is sitting in the Supersport studio. What happened to Percy Montgomery, Os du Randt, Rudy Joubert, Ray Mordt, Carel du Plessis, Robbie Kempson and Eugene Eloff. Many of these coaches and players were considered not good enough, but look at how well they are doing overseas now. We’ve allowed all our IP to be lost.

    IMO there is no coach good enough that will be able to bring the Springboks back from the brink. The problems stem from everywhere else and will make any coach look bad. The Springboks are only a symptom of the greater problems facing SA rugby. The administrators have sat on their hands for the past 10 years, doing nothing to find solutions to these problems. It’s no wonder we are ranked 7th in the World and in danger of falling out of the Top 10.

    • Dean

      Add Braam van Straaten and Louis Koen to that, specialist kicking coaches. Jake White, World Cup winning coach. How can we expect to be the best if we allow so much rugby intellect to be lost? Ex-players have been calling for the heads of SARU for years. They should all be fired first!

  • Nick.

    Jusus sweetaz, If only you could come back and help us get some kind of clue.
    Now that you live in NZ you seem to know everything about rugby. How could we have let you go?

    • SweetAz

      SHeeeeeshhh I wouldn’t be so eager to trumpet my ignorance and stupidity as what you are,—–it only makes sense that an expert like me would live in NZ,—–HOME OF THE WORLD CHAMPIONS and where knowledgeable rugby people live,——unlike you who lives in a country where most of the population have a sub 80 IQ and the rugby team is about to fall out of the top ten in the world. Nobody “let me go” mate, I’m a refugee from crime, stupidy and corruption.

  • Nick

    Lol…..you’re an absolute legend! Keep up the good work! Obviously you’re heavily involved in the nz game yourself, not just as a concerned self hating saffa troll.

    • SweetAz

      About as involved as you are, you must really hate the fact that your lack of ability, skills, qualifications and all-around stupidity dooms you to face the zombie apocalypse with nowhere to escape to. Stockholm syndrome is an actual thing you know,—unless you are one of the zombies, which seems quite possible judging by the general inanity of your comments

  • Nick

    What does ‘All AROUND stupidity’ mean? I assume your area of expertise is not in the field of literacy?

  • Nick

    What do you mean by ‘ZOMBIES’ exactly? I’m assuming this fits in with you general theory you have explained before about your refusal to be seen by black doctors and your fear of being flown by black pilots? NZ really does seem to have attracted the very best of our people! About as sweet as a turd you are.

    • SweetAz


    • SweetAz

      Off course they have attracted the best, its why they wont take you.

  • Nick

    Poor little sweet as. Wherever I may live or whatever my education, you will not get me insulting and dissing the country I come from. I will always support them and the Boks wherever I may find myself.
    Good for you. NZ as everybody knows has a fairly low standard in terms of who it takes in compared to the more desirable destinations. You should consider yourself lucky though, and express more gratitude to the Kiwi’s that have kindly given you refuge. The way you describe your new countrymen on this site suggests you have nothing but contempt for them.
    If you’re feeling lonely and isolated why don’t you find a nice little NZ Rugby site you can read and perhaps contribute to?

    • SweetAz

      You should stop digging, your inferiority complex is showing

  • angelo briesies

    Ok so we had 2 unsuccessful coaches already. HM didnt pick the players what the people wanted him to pick But i think he was close to getting the boks on track. AC I think he had the right idea with bring the 4 SA super rugby teams to have brain storms lol. But he was never the right guy. Rassie on the other hand, he is picking the players that the people want. We can see he has plan. So lets just stick to Rassie and give this guy time.

    • Herman Schroder?

      Please tell me what his plan is as I’ve yet to see it in his selections or on the field. He’s dancing in the dark imo. Cheers.

  • Shane

    Time to bring back our greatest Bok Coach ever: SNOR!
    2009 Tri Nations Win
    British and Irish Lions series win
    First ever Bok win in Dunedin
    Only Bryce Lawrence could stop him winning the World Cup!!!
    Hooray for SNOR!

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